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Sometimes an eternity of self-love can truly madly deeply brighten last year’s past of broken dreams with the sweetest lights. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I saw you walking straight into the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Your beautiful blue eyes are eternally dim from the many broken promises of last year’s past. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I truly love you just as you are. Your curves are ever so contagious and the crevices from deep within are full of sweet love. Sweet Lovely, you are so lovingly and share with pure kindness. Seize the beautiful wonderful day Sweet Lovely. Carpe diem to the new year of sweet hope. Let us walk to our very own happily ever after mmmmmmmm ya.

Bonjour (Good morning) World Fitters. Good morning to you from beautiful wonderful Nice France.

Hi, Lovelies how are you all doing this very lovely morning in Tinsel Town? I’m doing alright writing another frantastic blog for you all. I truly hope you all are doing very well ya. Sweet Lovelies as we come closer to the new year we all are thinking about our new year resolutions. We all want to be a better person the next year-round and do all the things we said we were going to do. One common new year’s resolution is to lose weight and get healthier. Ya, the holidays have gone by with us being very festive and eating all the lovely foods we just know we really shouldn’t be eating. We put on a couple of pounds and understandably we now want to lose the extra pounds. Nevertheless, love all your perfect imperfections and allow yourself to enjoy your meals without feeling too guilty. Let self-love always be your new year’s resolution now and forevermore mmmmmmmm ya.

Sometimes an eternity of self-love can truly madly deeply brighten last year’s past of broken dreams with the sweetest lights. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I saw you walking straight into the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Your beautiful blue eyes are eternally dim from the many broken promises of last year’s past. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I truly love you just as you are. Your curves are ever so contagious and the crevices from deep within are full of sweet love. Sweet Lovely, you are so lovingly and share with pure kindness. Seize the beautiful wonderful day Sweet Lovely. Carpe diem to the new year of sweet hope. Let us walk to our very own happily ever after mmmmmmmm ya. Ya Lovelies most new year resolutions revolve around you losing weight and being more healthier. Nonetheless, after being on my self-love journey for 5 years it is truly madly deeply not easy. You have to keep repeating the healthy behavior which can be a bit uninteresting at times. For example, in the last 2 months of the year (November and December) I was not that much active as I usually was. I missed 8 days of exercise in November and 7 days of exercising in December. I do want to get back on track right in time for the new year. Lovelies I truly madly deeply want 2022 to be my self-care year. World Fitters if you were enjoying too much food this holiday season try not to be too hard on yourself. Yes, you are perfectly imperfect and I love you so. You can restart your weight loss journey anytime you choose. Try your very best and create your very own happily ever after. Have a blessed day or night Lovelies. See you all tomorrow.


Franchys My Frantastic Weight-Loss

Hello World Fitters!

I hope you remember the mini series about what I do to stay in Franchy shape if you don’t remember that’s ok here is your friendly reminder. Like everything else in life losing, weight takes time and dedication. You don’t just wake up and decide one day that you going to lose weight and lose weight straight away. No of course not you have to be willing to do some hard work. Of course, every perfectly imperfect body is different we all lose weight in our own perfectly imperfect time frames. Which have to do with your age and how high your metabolism is. For instance, I remember being eight-teen years old when I was noticing some unwanted weight I was easily able to lose the weight with no problem. Contrastingly when I was thirty-four years old and I paid the doctor a friendly visit I suddenly realized how much weight I have put on and decided I’m going to lose it. Nonetheless, it wasn’t that simple as I was no longer a carefree teenager.

Where we are in our lives determine a lot about what we are trying to accomplish in this frantastic life of ours. For instance when we are in our later years hopefully most of the things we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime hopefully we have and now just want to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Contrastingly when we are in our 20’s we are just starting our life and there are so many things we wish to accomplish. On my website, I wanted to show how moveable weightloss can be. As a matter of fact, I know from experience to sustain any weight loss journey you have to change your routines every now and again. I created Franchys My Frantastic Weight-Loss to share my story so that it may also help you. This mini-series won’t be concurrent with my other frantastic series such as Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love and Franchys Dear Dearest Diary. I will only share once in a while it won’t we daily like the other two nonetheless I hope it is just as helpful to you all. Comment below letting me know what you all think? If you have an idea about something you would like me to write about I would love to hear what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours. Thank you for joining me here have a blessed day in the world.


