Sleep Well To Your Happily Ever After.

Good morning Lovelies. How are you all doing this lovely day? I’m okay other than I really feel crappy. This is of course after my Franchy marathon of no sleep the previous day. World Fitters I truly madly deeply feel awful. My body hurts and I was having a really strong pain in my stomach and was having a bit difficulty of breathing. Ya Lovelies my whole body was truly madly deeply screaming please don’t ever do this to us again we need sleep.

Lovelies as you guys may know the reason I do these long marathons is that I really need to catch up with some work for my business as I’m behind. Losing sleep to achieve something great is rarely frowned upon. As a matter of fact, it is rewarded. For example, I remember I was watching a motivational video about working hard and living your dreams. One of the things he mentioned was sometimes you are going to have to lose sleep in order to be successful. Nonetheless, I’m going to have to politely disagree. Sleep is needed in order to run a successful business and a successful life. Today I was looking at the bad side effects of not getting sleep. The speaker compared being very tired to being drunk. Ya going to work really tired is like going to work drunk. Life for me can be complicated at times. The sort of work I do is like I’m constantly working. It’s not like I do 9 to 5 and I’m finished with my Franchy work. Which is fine Lovelies as I said I always wanted to work on my very own beautiful sweet dreams. Nevertheless, I have to work in some sleeping time somehow. Since the way, I feel today was not good at all. Maybe I should do a blog about getting a good night’s sleep. Until then Lovelies take care of your own sweet health and be well. Be good to your perfectly imperfect body and it will be good to you. Stay blessed always and have a great day ya.

Don’t dream your life live your dream. Sweet Lovely sometimes you can not even imagine all that you are truly madly deeply capable of until you truly madly deeply believe. Mmmmmmmm ya 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍

Franchys Weekly Water Challenge.

Good day, Lovelies and how do you do? Thankfully I’m truly madly deeply doing fine. I’m not perfect but at least I’m still here creating my very own happily ever after. I truly hope you Lovelies are having a very awesome day mmmmmmmmm ya. Oh gosh, where shall I begin with my Franchy not so frantastic update? Mmmmmmm here it goes ya. So not surprisingly I have stop drinking water again Lovelies. Ya I know old habits truly never disappear. Ya, it is definitely a daily challenge for me Franchy. I don’t know why but I really struggle with drinking water. It’s just really difficult to commit. This is exactly why I created this water challenge. Additionally, I truly wanted to inspire my other Lovelies that have this unfortunate attribute. So ya, starting all over again!

Franchy What’s The News?

Lovelies this water challenge is officially starting all over again. As you will see I have missed more than a month of recording my frantastic results and it would really be difficult to go back and fix things. Hence why I’m starting a brand new happily ever after. However, from this very moment, I will have to report to you all every week. As it is essential to see my results going forward. Sweet Lovelies this is exactly why I started this lovely beautiful challenge. Ironicly through missing my fantastic weekly updates I was still inevitably recording my Franchy results though not the way I truly wanted to. Nevertheless, I will not be too hard on myself for my frantastic failure. As I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. Additionally, I know drinking water daily would not be easy for me. That is the reason I started the challenge in the first place. So in short I have not been really drinking water Lovelies. Nonetheless no worries I can always start all over again. Which is exactly what I’m doing. See you all next week. Bye, bye chabella.

Franchys Weekly Water Challenge.

Hi, there World Fitters, how are you? I’m doing well can’t complain actually. Hope you all are doing awesome. So this is the 2nd week into the challenge. I guess I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my challenge. The lovey-dovey and everything is going well phase. As I go more and more into the challenge as I suspect things will get harder and life will always happen. It is never easy to make a change. You just have to make the decision that you can’t truly madly deeply live like this anymore. That is exactly where I’m at in my Franchy life right now mmmmmmm ya.

Franchy Whats The News?

This week was similar to last week as I only missed one day of not drinking water. This is still good nonetheless there is always room to improve and get better. I really am drinking more because of my health. As I have a big problem with constipation. Additionally, I have a big bloated belly majority of the time which is not good at all. As a matter of fact, at times I can look like I’m pregnant. With my modeling business Francesca Etheart INC it is very important for me to look my very best. I want to be comfortable Lovelies. I don’t feel comfortable with a big belly wearing a bikini. I really hope I change for the best ya. This week was another 4 out of 5 which is awesome ya.

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 21


Always believe in yourself no matter how bad things may seem.

I know life can be hard at times but you got to believe that you shall make it through.

Believe that there is a better tomorrow full of hope and beauty.

Believing in yourself is very vital for your survival from this at times unkind, unforgiving world.

Always believe that you are worth it and, you deserve happiness.

I believe in you World Fitters make it happen.

Believe, Just Breath

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 17


Love all of me or nothing at all.

I see you staring at me with lust in your eyes.

My curvy body have peaked your interest.

But you see there was a time my body was perfectly imperfect.

My curves weren’t as visible and as easy on the eyes.

Would you still love me then?

Would you lust after my rolls and my exotic tiger strips?

If no, then you don’t deserve my heart either love all of me or nothing at all.

All of me.

Or nothing.

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 13

Always there is more to come  for those with an optimistically open mind.

Their eyes are blue and wide open.

They smile so bright and you can see right through their soul.


Always there is more to come for those who loves themselves so unconditionally.

They love their imperfections as if they were the most beautiful things they have ever seen, just so perfect.

Love your imperfections, you are perfect just the way you are.

I Love You

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 9


There is always a first time for everything.

First kisses and first intimacies are intertwined into this beautiful thing called life.

My first times made me nervous as I was not sure what to expect.

Life is truly unexpected at times, one day you are living as sure as one day you shall die.

I truly hope through and through you learn to love your perfectly imperfect body.

We all are beautiful.

I love you World Fitters.

Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 5

Such a pretty face nonetheless I see the pain  behind those baby blues.

Each night tears of sadness slowly seeps through them and slowly soaks my heart which I wear on my sleeves.

My heart is heavy with thoughts of my body playing continuously in my my mind like a bad rerun of the worst movie ever.

When suddenly a voice said unto me love your perfectly imperfect body.

Which I decided to do from this very moment for not even a thousand years but forever.

I  love you World Fitters.