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Hello World Fitters! I hope your week have been great! It is now Friday in sunny Tinsel town. The weekend is coming up make sure you enjoy it. I know I will although I’m working. Speaking of working I’m also working on a new project.

The new project (Page) I’m working on is “Ask Me.” I’m sure after reading my “About Me Page” you’ve gather that I’m a pretty cool girl. Ask away don’t be shy! As long as the questions are appropriate I will answer them. My reason for creating this site is to help you guys. I want to help you guys achieve your goal weight. So any questions you have on how to achieve that ask away. As shown below with the ever interesting dialogue between “Ask Me” and “Don’t Ask.” Enjoy!!

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Ask me: Hello there ask me anything!

Don’t Ask: Why should I ask?

Ask Me: Because I can give you some fantastic answers!

Don’t Ask: But what about if my questions are not fantastic?

Ask Me: Every question is fantastic! Because I have fantastic answers for them.

Don’t Ask: But what if I don’t have a question?

Ask Me: Thats Impossible we all have questions.

Don’t Ask: What If I’m the only person without a question?

Ask Me: Don’t ask although your name states for you not to ask questions .

You’ve been doing the latter. Everyone one of your comments have been a question.

Don’t Ask: How so?

Ask Me: Just take a second and read your comments. Then tell me what you think?

Don’t Ask: What about if I don’t see a question?

Ask Me: You will!

After 6 seconds.

Ask Me: Well what you think?

Don’t Ask: I think I ask a lot of questions.

Ask Me: What you think about that?

Don’t Ask: I think it’s great your now asking questions!

Ask Me: How so?

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I hope you enjoyed the above dialogue. Which illustrates how we all ask questions even if we don’t realize it. We all are a “Ask Me” and “Don’t Ask”! So don’t be afraid to ask me a question. After all the only question that is stupid is the one you don’t ask. If you have anything to add to this please comment below. Have a great weekend!


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