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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 23

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hi there World Fitters!

Today was a good day praise god. It started with me stretching and saying my morning wish for the day. I walked in my hallway for about 30 mins after which I started to do some work in the morning before having to go out. On my way out I ran into my friend that lives upstairs and we talked on the phone for a bit it was a good distraction from my own lingering thoughts. Today I went out to see the doctor as I’ve been sick since thanksgiving. I’m thankful that everything is ok and my illness is beging to subside.

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good. World Fitters I’m positive proof that you become what you think about. Since I’ve been sick stress have been taking over, I have been thinking about what could have been making me sick. I thought about a million scenarios on what could have been making me sick (I’m not kidding). With all the stress I’ve made myself even more sick and susceptible to further infections. It turns out that my grandmother is sick and she got me sick as I was not careful when I was around her. World Fitters always remember to wash your hands and take care. I made my life whatever I wanted to make of it for the past two months now it’s time I live my dream and not just dream my life. As always I wish you all have a wonderful day.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 17

Sometimes it’s better to be late then sorry and miss something special.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Day World Fitters!

So I went to go see the doctor today as I have not been feeling well. Unfortunately, I came too late and missed my appointment now I have to wait to see what’s been going on with my body. I must admit I’m a bit worried as I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving. I’m trying to worry less for the new year as that doesn’t make matters any better. Too much stress can lower your immune system and make you get even sicker. I hope you have been well World Fitters and I hope your health continues to improve throughout 2019. As for me I will have to wait until next Tuesday to see how I’m doing won’t be late this time.

Sometimes it’s better to be late than sorry and miss something special. If you know me then you know that most of the time I’m pretty punctual. I hate being late hance my distress today of being late and missing my appointment. I know many of us do think that if we are going to be late we might as well not go at all. What’s wrong with that is you could be missing something special. For instance, maybe your soul mate will be on that late bus or train. You know I’m big on romance, meeting your soul mate because you catch the late bus that is fate working her magic. Which is also a great story to tell your grandkids on how you met. Whether you’re late or early to starting your day I hope you have a fantastic day World Fitter. I love you all muahahahahhaahahahah.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 6

Sometimes you can blink your eyes and miss an entire day.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being.

Good morning World Fitters!

Yesterday I slept almost for the entire day, did I miss anything special? I certainly hope not, I wanna live every second and make each second count. The reason for my Franchy sleeping beauty day was because of my recent illness I’ve been talking about. I took my medicine and was supposed to go see the doctor but I just could not get up. Additionally I missed another day at work which I could deffinately do without. Take care of your body World Fitters and have a very safe holiday season.

Is it just me or does it feel like we just blinked and the holidays were upon us again? After the passing of my 36 birthday next thing you know everyone was preparing for Christmas. How are your holidays thus far? Are you all almost done your shopping? Christmas is in three days are you ready? After which we will be welcoming 2019 and, starting all over sort of speak. I hope nothing but the best for you all for the upcoming year. Have a great day or night in the world, love ya!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 5

Sometimes you never know how fortunate you are to be healthy, and well until you’ve been sick for a while now that is your new normal.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being.

Hello World Fitters!

Yesterday was a good day as I was able to get back to work after being sick for a while. I’m not yet 100% but I’m grateful to be getting better. Luckily my job is my very own business I could take off whenever necessary. The only not so good part is losing money and myy customers but I make it up by working 7 days awekk when I’m back.

I’ve been sick since thanksgiving needless to say I’m ready to get back to my normal busy self. You never know how precious your health is until you become unwell and lose your sense of security. World Fitters take care of your amazing bodies as you only have one. I hope you sll been well and are enjoying the holiday seson. I will see you all tomoorow have an amazing day.