Franchy recommends with love always:

Franchys Perfectly Imperfect Distractions

Hello World Fitters!

It’s been a while since I last posted here. The reason I was unable to post my latest frantastic articles were because my computer stop working and I had to take it to the shop.  I had not only slow down on my postings I have also slow down on my workouts. The main reason that I slowed down on my workouts is because I have become an overnight mom and have given birth to a 4 year old name Jhuna. World Fitters I’m just kidding lol she is my boyfriend’s child who I take care of when he is at work. Needless to say she is a welcome distraction I love her so much.

There are many things that can distract us from creating our perfectly imperfect bodies. I want to write a short series to discuss everything that can distract you from creating your perfectly imperfect body. I have worked hard to get where I’m now and I don’t want to stop creating my perfectly imperfect body.




We all are perfectly imperfect and I want loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com to continue to be a place where you can come and be yourself. I hope my upcoming  articles help you stop procrastinating and create your perfectly imperfect body.  Sorry guys I know this blog post is short and sweet it’s  purpose is only to introduce you to a new series. Comment below  and let me know what you think. Have a lovely day World Fitters, bye.



2017 Franchys Pill For Thought

Good Day World Fitters!

As summer comes slowly to an end, and you were unable to create your perfectly imperfect body you maybe seeking a more drastic action to help remove some of the  extra weight. What I’m referring to is diet pills.

World Fitters if you know me then you would know I’m not into diets. I think dieting doesn’t work and it is a waste of time. For the most part people will diet for a certain amount of time and then stop because their diet is over then they will put back on the extra pounds. I think if you are looking for long sustaining weight loss than you have to make a lifestyle change. Change your thinking about food therefore changing your life.


In the coming articles I will discuss about different diet pills and explain how they can affect your life and give a recommendation if they actually work. If  you are thinking about losing weight to better your health you are on good track of loving your perfectly imperfect body. I will be there every step of the way inspiring you to be the best you you can possibly be. I love you World Fitters have a great day, bye.

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Thirteen Pounds Of Weight Loss Freedom

Good day World Fitters!

I’m happy to let you guys know I’ve lost 13 pounds so far during my weight loss journey. I know, I know 13 pounds doesn’t seem like much it certainly doesn’t seem like something that I need to celebrate. Wrong, you should celebrate any pounds lost because losing weight is not easy.

Loving me, that’s the way to be.

It certainly wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my favorite foods or getting my butt up and exercising when I didn’t really want to. You know sometimes you want to relax and grab your favorite food and enjoy life. That was my intentions when I first decided to stop starving myself. I didn’t intend on putting on as much weight as I did. In my highest recorded weight I was 173 pounds at 5’5 when I was thin I was approximately 5’3 130 pounds that is a total of 43 pounds of weight gain.

Wow World Fitters I can’t believe I just told all of you my weight. For many months my weight gain have been a source of great shame and regret. Many people kept openly telling me about their disappointment in my weight gain. Now my weight gain is a source of great strength and perseverance. I had to persevere despite all the negative opinions I was getting. It is my body my business plain and simple, I don’t care about what others think anymore.

World Fitters don’t care about what others think either. Truth be told when it comes to people opening their wallet to help you no one will volunteer their money. All they want to do is explode your head with all their opinions. World Fitters it took me a long time to trully love and appreciate all of my flaws. If you are not there yet don’t worry you will get there. I hope that each blog that I post bring you closer to loving your perfectly imperfect body. I love you all, thank you for joining me here I will see you all next time.

Stay Bless,


Easy Weight Loss Secrets!



                                                                  Weight loss made easy
Bonjour (Good Morning) world fitters! I’m certainly in a fabulous mood. I hope you are as well. Hows life? My life is good! As I mention in my last blog! My birthday is next Saturday. That right October 31, (hollow-en). I cant wait! I will be 33 years old. SSSSSHHHHH Don’t tell anyone world fitters its our little secret!

