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Today Is The Day Lovelies.

Today I start a brand new blue of me. Full of wonderful possibilities as far as my beautiful blue eyes can see.

Today I start my day with a beautiful smile. With a promise to make the most of my very own perfectly imperfect life. For tomorrow is truly madly deeply never promised. Tomorrow may never come.

Today I count my many blessings and decide to live my life exactly as I choose. No regrets just with a warm heart that is truly madly deeply ready to love.

Today I celebrate myself and all my perfect imperfections. No, I’m not perfect for I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. Nevertheless, I love me always. Realizing all my struggles and failures were really created to make me a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Today I live my life like it is the last day until my very own happily ever after. I dance like no one is watching. I sing like my lungs go on infinitely. I love like this can be my very last chance to tell you I love you. I always have.

Today I closed my beautiful blue eyes forevermore. I’m surrounded by loved ones here to say their goodbyes. Nevertheless, I’m truly madly deeply content. For I lived like each day could be my last and today is that very day. Suddenly all the ghosts of last year’s past begin surrounding me with great big smiles on their faces. For I truly lived life just as I should with no regrets. The sweet angels all begin helping me out. Helping me get to my very own happily ever after. I look back at my beautiful loved ones. They now all were smiling and waving at me. I smiled and said one last time don’t dream your life live your dream. While disappearing into the light.

Sweet Lovelies this too can be your story some day. You can live the life you truly madly deeply always wanted to live. I know things may not be as you like just always remember this too shall past. Sweet Lovelies dont dream your life live your dream. Create your very own happily ever after now and forevermore ya I love you so much.

2022 Franchys Self Care Love Be Beautiful.

Hi Lovelies good morning, bonjour. How are you all doing this wonderful glorious morning in Tinsel town? I’m doing alright truly madly deeply can’t complain. Today I was having a good inner love conversation with my beautiful Franchy self. As you guys may know for a very long time I truly madly deeply didn’t love myself and all my perfect imperfections. I just felt really unattractive and felt I was really ugly. Which inevitably lead me to not really care for my beauty. I really became what I thought about and truly became unattractive. Lovelies when I say love yourself and all your perfect imperfections I really mean it from the bottom of my Franchy heart. As I saw what really not loving yourself could do.

Lovelies what it could do is take the wonderful blue off your eyes, therefore, closing your beautiful eyes to all the wonderful possibilities. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel the possibilities are endless if you truly madly deeply believe. Ya Lovelies I believe in second chances so I’m taking care of my beauty now and forevermore. Between my modeling and new relationship, it is becoming imperative to stay looking beautiful. Lovelies take care of your mental health as it can truly havoc on your very own perfectly imperfect self-care. If you don’t love yourself you simply won’t look your best it is truly as simple as that. World Fitters, I do realize depression can be really hard to get over. As sometimes you are not even able to get off the bed. I truly hope by me sharing my struggles you no longer feel alone World Fitters.

Lovelies never feel alone because you are not. There is someone else going through a difficult time who needs some love and understanding. Take care of the way you feel on the inside Sweet Lovelies. As the biggest pain comes from deep within. Look the very best you can possibly each and every day for yourself. Create your very own happily ever after. Don’t dream your life live your dream. Have a great day and stay beautiful.

Franchys Midwinter Stream Update.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing? I’m doing well truly madly deeply can’t complain. I was on a short break which really was not a break as I still had to work. It was more like a transition period Lovelies. What was I transitioning from you may want to ask? Well Sweet Lovelies it was a writing transition. I love this blog and it is really close to my Franchy heart. As my blog was truly madly deeply created in a place of pure love. Nevertheless, I love all my websites just the same none more than the other. Which is why I would like to announce my Franchy masterpiece blog plan.

