Losing weight and looking great at your weight!

Hello world fitters! As you know I’m on my weight loss journey. The weight loss journey is not easy. There will be a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes you will want to give up. That’s where loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com comes in. Here you can get the support that you need. You can comment below and vent your frustrations about losing weight. Please vent in a respectable manner. This web-site is here for you! Your not alone! I’m here for you!

I understand the struggles that comes with weight loss. Since my apparent weight gain. My weight has been up and down. I felt like a Yo Yo ball. The comments I was getting from people wasn’t helping either. I had no one to really support me. We all need support. Something’s we cannot do alone. Don’t be alone and Isolate yourself. Isolation usually makes you feel trap. You feel like you have no way out. That’s not a good place to be. Please reach out to someone. I’m reaching out to you world fitters. In this web-site I will share with you my struggles as well as my triumph. Join me! Check out these three pictures:



me 2

The three above pictures are pictures of me after my workouts! I know you need more then just my words that “My Techniques Do Work.” So I have included pictures of my weight loss journey to help keep you motivated. I’m trying to figure out how to include some exercise videos that you guys can do at home. So look out for that! In addition I also would like to see your weight loss pictures. So comment below and let me know how your doing also please include pictures? Below are some more motivational pictures:

lose web 2 lose web 3

lose web 4 lose web 6

lose web lose web5

I hope the motivational pictures above have help you to get motivated. You can do it! Go out there and get the body you deserve!




7 thoughts on “Losing weight and looking great at your weight!”

  1. Hello and thank you for sharing. I know from experience that weight issues can be debilitating, not only physically, but also emotionally. It is a wonderful gift to have encouragement and support along the way.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Ellen!
      Your welcome no problem.
      Yes absolutely having issues with your weight can
      be debilitating.
      That’s why I created this blog to help people feel
      comfortable in their own skin.

      Ellen I’m happy that my website gave you the support
      that you need.

      Your very welcome,

  2. Losing weight is always challenge because it’s not only a matter of eating correctly and exercising but the mental and emotional challenges that cause people to eat. Thanks for sharing these inspirational pictures.

    1. Yes indeed! Losing weight and keeping the weight off is a challenge. I agree it isn’t only about exercising and dieting.
      You also have to deal with what caused the weight gain in the first place. That’s where the mental and emotional part of weight gain comes in.
      What I would suggest is exercise your body as well as your mind. Exercise every part of you.

      Your welcome Rawl. I’m glad the pictures have inspire you.
      If they can do it there is no reason you can’t do it as well.

      Stay strong and positive!


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