I dance to my own beat

I trust that you can keep my little age secret! I know there is a saying that a gentleman never ask’s a woman her age (after 30). If you’ve been reading my blogs and visiting my other profiles. Then you know I dance to my own beat. I’m not normal. Nor do I pretend I’m normal. That’s right I embrace my weirdness. With that said I don’t mind you knowing my age. After all we are a family! Besides I’m proud of my age. It shows I’ve been on this earth longer then some people. There are some people who never made it to their 30’s. There are even some people who never made it to their 16th birthday. So yes I will be ecstatic that I made it to 33. Happy birthday to me!

My Sweet Birthday

In honor of my birthday. I will film a special message to you world fitters. So stay tune for that. This week will be an easy week for me. Even though I have a lot of work to do. For my online job as well as my security job. Subsequently I will take a day off to celebrate my birthday. Don’t worry! I will have your weekly post ready by Friday. So yeah easy week coming up!

I don’t know about you. I like making things easy and simple. Life is complicated enough. Why complicate your life further? I try to make my articles as simple as possible. So that everyone can follow a long. This blog wont be any different. I have five simple ways to incorporate into your life. To help you lose the weight. Many people feel that in order to lose weight you have to work very hard. Yes that is true. In order to lose the weight you will have to work hard. However you can also lose weight by making some small changes. For example, giving up soda. That’s what I did. I lower a substantial amount of soda out of my diet. It has work wonders for me.

Another technique that has worked wonders for me is taking baby steps. Taking baby steps is the key to keeping off the weight. Many people gravitate towards grueling hours at the gym. Starving themselves for long periods of time. My advice to you world fitters is take it easy!

Below are 5 easy weight loss steps:

  1. Soda back up
    As I mentioned before cutting back on soda alone. Can have a profound effect on the shape of your body. You can lose a good amount of weight cutting back on soda. When I first started my journey. That was the first and only thing I cut back on. I know soda can cause a lot of weight gain. So reduce your soda intake and reduce your dress size.
  2. Water down to your perfect fitness
    One good way to keep the pounds off is by drinking a glass of water. While hydrating you. Water also helps you feel full faster and therefore prevent over eating. Water is a good way to maintain your perfect body. Lets drink to that!
  3. Chewing perfection
    I know growing up with fear of the biggest embarrassment of my life. Haven’t always been easy! However it’s something everyone deals with. That’s right I’m talking about bad breath! Having bad breath can ultimately end your life! At least that’s how a teenager may feel. If you can remember your childhood. You know how frail your social celebrity (popularity) can be. Popular one day a nobody the next day. A lot of us would do anything to maintain our status. Chewing gum to maintain social celebrity is a no brainier. Chewing gum keeps you ready for the perfect close up. Apparently chewing gum also gets you ready for your tiny bikini. “What?” Yup you head correctly. Chewing gum can help you to lose some pounds. So chew your way to your perfect body.
  4. Clean the dish/clear your weight to perfection
    Many of us hate washing the dishes. Buying a dish washer seems like a good investment. But is it? I was doing some online work. When I read that washing dishes can help you to lose some weight. Naturally I was very skeptical! I thought it was a trick to get us to wash our dishes. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try. After all I have to wash dishes anyway. I just have a naughty little thought in the back of my mind. That I mate be shedding some pounds. Having that little naughty thought in the back of my head. Helps to motivate me to continue washing the dishes.
  5. Fidgety Weight Loss
    Remember when your mom use to say ( maybe they still do) “stay still?” While you excited wait for your birthday party. As thoughts of opening your present run through your mind. Well maybe your parents was wrong. “What?” You say my parents are never wrong! Just hear me out for a second. Moving and not staying still is good for your waist and other parts of your body. Keeping your body moving also keeps the scale moving. Where the scale stops depends on you.

How your body looks depends on you! Try these five steps they should help with your weight loss. In addition to trying my easy weight loss secrets. You can also buy clothes that makes you look slimmer. To accentuate your natural curves and body shape. For instance black clothing is known to make you look slimmer naturally. When it comes to weight loss don’t stress yourself out. Give yourself a brake! Often we are the hardest on ourselves! Take it easy! I’ll talk to you later world fitters! Right now I’ll be getting ready to celebrate my birthday! Remember every Friday I’ll have a new post to share with you guys. Alrighty world fitters! I bid you fare well. Bye! Bye!

