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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 65

Sometimes the ultimate epiphany is being able to look at your life through a glass with no judgment without an attempt to change. For then we truly are able to see ourselves through Gods eye.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters

Today is promised to be a very busy day. I have a lot of blogging to do and other important things to tend to. Furthermore, I’m waiting for a new job to let me know whether or not I got in. As I need the extra job so I can earn more money. In the past, I applied for many jobs online. I got rejected over and over again. It took a lot of courage to get back up and try again and I’m glad I did. 🙂 When we don’t get the job of our dreams it is easy to blame ourselves and try to figure out what we did wrong. We are full of so much judgment and disappointment that we see our selves through an obstructed glass.

Sometimes the ultimate epiphany is being able to look at your life through a glass with no judgment without an attempt to change. For then we truly are able to see ourselves through God’s eye. We all can be so hard on ourselves at times. Not willing to accept that everyone makes mistakes and are not perfect. What makes us strong is getting back up each time we fall. So you didn’t get this job there is always a second and even perhaps a third chance. Being understanding instead of judgemental is wonderful for your mental health and your overall well being. Give yourself a break you did your very best that is what counts. I want you to be happy World Fitters be good to yourself. Have a great day.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 31

Sometimes it really can just be Deja vu as shatter pieces of your soul is being played for your subconscious mind over and over again.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello there World Fitters.

Today was another extraordinary day I was alive to see another day praise God. After my morning meditation, I went on my job sites to read some emails about some new updates. Drinking some tea you know just relaxing as I work. On one of my extra money sites, I read a post saying that 2019 is already flying by. I believe it is true 2019 is already flying by. Next, thing you know it will be the holidays again. It will be Deja vu all over again.

Sometimes it really can just be Deja vu as shatter pieces of your soul are being played for your subconscious mind over and over again. Sometimes as I’m going about my day as normally as possible I’d have this eerie feeling as if I have already gone through this before. Is this life of ours a whole scenic of Deja vus? For instance, each of our life cycles is scheduled for us to be young and then to reach our old age. This has happened time after time it’s how this world of ours is repopularized. This world is beautiful full of the unknown. Always know that you are loved and are cared for world fitters. Don’t be afraid of the unknown get to know it. I hope my daily dose of self-love is helping you in getting to know me better. Have a great day or night in the world, love you.


Deja Vu self love over and over again.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 3

Sometimes you got to listen to your body as it can tell you the most interesting stories.

Hola, World Fitters!

Today I had to take an extra day off from work as I was still not feeling well and was pretty drowsy from the medication. My body said take it easy so I did just that yesterday. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and give it the love and attention that it deserves. Many people think body positivity is about being in love with your body at any size and it is. However, to me, it is also about having a relationship with your body and really getting to know every crevice that makes up your body.

Not too many people can say they truly know their body well. Well, I can! I know every scar and stretch mark that lines my body. This body realization is from an unhealthy fixation of my body. I would constantly look at my body of which I hated, I thought I had the ugliest body full of imperfections. Now I know differently, I love all the imperfections that is me. World Fitters get to know your body, love your body.

Thirteen Pounds Of Weight Loss Freedom

Good day World Fitters!

I’m happy to let you guys know I’ve lost 13 pounds so far during my weight loss journey. I know, I know 13 pounds doesn’t seem like much it certainly doesn’t seem like something that I need to celebrate. Wrong, you should celebrate any pounds lost because losing weight is not easy.

Loving me, that’s the way to be.

It certainly wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my favorite foods or getting my butt up and exercising when I didn’t really want to. You know sometimes you want to relax and grab your favorite food and enjoy life. That was my intentions when I first decided to stop starving myself. I didn’t intend on putting on as much weight as I did. In my highest recorded weight I was 173 pounds at 5’5 when I was thin I was approximately 5’3 130 pounds that is a total of 43 pounds of weight gain.

Wow World Fitters I can’t believe I just told all of you my weight. For many months my weight gain have been a source of great shame and regret. Many people kept openly telling me about their disappointment in my weight gain. Now my weight gain is a source of great strength and perseverance. I had to persevere despite all the negative opinions I was getting. It is my body my business plain and simple, I don’t care about what others think anymore.

World Fitters don’t care about what others think either. Truth be told when it comes to people opening their wallet to help you no one will volunteer their money. All they want to do is explode your head with all their opinions. World Fitters it took me a long time to trully love and appreciate all of my flaws. If you are not there yet don’t worry you will get there. I hope that each blog that I post bring you closer to loving your perfectly imperfect body. I love you all, thank you for joining me here I will see you all next time.

Stay Bless,


Body Positivity Corissa Edition ??

Hello World Fitters!

How are you? Me I’m fine this lovely early morning, writing to you guys. I like to think loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com is a safe heaven for all body types. If you want to lose weight that’s great and if you want to stay at your perfectly imperfect weight that’s fine too, beauty does not come with a specific size. However you wouldn’t know that with the way the media glorify thinness.

One blogger is fed up with today’s standard beauty, her name is Corissa Enneking. Normally I agree with Corissa we should all love our bodies for the perfect imperfection that they are.  What am I talking about Corissa is the best blogger? Yes I agree I enjoy her blog “Fat Girl Flow” with which she blogs about finding clothes for larger size women. Nevertheless one of her videos talking about if you want to lose weight and join weight watchers you are not being body positive have changed my view of her. What???? So If you want to better your health you’re are not body positive? To me that makes absolutely no sense,  In my opinion wanting to better your health is the most frantastic way to show love to your body. Perhaps knowing more about her life will give us a better insight into why she feels the way she does about dieting.

Just who is Corissa Enneking? Corissa is a 30 something plus size women living in the midwest, USA. She currently reside in a house with her husband with whom they share it with their dog and cat affectionately called Kanka and Meouse. Another thing worth knowing about Mrs Enneking is that she loves nature and adores every artifact that makes it as lovely as it is. For instance  rocks, dirt, flowers, animals, and sunshine etc……. Corissa decided to create fatgirlflow.com after receiving a lot of support from the “fat community.” “The fat community welcomed me with open squishy arms.”

It’s this very support that body positive communities encourage that got a lot of people rub in the wrong way about what Corissa say body positivity is not. I’m sure many people are thinking who gives Corissa the authority to say what body positivity is not? She made it seem like in other for someone to be body positive they have to take a class and get a certificate in other to say they are body positive. Huh????? The whole point of body positivity is to feel comfortable and be yourself, how can you be that way if you have to think am I being body positive now? I’m sorry I don’t agree with Corissa on this matter no one should be excluded from being body positive because they decided to lose weight.

What do you think, do you agree with Corissa? As I mention before I don’t agree with her, however I respect her opinion. We all are entitled to our opinions. Most importantly we all are entitled to love our perfectly imperfect bodies. I trully hope you feel safe to be yourself, I’m always here for you either way. Have a great week, see you next time.