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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 49

Sometimes life is a choice death is a promise, promise me you will live everyday like it is your last.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Buenos dias World Fitters

Como estas? I’m ok enjoying a nice weather here in New York. Winter has given us a bit of mercy (perhaps it heard my cries) and today was a pretty nice day. World Fitters what did I say about when it is nice outside? That’s right then you know I’m gonna be out there enjoying the weather and creating my perfectly imperfect body. ūüôā That is exactly what I’m going to do today. Additionally, I’m also going to be in search of nice places to take pictures for my business. Today I’m going to be mixing business with a little pleasure as I head out later today. Mixing business with pleasure is not always recommended but I made a special exception today. Sometimes we need to make special exceptions so that we can enjoy each day as tomorrow is never promised. Enjoy your life, you don’t know when that will no longer be a choice.

Sometimes life is a choice death is a promise, promise me you will live every day like it is your last. Today with our life made public by the internet I sometimes wonder how much of our fun is just for show? Are we really happy, I mean really? It so much easier two put a smiling mask for the camera then it is to smile through the rain. Sometimes it could be the very worst rain storm too full of pain and misery. World Fitters this blog is not only about weight loss or loving your perfectly imperfect body. I want loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.con to also be your safe haven. A place where you feel safe from any judgment. I created Franchys daily dose of self-love to help inspire you and to show you that it is a real person behind this blog. I’m real and am perfectly imperfect I make mistakes I’m just like you. I truly want you to be happy World Fitters, enjoy this life of yours. Because one day it will not be a choice but death is promised for every one of us. Have a beautiful day while it is still a choice.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 34

Sometimes the more things change the more I stay the same.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Bonjour World Fitters.

Today was another extraordinary day as I was alive to see it. I’m thankful to God for allowing me another day when so many others were not so lucky. Although I’m not feeling well today I still have an optimistic outlook for what the rest of the day has to offer. I’m currently experiencing pain and bloating ladies you know what time on the month it is. Yesterday after visiting the hospital I did a little shopping in the mall then went to my neighborhood Rite Aide to see if I have something to alleviate some of my discomforts. I took some pills today but they don’t seem to be working as I’m too sick to work today. This is becoming quite the problem as I’m missing too many days of work. I remember when I was younger my period was always a problem affecting my day to day life. I myself was always a sweet girl that deal with the pain the best that I can.

Sometimes the more things change the more I stay the same. I swear sometimes I feel like I’m still sixteen years old still an innocent girl trying to get to know the world around me. Nonetheless, things have changed drastically and I’m currently 36 years old. However, when you truly get to know me you quickly realize I’m still that innocent girl with big blue eyes.¬† I Still have a critical amount of low self-esteem and self-doubt that I need to change. I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m a work in progress who just need some time. World Fitters today I will take half the day off as I’m not feeling good. Its been one year since I took the whole day off I’m happy to say. Now I have no more days off just part of the day off as I still need time for me. I know I know so what’s your point Franchy? Today I saw a story about two Indian travel bloggers who fall off a cliff at Yosemite National Park. This happened around my birthday on October 25 of last year. During that time I remember thinking I didn’t want my birthday to come as I was going to be one year older. Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy 29 and 30 will never get the chance to see 36. They didn’t get a chance to welcome the new year I’m sure they had plans like many of us do. I truly feel badly about hearing of their passing as I admired Meenakshi free spirit they seemed like a great couple still in love. Life forever cut short by one bad decision. World Fitters I said this not even a thousand times because it is one of the greatest quotes of life “don’t dream your life live your dream.”


Rest in peace Dreamers

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 25

Sometimes tomorrow isn’t promised, the only promise you can make is to do your very best.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being


Franchy is here with another daily dose for you all. Today I wanted to discuss something I’ve been writing about. What I’m referring to is the idea that tomorrow is never promise. What brought the topic to my attention again is that one of my Facebook friends just lost her mother. I’m going to keep her name anonymous as privacy is very important to me. I myself have been going through a bit of a rough moment in my life. Now I see someone else going through an even more difficult situation that I can’t imagine. World Fitters no matter how bad you think you have it there is always someone worse off than you. At least you had tomorrow to live your dreams.

Sometimes tomorrow isn’t promised, the only promise you can make is to do your very best. No tommorrow isn’t promised to any of us and we must always live our lives as such. Back to my friend who recently lost her mother, her mother barely made it into 2019 when she lost her life. How thankful do I feel if I made it to 2020? The answer is very thankful none of us really understand how fragile life is. You can be smiling one minute and be dead in the next 5 mins. For instance, I remember in my younger days that I just wasted a lot of time worrying about what others think of me and just not loving me. Time that I will never be able to get back but I had tomorrow. World Fitters sieze the day carpe diem live to your heart desires. Have a safe and blessed day.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 22

Sometimes it’s just a body but it’s the only one you have make sure you care for it.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello World Fitters!

How’s it going? It’s going pretty good for me just working and taking sometime off to rest. It’s always good to give your body the rest that it deserves. Today, unfortunately, I didn’t get that good of a rest as I’m trying to transition my body back to its regular sleeping patterns. Needless to say, it is not easy on my body. After today I will try to always get at least 6 hours of rest. This is coming right on time as I’m about to go back to my other job soon this week. In preparation I watch my hair today. I got to tell you World Fitters my hair feels great now it looks more beautiful too. As a web-model everything is about the way you look which is why I’m taking more care of my body.