Quick Poll:
Did you find my suggestions easy to follow along?
a) Yes.
b) A little.
c) No I don’t.
d) I don’t like easy.
e) It was perfect.
f) Just my style.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello again world fitters! It’s me Franchy! I’m currently at work writing this post for you. Reminiscing on the past week. As you guys know my birthday just past. I had a fabulous birthday. Although I haven’t celebrated my birthday yet. I will celebrate it sometime this week. I cant wait!

As for my weight. I’m happy to say I’ve been keeping up with my exercise. Even though I haven’t been walking in the park. However the only aspect I haven’t been keeping up with is my fiber intake. It’s necessary I get the proper amount of fiber. To help my stomach stay small. In the past years my stomach been big and small. For instance one day I would look at the mirror and see my wonderfully small waist. Then a couple hours later my stomach would be big again. Have anyone also experienced that? When that happens I get quite frustrated. So I’m working on regulating my fiber intake.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. World fitters you should also regulate your fiber intake. It may also help you to lose weight! I hope you find this blog helpful! Weight loss should be easy. Not such a struggle. However if you are struggling. Comment below and let the community help you! If you wish to contact me directly my email is. I will definitely reply. I’m here for you world fitters. If you need me you know what to do! Have a good week! Bye! Bye!

Commit To Your Happiness!

pact web 2

Hello world fitters! It’s been a while since I last posted to you. I’m sorry about that. In the future I will post more frequently the best weight loss information. Luckily I have returned with some goodies. One of the goodies I’ve returned with is Pact. Pact is an app that pays you to be healthy. An other goodie I have returned with is I just bought a new domain name. I don’t know if you’ve noticed. My domain name have changed it’s no longer is losingweightlookingandfeelinggreat.siterubix.com It’s now loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com. I feel so proud of myself. Knowing that you own a domain it really makes you feel special. To know this is mine and no one else. There is only one company I have to thank for this.

pact web 6

I really have Wealthy Affiliate to think for this. Through them I’m able to communicate with you guys. Giving you the latest information on ways to lose weight and love your body. With that said. That brings me to my final goodie. All this loving yourself can turn out to be very pricey. For example, after you lose all that weight you may want to go shopping to celebrate. Back then you could stretch a dollar pretty well. Now days things are far more expensive. A dollar is not as flexible. To combat the money trouble. In this website I will include some ways to earn some extra cash. One great way to earn extra cash is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a school that teaches you how to create an online business. In a separate article I will discuss Wealthy Affiliate to the fullest. I will also share with you another site I’m working on when its ready. Since weight loss affects every aspect of your life. I will be discussing everything related to weight loss in this website. Lets get started!

Shall we begin the discussion with my #1 recommended app for weight loss? The app I’m referring to is Pact. As I mentioned before Pact is an app that pays you to eat healthy and to exercise. I first join Pact on 6-29-2015. With the intention of trying the app out. I was a little uneasy about giving out my PayPal information. As there are a lot of scams out there. One can never be too careful. Rest assure Pact is not a scam. It has pay thousands of users. So what is Pact?

pact web 5

“We’re Pact, a 15-person San Francisco start up focused on healthy behavior change.” The San Francisco based business was founded by Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer. As off today here are some fun stats for Pact:

11.8m total workouts              4.6m meals logged

6.2m veggies/fruits eaten      92% success rate

pact web 4

Stats provided by www.gym-pact.com

There are currently 3 healthy activities you can participate in. They are Gym Pact, Veggie Pact, and Food Logging Pact. I’m currently involved in the Gym Pact. To help you decide which Pact is best for you. I have created a short description of each of the Pact.

pact web 3

Gym Pact- Do you find it hard to get up out of that couch? Do you need an extra push to help you exercise? Your in luck. The gym pact is guarantee to give you the extra motivation that you need.

