Read Between The Lines

Hi world fitters! Francesca Here!

I know some of you noticed that my blog posts are a bit long! Generally my articles consist of three parts.

  1. The general blog.
  2. My Quick Poll.
  3. My weekly shapely.

A Piece of Cake:

I wanted you to be able to read my blog with ease! After reading today’s post. Reading my articles will be a piece of cake! Lets get started shall we?

Tips For Tat:

  1. My first tip is read the original blog post. Be sure to highlight important points and words you may want to look up later. Then later on in the evening. Take out you dictionary and an extra note book. Reanalyze the blog post you originally read earlier. This will give you a better understanding of the article.
  2. My second tip is. To read my weekly shapely and my quick poll the next day. My suggestions are due in part to my realization. That my blogs are a bit long for some. Breaking up the entire article. Will make my blogs able to digest a lot easier.
  3. My third tip is. To answer my “Quick Poll” and write your very own “My Weekly Shapely.” After all I want you to interact with my articles. This is not only my story. It is your story as well.
  4. My last but not least tip is. To write what your thought are in the comment section below. What do you think about my blog? Was it helpful? Making use of the comment section. Can really help me to understand what your guys needs are. In addition you can help a fellow world fitter! Your words could be a life saver to someone!

A Suggestion Not a Subordination 

I hope the above tips help in simplifying my articles. As a writer I can write a lot. I know sometime too much information can feel a bit over whelming. Which is why I’ve written “Read Between The Lines.” To make reading my blog post a piece of cake. So now you can “have your cake and eat it too.” I’m by no means telling you how to read my articles. It’s a suggestion not a subordination. If you rather read my posts at one shot feel free to do so.

As always you can also feel feel to leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you! Until next time world fitters. Bye! Bye!



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