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Bonjour (Good Morning) World Fitters!

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How’s it going? For me everything is fine in my world. I’m earning my life that is what matters. I’ve been freelancing online as well as offline, got to make that dinero right?

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Speaking of making money coincidentally needs money too, as a matter of fact all websites need money. That’s why you see ads on all of your favorite websites.

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Do you remember back in Fran’s FYI I told you my site was changing, that I would be monetizing my blog? As I said before while my soul purpose in creating this blog is not to make a quick buck out of you however shocking as it maybe I have bills to pay and thus I monetize my website.

Frans FYI
Fran’s FYI


That’s right through out my website there are ads and various affiliate links in which I earn a  commission from. The truth of the matter is I don’t want to create a donation button. I want to allow you to view my website completely free.

Lets Celebrate
Lets Celebrate

I research you get the most relevant information is the deal you make when you read my website.  I believe an education should always be free, we will pay back our debts by contributing our knowledge within our community. Thus will forever be free and at your service.

Thank you for reading,                                                                                         Francesca

Loving All Of Me!