Whether it is walking, running, playing tennis, etc…… Here you can either log into your gym, or log into your home work outs. Whatever works for you is fine. The only agreement is the work outs gotta be at least 30 mins.

Veggie Pact- If your like me you hate eating your vegetables. You much rather bite into your cupcake. Nevertheless in order for us to live a healthier life style. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables. Thats where Pact comes in. Although it is called Veggie Pact it also includes fruits. This commitment with Pact will help you eat the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables. How many fruits and veggies you eat is up to you?

Food Log Pact- If your really looking to lose the unwanted weight. This Pact is for you. Here you log in what you eat. Keeping track of what you eat can really help control your weight. Controlling your weight to create the body that you want is something everyone deserves. I know from experience that if you don’t feel comfortable in your skin. You wont succeed in life! So always remember to love the skin your in. I believe that Pact can help you to feel more comfortable in the skin your in. That is why I recommend it. Although I definitely recommend Pact. There are some technical difficulties that you should be aware of.

Below are my lists of what you should watch out for when using Pact:

1. Sometimes the sign out button doesn’t let you log out properly.

2. If there is a glitch throughout the week. Pact may need to freeze your activities for that week. So you wont get charged. Unfortunately you lose all the work for that week.

3. If you wait too long to report a problem. Then the team can’t really resolve your problems at a timely fashion. You may or may not get charged. So it is best to report your problems right away!

4. Sometimes the app completely go out of whack and make you lose an entire workout.

He say/ She say

1. My activities are not counting.

2. PayPal is the only way to withdraw the money. Why is that?

3. Community voting issues.

4. I don’t like Pact.

5.  Pact is not worth it.

My Pact:

Screenshot_2015-08-31-11-24-34 Screenshot_2015-09-03-19-33-43


Waisting The Belly Away!

Hello world fitters! I hope your week is going good so far! Feel free to tell me in the comments section what you have done? This week I hope your weight loss is going good. My weight loss is going okay. I’ve loss a lot of my belly fat. Which I’m very proud of. We all know how hard it is to get rid of belly fat. It’s certainly easy to put on the pounds. All these tasty snacks were fun going down your stomach. But nothing is fun about getting rid of that gut. I’m well aware there are quick fixes to get rid of that gut. There are ways to squeeze your stomach in. As I discovered one day hanging out with my boyfriend.

waist 7

On Thursday I went out with my boyfriend Jeffrey Skeete. I was wearing a tank top and short skirt. I looked nice. I was just uncomfortable about my belly showing through my shirt. I pass by the window of a ladies shop. It had these waist trainers. “They are not the same as a waist cincher which gives you the delusion of a smaller waist.” I was feeling a bit tempted to use one of those babies to help hide my exposing gut. But to be frank. I’m not into putting a waist trainer or waist cincher on. Not that anything is wrong with them. I just prefer to be natural. How about you ladies? Do you put a waist trainer or a waist cincher on? To me there is just a small difference between the waist trainer and waist cincher. I think they both do the same thing. Which is make you appear to have a smaller waist. I understand the need for a smaller waist. After all some dresses just looks better with a smaller waist. Although my waist is a lot smaller I’m still aiming for a smaller waist. Below are the definitions of a waist trainer and a waist cincher.

waist 1

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist-cinching corset. The waist training practice came to prominence in Victorian times but has made something of a comeback in recent years.”

waist 3

“A waist cincher (sometimes referred to as a wespie) is a belt worn around the waist to make the wearers waist physically smaller, or to create the illusion of being smaller.”

Below are some dangers you should be aware of before you purchase a waist trainer or waist cincher:

danger gif web

While a waist trainer and waist cincher makes you look good and confident. There are some unwanted side effects to wearing the body shaping fabrics. For instance a waist trainer and waist cincher restricts your breathing. Users are not able to breath normally. Some people mate agree it’s worth the pain. For the perfect hour glass shape. “After all beauty is pain.” Additionally a waist cincher and waist trainer also affects your eating habits. You can’t eat a lot when you have it on. Which may cause some weight loss. Futhermore waist trainers and waist cinchers are known to cause heart burns because of the pressure on the stomach. While a waist trainer and waist cincher pushes you stomach in it also rearranges your organs. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to rearrange my organs. Just for I can get a smaller waist. Moreover a waist cincher and waist trainer also “causes rib cage damage.”

