My Franchy Story

My weight is my business and oh what a beauty. MMmmmmmmmm ya.

Hi Lovelies, how are you?

In case you didn’t read my about page. Hi my name is Francesca Etheart and I’m from the beautiful Island of Haiti. I’m currently in New York USA living my frantastic Franchy dream. I know you know all about me and my blue eyes. I also wanted to tell my very own true Hollywood story. My truly madly deeply own side of the story.

It all started when I decided to enjoy food to the fullest and not worry so much about my frantastic weight. I just truly madly deeply wanted to be happy and enjoy my life. What people didn’t realize (perhaps really not care) is that I was not truly happy being thin. Yes my clothes fit better and to some I even looked more attractive. I do admit I enjoyed shopping a lot more when I was thin. That is because it is much easier to shop for clothes. When I gain more beauty I quickly notice the difficulty at finding clothes that fit my beautiful body. Most stores cater to smaller frame bodies. Which understandably posed some problems for me Franchy.

On top of my love of shopping being compromised. I had to deal with rude people constantly making comments about how much better I looked when I was skinny. Mind you Lovelies I already had a really low self esteem. Now more then ever I hated how I looked. I felt so ugly so unattractive. I stopped dressing my sexy ways as I just was no longer feeling it. To be honest there were times I was suicidal that how much I hated myself back then. There was this particular neighbor that kept bothering me about my belly. He started again but this time I just didn’t care what he thinks anymore. I love me and all my perfect imperfections.

Then something wonderful happened. I started wondering if others were also feeling this way? Feeling unloved and unwanted. Feeling that they were not worth it. I created on August of 2015 because I just truly wanted to help. I wanted you Lovelies to know you are never alone and yes you are beautiful with all your perfect imperfections. I love you all with all your perfect imperfections. This is our very own safe haven. Come in and let go all negative worthless feelings. It is ok not to be ok. Have a blessed day.

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