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Hello World! My name is Francesca Etheart. I'm originally from the beautiful Island of Haiti. I came to the United States at the tender age of 8. I came here for the opportunity to grow financially and mentally. Which I did. Upon my journey I discover my love for reading and writing.Pass forward to the future I'm currently 32 yrs old. I work as a security guard and on my off time I do my online business. To be more specific I now work 2 days as a security guard to devote more tme to my business. My biggest dream and desire is to write. I'm a freelance writer. I write on different sites. I'm also working on publishing my first book on kindle self publishing. Look out for that! My next dream is my online business. Which brings us to this site.This site is about loving yourself and being your own comfortable weight. I'm not looking to make anyone a size four. Everyone have their own comfortable weight. After all women come in all shapes and sizes. I myself for most of my youth I was skinny. But then I made the big decision to eat and enjoy food. Needless to say I got a lot of rude and negative comments about my weight gain. Apparently gaining weight is a crime. The reason I created this site is to give advise on how to maintain a healthy weight. If your happy at being a healthy size that's fine too. I'm not here to tell you how to take care of your body and live your life. I'm here to provide relevant information to help you be at your healthy weight.This site is also here to support you. You can email me your questions. I will gladly answer them. Thank you for checking out my site. I Look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day/night in the world

2018 Franchys Apptastic Body

Hello World Fitters!

Franchy here, how are you doing in the world?  I’m ok just feeling a bit under the weather trying to fight this cold of mine. I hope you are healthy and are doing well. Even though my body is not able to perform at its peak Franchy performance I still managed to get some work out in.

Staying motivated and continually sticking to my exercise and watching what I eat is never easy it is a continual struggle. Like a drug addict trying to maintain his/ her sobriety. In fact, there still are many days that I don’t want to get up and exercise. I get lazy and just want to have a chill kind of day. As you guys may or may not know I work from home so it is easy to say I will exercise tomorrow and never do. After two years of being on my weight loss journey, things can get pretty dull, to say the least. So what exactly help Franchy stay motivated and keep the weight off? A great question right? World Fitters I thought you could use some motivation to help you stick to your own weight loss journey. In today’s post, I will write about the apps I use to help me stay on track of my perfectly imperfect body. I hope that helps you stay motivated and help you create your own perfectly imperfect body.

The first app that I wanted to discuss is Achievement. Achievement rewards you for being healthy and taking care of your perfectly imperfect body. When you get 10000 points you are able to cash out for a $10 PayPal reward. I find the points I get (though small) very motivating and also helps you to keep track of how much progress you are making. World Fitters I will be honest you won’t make a lot of money with this app but its extra cash that you can use doing things you may be already doing anyway. If you’re interested in creating an account change your life here.

These next apps I wanted to discuss are MyfittnessPal, and MapMyFittness. Although you don’t get cash rewards for using these apps you get rewarded by being able to create your perfectly imperfect body. Both apps allow you to log in your workouts so that you know exactly how you’re doing. They both also have their own sense of community that can help you stay motivated.  In addition, MyFittnessPal has a food diary and a regular diary that you can share with the public to get the help that you need.

There is one last app that I use to help me to stay focus, the app is called Higi. Higi used to pay their uses for their healthy lifestyles then decided providing a wellness tracker at selected stores near you is rewarding enough. I must admit I agree with that rewards come in many shapes and sizes just like our bodies. Now Higi has challenges in which people can compete to win sweepstakes. Two lucky people have a chance to win each challenge. Overall I feel Higi is a good way to stay motivated. I don’t feel money is the best motivation as it can lose it’s value quickly. However, the sense of community and acceptance these apps can bring are priceless and could last for a lifetime.

World Fitters though it felt like it took a lifetime to learn to love my perfectly imperfect body. I’m happy to have finally made my peace. To many of us hate our bodies, surgery has become too prevalent. I hope these apps give you the peace of mind that has eluded you for so many years. Get fit and rewarded! Nonetheless, I feel you are the one who can truly reward yourself. Be good to yourself, love yourself World Fitters. Bye, my lovelies have a wonderful day or night in the world.






Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 21


Always believe in yourself no matter how bad things may seem.

I know life can be hard at times but you got to believe that you shall make it through.

Believe that there is a better tomorrow full of hope and beauty.

Believing in yourself is very vital for your survival from this at times unkind, unforgiving world.

Always believe that you are worth it and, you deserve happiness.

I believe in you World Fitters make it happen.

Believe, Just Breath

2018 Franchys Sweet Journey

World Fitters

My journey at a glance has never been easy.

It has been a compilation of many sweet Franchy steps with many twists and turns.

Life is complicated enough without the added self-doubt sneaking in here and there.

I created this blog to help others know that their body is perfectly imperfect and absolutely beautiful the way it is.

The scars and tiger straps that decorate our bodies are a work of art that only could have been created from the haven of a happy accepting mind.

My World Fitters be happy in the skin your in, your beautiful.


Franchy recommends with love always:



Franchy Picture Great Life 61

There’s nothing like being in front of the camera with many people watching you making you feel self-conscious of your perfectly imperfect body.

There are rolls upon rolls of fat rolls decorating every corner of your back like a piece of art of mystery.

Your belly doesn’t lay flat because it has too many personalities to hold in and I think that is beautiful.

Your perfectly imperfect and that is simply beautiful. So smile as they stare. Reassure them that you enjoy being watched and are not ashamed.

Love your perfectly imperfect body lovelies.

Franchy Picture Great Life 57

I used to think the flatter you are the better you are.

At least that is what they all said that’s beauty that’s perfection.

But I no longer desire to be perfect I’m perfectly imperfect and that is just fine.

For you see I like my stretch marks as they show that I lived my life as I saw fit not as you see fit.

Yes, I have flaps, dents, and I jiggle I thought a body in motion is the most beautiful thing.

Yes, your flappy belly is beautiful.

Yes, your Tigger strips are exotic don’t let anyone tell you different.

You are Beautiful.

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 13

Always there is more to come  for those with an optimistically open mind.

Their eyes are blue and wide open.

They smile so bright and you can see right through their soul.


Always there is more to come for those who loves themselves so unconditionally.

They love their imperfections as if they were the most beautiful things they have ever seen, just so perfect.

Love your imperfections, you are perfect just the way you are.

I Love You

Franchy Picture Great Life 53


Losing weight often leaves a lot of room to grow.

Grow and become a better person than yesterday.

Losing weight means there’s more to love.

As your weight decreases different parts of your body you didn’t use to  see begin showing themselves  in their perfectly imperfect ways.

Losing weight is revamping the foodie within you.

Trying out different foods and recipes can be a lot of fun and you can discover a different side of you.

Losing weight shows how much you love yourself as you are taking care of yourself and loving your body unconditionally.

I Love You


2017 Story Time My Weight Gain, My Reaction

Bonjour World Fitters!

I wanted to write a reaction to one of my videos that got the most attention. First of all I wanted to thank everyone for viewing my video and hearing my voice. You could’ve as easily roll your eyes and gotten off my channel but you didn’t.

No you didn’t you kept viewing , thank you. This video truly was made from my heart. If you look closely you will see a part of me still connected to the video. The negative comments that I received during my weight gain will forever have a place in my life. Thankfully the place that those peoples opinion have is absolutely in the right place. It took me a long time to realize to stop giving people so much strength on how I view myself. They don’t know me they didn’t even bother to try to figure out my struggles.

Before <3
After <3

Many of my haters always try to make it seem that it is about my health that they were concern about. I know better it was all about how much better I looked with no stomach. I know I needed to lose weight and I was trying to do just that. I never ask for help they just volunteer their services to me (how sweet).

World Fitters this whole experience have open my mind to how narrow and closed minded people can be. They assume that the reason that I got fat was because I became lazy and was enjoying food too much. They couldn’t be more wrong, no one wanted me to be skinny more than me. Now that I’ve lost some of the weight I will go on as normal. I’m not a better version of myself just because I lost some weight. People can go  F<3 *$####<3K themselves and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Sorry World Fitters excuse my french but I just have to let it all out. Those people were so rude, anyways have a great day World Fitters.


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