Even through all the damages and dangers of waist training. People are still wearing the fabric shaping product. In my opinion its not worth it. You can do it the natural way by dieting and exercising. One good exercise for losing that belly is the plank. It truly does work. Stay tune for an article about the plank. Overall I don’t like the waist trainer or the waist cincher. But ultimately the choice is yours. If you would like your very own waist trainer visit here.  Feel free to tell me your experiences on wearing a waist trainer and the waist cincher. Below I have included the “Quick Poll” and “My Weekly Shapely”. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Quick Poll:

What foods do you eat to help maintain a flat stomach?

a. Whole grain bread

b. Drink plenty of water

c. Vegetables and fruits

d. Food high in fiber

e. Eat once a daily

f. Nothing my stomach naturally flat.

g. All of the above

My Weekly Shapely:

This week was certainly a good week for me weight wise. Although I didn’t exercise everyday. I only exercise 6 days this week. I took off on Friday because I was tired and needed a brake. There is nothing wrong with taking brakes now and again. You need to regain you strength. So that you can keep going towards your goal weight. This week I discovered an app that pays you to exercise and eat well. I find it via my coworkers web-site. The app is called Pact. I plan to write a review about the Pact app. Where I will go in-depth about the product. I’ve been using it for a while now. So far so good. Pact is a good motivational tool. If you don’t keep your pact and you don’t do what is required of you. You have to pay at least $5 to the community for each day you’ve missed. I’ve been using Pact for a while now and I like it. Stay tune for my next blog to learn more!

Hour Glass Beauties:

waist2 waist 5

waist 8 waist 9

waist 10


Shall we begin?

Hello world fitters. Before we begin our beautiful weight loss/ weight acceptance journey. I want you to first love your body as it is now. That’s right step in front of the mirror. Take of your clothes. That’s right strip until you are only in your bras and panties. Do you love what you see? I ask you to do this now because self acceptance doesn’t come with weight loss. Plastic surgery wont help you to love yourself. In order for you to be successful at anything you have to first love yourself. You have to know your worth it. This website is about losing the weight for yourself because your worth it!

In this website I will be providing you with information that I learn about losing weight. I too am on a weight loss journey. So I will share my progress as well as my failures for you can learn from my mistakes. As I mentioned before I’m not here to tell you how to live your life and what your body should look like. At the end of the day it is your body your life. With that said below is two diagrams of weight to height ratio charts. This gives you an idea of how much you should weight.

The charts above are design to give you an idea of what you should weight in order to be healthy. I myself don’t get on the scale. I find it to be frustrating and depressing. For instance after you have had a really good workout. Then you look at the scale and realize you had not loss any weight. You get discouraged. The best way to see weight loss is by seeing how your clothes fit you. As you lose weight your clothes fit you loosely. I don’t know about you but I get very excited about my big clothes not fitting me. I get even more excited about showing off a slimmer waist as pictured below.


 Luckily for you I have a good plan on how to lose your stomach. On this website I will give you good tips on how to lose the weight. I will provide you with different tasks to do in order to lose weight and to be healthy. So here goes my first task for you to complete. Take a picture of yourself before the weight loss. Get a pen put behind the picture “Before” and store it privately. Task number two is to keep a journal about your weight loss. On the journal you will record: What your eating? What exercise your doing? Also document how your feeling? I find it to be very therapeutic. You can keep the journal private or you can make a public blog about it and get paid.  For instance here are my blogs http://franslife82online.blogspot.com/. I think it can be good to share your blog publicly. For example, you can get feedback that can help you in the long run. Furthermore looking at other peoples weight loss journey can help you feel not alone. It’s always good to get support. Likewise I want to support you as well. Bellow I have listed Items you will need in order to be successful.

I also prepared a list of Items you will need for your weight loss journey:

1. Small weights.

2. Towels.

3. A camera.

4. A regular note book.

5. Sneakers

6. A floor pad.

AL righty Lets Go! Your weight loss journey have officially started! Good Luck!