2023 Hydrate Your Happily Ever After

Hi Lovelies, I’m here under the covers typing another frantastic blog post for you all. I love having a platform to share my frantastic views. One glamorous fact that has been continually imminent is my inability to drink water each and every day. Lovelies, I recently started taking an iron supplement as my doctor recommended for my low iron. The last time I went for my yearly wellness check, I gave blood and urine. In which the doctor was able to determine the deficient iron in my perfectly imperfect body. I’m not sure how long I will have to supplement my iron, but hopefully is not a forever thing.

After my low iron diagnosis, Lovelies, drinking more water, and having a healthier body are important. On that note, we will start the water challenge again. Lovelies, is it only me that has a problem with drinking water? What do you do to increase your water intake? Please leave your suggestions below, as I need help truly madly deeply. Similarly, I have promised to take care of my Franchy beauty truly madly deeply, for instance, by shaving my body regularly and getting some much-needed skin care. I love myself, and there is no better way to show this love than by taking great care of my perfectly imperfect body. You do the same, Lovelies. It’s not the size of your body that truly madly deeply matters. What truly, madly, deeply matters is that you feel good and are really happy ya. Please, Lovelies, be well. If you think you are anemic, talk to your doctor. Show yourself some love and be a healthier you. Have a great day, ya.

Franchys Frantastic Update

Hi Lovelies. Well, now it is October 9, 2023. Time flies; a whole beautiful year has passed. Yes, I’m still struggling to drink water. I don’t know; it just has been challenging drinking water. Growing up in Haiti, all we did was drink water. Drinking juice was a luxury. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t like drinking water. Nonetheless, that has to change. A couple of days ago, I was having horrible constipation, which was very painful. Last year, a few days before my birthday, I had to go to the emergency room for terrible constipation. By the way, we are on my birthday month again. That’s right, on the 31st, I will be 41 years old. Lovelies I can’t believe I’m in my 40’s. I’m getting so old, unfortunately. It is no big secret that I really dislike aging. I want to be young forevermore. I know, unfortunately, aging is inevitable. So I accept it truly madly deeply. I suppose the best defense against aging is taking care of all your wonderful, perfect imperfections by drinking water. Lovelies, you will be happy to know I’m really making an effort to drink more water this time around. I truly, madly, deeply want to be healthy. I want to be the best version of my Franchy self. After all, that is truly what this blog is about. Being the best version of yourself and living your happily ever after. Be well, sweet lovelies. Have a great day. Don’t forget to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream.

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