Many Lost Promises

Hi Lovies! How are you all doing? I’m well thankfully I can’t really complain at all. Life is whatever you make of it. It is you at the driver seat of your perfectly imperfect life and you have to create your very own happily ever after mmmmmm ya. It is truly madly deeply completely up to you whether you keep dreaming your life or living your dream. I have to admit there were very difficult times when I didn’t truly madly deeply believe in this. I realize I was extremely reactive. I thought I had little to no control over my own perfectly imperfect life. I was in a cell within myself and I was constantly being bombarded by other peoples opinions about me. Something had to change! I was not happy my eyes were not blue.

Pass forward to now and where I’m in my perfectly imperfect life. Thankfully I’m in a much better place. I have learned to love all my perfect imperfections. I have forgiven myself for all my past mistakes. No I’m not perfect I’m always perfectly imperfect and I truly madly deeply love myself. I have been working so hard on my dreams. Working 7 days a week. I accepted building my two businesses Frans Online Business INC and Francesca Etheart INC would not be easy. That’s ok its okay not to be ok. Everything does not always have to go so perfectly mmmmmmmmm ya. Just as long I’m here and am still trying no matter what.

Lovelies I realize I unknowingly set myself up for failure. I put my self in the mind set to fail. Whatchu talking about Franchy? I’m referring to the goal I set and fail each and every year. At least that was what I thought. World Fitters every year I always said will be the year I grow my business. We all know what happened last year as I lost my Facebook account after partnering with them. Needless to say I was devastated in losing my long standing account. Consequently I was depressed and was unable to do any work on my blogs. I simply gave up and gave in. Eventually I created another Facebook account and started all over. I was back to creating more content. Losing my Facebook account was a good example of me failing again. However I didn’t fail I was able to recreate another account. I was able to post again and do what I absolutely love writing. When I Google “Francesca Etheart” I see old websites that I have lost and forgotten about. In actuality I have been running my business in a very long time.

As I mention before I now have listings for both of my businesses. I’m working on creating more products and increasing my sales. I titled this article “Many Lost Promises.” The truth of the matter is that the only lost promise is the promise of being true to myself and believing in myself. I long struggle with a low self esteem that have affected many aspects of my perfectly imperfect life. For instance me getting into a lot of unhealthy relationships. Moreover my work relationship has also been impacted. Nonetheless I’m ok now ya. I’m doing just fine. No more many lost promises. I promise to you I’m here forever mmmmmm ya. For as long as I’m able to that is. As we know all our time are limited. Love yourself and always put yourself first. Make all your dreams come true mmmmmmmmm ya. I love you.

I promise you this is just the beginning. No more last years past of broken dreams while riding the merry go round of broken dreams. Always believing in my perfectly imperfect dreams. No longer any more impossibilities everything is possible and blue. No longer just dreaming my life instead I’m living my dream.

A Model.

A Blogger.

A Vlogger.

A Podcast Host.

A soon to be an author.

A Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

A Blue eyed beauty.

But mostly a dream come true. I love you!

By Francesca Etheart

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