Sometimes it’s just a body but it’s the only one you have make sure you care for it. Today is a sad day for me as I discovered both of the birds are dead. Actually, I saw one of the birds missing when I went to check on his friend I noticed that he was in a weird position and he wasn’t moving. Needless to say, I freaked out (I’m very sensitive). It is weird seeing the bird’s body stay still as I watched him moved his body so many other times. Remember yesterday when I was talking about everyone having an expiration date? Unfortunately, our bodies are not tagged with a date so we never know when our time will be. World Fitters you only have one body make sure you take care of your perfectly imperfect body. Be good to yourself and listen to your body. I love all of you so much have a wonderfully beautiful day, night in the world.


Rip Birdies Sweet Dreams.

Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 3 B

Buenos Dias World Fitters!

No addiction is ever easy or worth your life. The feeling of not being able to live without a certain guilty pleasure can be earth shattering. You end up feeling weak and stupid that you cannot control yourself. From my description you are maybe thinking that I’m talking about a illegal drug like heroin and crack but I’m not. I’m talking about food addiction which took the life of Manuel Uribe.


On May 26, 2014 at the age of 48 Manuel Uribe lost his battle with creating his perfectly imperfect body. After many years of being obese his body finally gave into many years of over indulgence. In my opinion a food addiction is the hardest to break free from. Meaning if someone have a drug problem you just tell them to stop using the drug. Contrastingly when someone have a food addiction you can’t tell them to stop eating. We all need food to survive, the problem comes in when we are using the food for more than satisfying our hunger. In today’s article we will take a closer look at Manuel Uribe last moments and try to understand why his life was cut short.

After many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss Manuel finally find one that was able to work for him. The diet that was his ultimate savior was the Zone Diet which was created by Barry Sears. What exactly is the Zone Diet? “The Zone Diet is a fad diet in the low-carbohydrate diet school that was created by Barry Sears, a biochemist” (Thank you wikipedia). With the Zone Diet you eat three meals and two snacks that have proteins and carbohydrates. It have been said with the diet he lost approximately 230¬†kg (510¬†lb) which I think is very impressive.

With the weight loss came love. Manuel Uribe was able to show the world that anybody can find love. On October 26, 2008 Manuel married his second wife after four years of dating. Unfortunately at the time of his marriage he was unable to lose enough weight so that he could walk down the aisle.

A little more about his ex wife, her name was Claudia Solis she was a hair stylist by trade. When I found out that Manuel Uribe got married truthfully I was concern about Claudia’s intentions. I don’t truly believe she ever loved him, she just loved being in the media. ¬†I think Manuel knew that but with his size being what it was he accepted what he could get.


Toward the end of his life he was nursing a broken heart after his second marriage ended so quickly. I can imagine how you ¬†no longer want to take care of yourself after your significant other have abandon you, life would be depressing and lonely again. Many people were sad but not surprised that he died of liver failure on 2014. I really hope Manuel Uribe finded some peace in his life. Additionally I hope that his family is getting on well without him. It doesn’t matter if the death was a surprise or not all loss of life are equally sad. ¬†Thank you guys for joining me here at my little internet space it really means alot to me. I’m looking forward to my next frantastic ¬†post, stay tune!


Love You

Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 2 B

Good Morning World Fitters!

I’ve been spreading my business on social media, mainly Facebook. I’ve seen so many posts about losing weight, as if it was the best thing that they ever did with their life. Don’t get me wrong losing ¬†weight is a great thing, however it is not everything. As I said if you want to lose weight that is fine but if you want to stay at your perfectly imperfect weight that’s fine too.

This obsession with weight loss is creating an equal obsession with overeating. Beautiful people like Dominique Lanoise are losing there life because of it. Dominique Lanoise took her last breath on March 10, ¬†2012. When I learned of Dominiques death I was so sad. I had hope she would get her life back together and walk again. I’m also sadden because I think of the pain her six children are feeling, it’s a bad situation for everyone.

I definitely was surprised she died even though she got the surgery done. I believed that Dominique Lanoise thought the surgery was a kind of magic pill that would take all her problems away. She thought she wouldn’t have to put any effort to her own health. Nothing in life is ever that easy you have to fight for what you want. Unfortunately Domonique didn’t get that part.

My hard work!


Dominique Lanoise died on March 10 at her own hands. What I mean is that she died because of her own decision to leave the hospital. I thought it was very strange that she called 911 while she was still in the hospital. When she got home she got sick due to complications from the surgery, if she stayed in the hospital she may still be alive today.

I think to myself if Dominique Lanoise was still alive today would she have successfully lost all the weight and be able to walk? It’ s difficult to answer that question. It all depends on whether she resolve the problems that caused her to overeat in the first place. If Dominique Lanoise resolved her food issues I definitely think she could’ve created her perfectly imperfect body. I think the surgery just take care of the physical problems , the mental problems still exist and can still hinder a person’s sucess at losing the weight. I think that is what happened to Dominique her mind prevented her from succeeding.

World Fitters don’t let anything or anyone keep you from succeeding. Dominique Lanoise had food brought to her, her daughter help her to exercise, furthermore she had her own personal physician that made house calls, however she still failed at creating her perfectly imperfect body. It’s your body your life no matter what people say they never know what you are going through. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Love you all, enjoy the rest of your day, bye.

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