As I said previously the many days off I had was just a transition. I’m transitioning to a whole new phase in my very own perfectly imperfect business. I want to succeed and create our very own physical safe place. Beauties from the beginning I never intended to just have an online business. I always wanted a physical building. I will make it happen Lovelies. In addition, I do also want my very own frantastic app. I have so many beautiful blue dreams that I’m working diligently to make a Franchy reality. I’m not getting any younger so the time is right now, and it all starts with this frantastic writing transition. Care to join me Lovelies? It is always because of you all and I’m truly madly deeply eternally grateful. Continuously dreaming of my perfectly imperfect life is no longer an option. 2022 is here and I’m ready, are you? Have a truly lovely blessed day Lovelies mmmmmmmm ya.


Story 3 Part 3 Annisa Marshanda and Arief Family Is Everything. You Are My Everything.

One Year Later {} The Final Stage.

Annisa is in her most beautiful blue dress waiting anxiously backstage. She has been rehearsing for 3 weeks straight with little to no sleep. She glanced around the room at the other students of Mrs. Stuwarth’s class. Their long blond hair dancing down their long slender backs. Their beautiful blue eyes clear as the most beautiful blue sea awaiting their turns. Annisa combed through her own beautiful long brown hair feeling confident. Yes, she realizes how different she looked from the traditional American girls. Her differences she felt helped her to stand out more. Which is a great way to be remembered after a show of so many. Arief so lovingly called her the night before reminding her how truly special and beautiful she was. Reminding her to always believe in herself no matter what. Suddenly a lovely lady with the most beautiful red dress walks over to Annisa Mershanda. Hi is your name Annisa Mershanda she asked smiling? Yes, it is I said smiling back hopefully. I was just on the phone with your partner and it seems that he will be running really late so he won’t be able to make it to the audition with you after all. The good news is we have someone else without a partner that you can complete the audition with if you are interested. Umm great Annisa said I would love to audition with him. Sure great let me introduce you two. Brandon, she calls come over here for a second, please. Suddenly this tall short brown-haired guy with the most beautiful hazel eyes comes and stands right next to me. The attraction was instant as she looked at Brandon from the corner of her eyes. Brandon this is Annisa she also doesn’t have a partner and would love to audition with you. He looked into my eyes and my heart stopped a little. He offered his hand and said hi I’m Brandon. I shook his hand and said I was Annisa. His hand felt so warm and inviting and his eyes were so amazing as if he could look so deep in my soul. Great, I’m going to let you two get acquainted and I will be back to let you know when I’m ready for you two. She said happily walking away. I shyly turned back to Brandon. So what is your story Brandon asked looking intently into my beautiful brown eyes?

I stood there frozen a bit. Not used to feeling so shy before. Well, I’m originally from Indonesia and came to New York to pursue my dream to become a famous actress I awkwardly stammered. Awesome he said smiling revealing the most straight beautiful teeth I have ever seen. I was born in New York but my parents are also from Indonesia. They met really young and started a family straight away. Wow, we are family I said smiling. I was going to school for a year and have yet to find another Indonesian student. Well looks like you find me he said smiling taking my breath away again. Brandon and Annisa we are ready for you too she said waving us over.

Well thank you for buying lunch I said slowly opening his car door. It was my pleasure Brandon said smiling. Well, I really enjoyed our lovely conversation I said smiling. I can’t believe we both got the part I side grinning from ear to ear. Well sweety you were really amazing got to say I was taken aback at how good you truly were Brandon said with the most beautiful smile on his face. I was really impressed actually and truly madly deeply believe you will be a great actress Brandon said moving a hair away from his beautiful hazel eyes. Thank you I think you were really great as well I said smiling. Well, I have work in the dinner tomorrow really early I sigh. Sure I understand you have things to do that’s cool he said. Ya, I have a ton of homework to do before I go to sleep Annisa admits. I do too actually I totally understand he agrees. Can I get your number for we can set up the best rehearsing dates he asks? Sure I said writing my number down and handing it to him. Great talk to you soon Brandon said. Sure, call me anytime, bye, I said closing the door. I slowly open the door to my apartment and there I saw Arief sitting on my bed waiting for me.

True love never dies ????????????????????????