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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 20

Sometimes it really is just a number and you’re making it much more then it has to be, love yourself.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good day World Fitters!

How are you all doing, how is your day going thus far? My day is going fairly well I can’t complain. So far have been keeping up with my work and doing pretty well. That’s saying a lot as I usually don’t keep up I usually procrastinate and the rest is history. Speaking of keeping up, I have been keeping up with weighing myself. Yes at times I miss one or two weeks but that is all. I have been maintaining my weight loss and yes I’m very proud of myself. Before I didn’t weigh myself I was going by how well my clothes fit and how good I was feeling.

I truly believe that there is an underlying fear with-in each of us to see that number on the scale. Sometimes it really is just a number and you’re making it much more then it has to be, love yourself. World Fitters it is just a number it doesn’t say how great of a person you are and how much you’re adored by many. I remember going to the doctor for the first time after many years and weighing myself. I could not believe the number that was given to me. It read 173 I was shocked from being 130 for most of my life. Now the number reads 146 today and to br honest it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I love myself and I know I’m worth much more then a number. Nonetheless it is good practice ot weigh yourself weekly at the same time and day to help you keep track of your health. Then have a laugh after and dpon’t take it too seriously. 🙂


2017 My Body Self Discovery

Hola (Hi) World Fitters!

Today I’m feeling really good and optimistic, why is that you mate ask? Well it’s because I’ve noticed my hard work paying off. For instance yesterday after my daily walk I took a picture to remember the lovely day. I  was surprise to see the difference in my appearance in the picture. I have lost a good amount of my weight, I’m very proud of myself.

I myself am never too focus on people’s bodies and how much fat their bodies most likely contain. However others seem extremely concern on how much fat my body contains. Why is that we like to put others down rather then pick up their confidence? Since I’ve lost a bit  of weight no one is going out of their way to congratulate me on my weight lost. When I put on weight a lot of people when in and over out of their way to tell me I’ve put on weight.

My World Fitters I just wanted to tell you always love and believe in yourself. You know after talking to my freind I realize he has no idea what he is talking about. After years of listening to these negative comments about my weight gain I’ve realizes none of these people knew what they were talking about.

It took many years for me to truly madly deeply love myself. I’ve shed many tears, and let the tears seep through my business. I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart don’t let anyones opinion affect how you view yourself always love yourself! I want to wish you a frantastic week ahead, bye.

Flowers by KmyGraphic

Winter Weight Gain No More!

Central park

Hola world fitters! I just left my apartment to be surprised by the cooler weather. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it is fall. Goodbye summer dresses, short crop shorts, and last but not least goodbye beautiful hot weather. The cooler weather that fall brings is welcome by many people. Fall is okay with me. The only issue I have is that. When fall comes it will be soon be followed by winter. Nothing depresses me more then winter. Which coming from a New Yorker doesn’t really make any sense.

fall blog 4

Fall blog

New York as you know gets pretty cold winters. Don’t get me wrong there are certain perks of the winter season. For instance snow looks pretty nice falling from the skies and pre tramping escapades. There is something therapeutic about being with your family around the fire place. While drinking some hot chocolate and exchanging funny memories. Yup that would be a beautiful post card to send to your family members. During the holiday seasons. However there are some unwanted side effects of winter. Such as weight gaining.

fall blog 2 fall blog 3

Many of us (myself included) uses the holidays as a good excuse to gain weight. For example, ” I just couldn’t resist the tasty turkey.” or “These sprinkle holiday cookies are calling my name.” Okay I get it. You want to enjoy your food for the holidays. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not good to restrict yourself too much. Because eventually you will give in to temptation. The key is to do everything in moderation. If you find yourself over eating. Do some exercise to help balance everything out. For instance after a big thanksgiving meal go on a nice walk around your neighborhood. Checkout which house have their houses decorated with Christmas lights early. During December I love walking around my neighborhood. To see which house is decorated the most. Some houses were so beautiful. I would ooohhh and aaahhh to my hearts content. Looking at Christmas lights makes me feel festive and ready for Christmas.

fall blog 3 fall blog 4

fall blog 5


You must be thinking Francesca we are only in October. Why are we talking about Christmas already? You should be talking about best fall foliage in New York, or different leaf shapes identification. You are absolutely correct world fitters. I’m sorry for getting ahead of myself. I just want you guys to be prepared for the winter. I know how difficult it is to keep your weight down for the winter season. Many of us put back on the weight we loss in the summer. Below I have included different ways to avoid gaining weight this winter.

fall blog 5

fall blog 6

5 Franchie-Licious Winter Beauty Tips:

1. Exercise- My first tip is continue to exercise on a regular basis. I know it is easy to turn on the TV, and watch an exercise show instead. Unfortunately watching an exercise flick wont help you lose weight. If it did I would be really in shape by the summer laugh-out-loud. Who knows maybe with technology we will be able to lose weight with the TV. Until then you must exercise to get the body that you want.

2. Never party on an empty stomach- Make sure you go to the party with food already in your stomach. So that you wont over eat unhealthy food. Foods like water and salad are good to have before you go to the party. That way your eat less and preserve your body.

3. Sober up to your weight loss- Try to limit the amount of alcohol that you intake. While alcohol may make you feel good. It also causes you to put on extra weight as well. Which you wont particularly feel good about. I know you want to get loose. You will get loose after you avoid a couple glass of wine. You will be one step closer to the body that you want.

4. Practice for your perfect body- “Practice makes perfect.” I don’t expect you to be perfect. You will slip up now and again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Temptation will win sometimes. The key is to make up for your bad habits. For example, putting in extra hours at the gym for one week. Similarly you can eat clean for a week or two. Don’t just say you fail and go back to your bad habits. Once you stop it’s harder to go back. Don’t quit! Keep going! I’m rooting for you world fitters.

5. Fun times are here- It’s a party! Have fun! Sometimes we go to the party and don’t see anyone we are particularly friends with. So we head to our old friend the food table. Who is on the side waving you over. That’s why food addiction is such a problem. It is always there to comfort you when you need it. Tonight is time to party! No comfort food! Go ahead and meet new people and have fun! Maybe you will meet a new friend that can comfort you.

World fitters I hope my blog is a good source of comfort for you. I want to be here at your time of need. If you have no friends that is not the case anymore. At loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com you are part of a community. We all are friends here. If you ever need to talk you can email me directly. My email is on my privacy policy page. I will reply promptly. Thank you to everyone that have been supporting my blog. I hope you continue to visit and watch this web-site grow. Thank you everyone for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

Quick Poll:
What is your favorite thing about winter?
a) I love the snow.
b) I like the fact crime is lower in winter.
c) Nothing I hate it.
d) Winter is too cold.
e) I love the holiday season.
f) Cuddling with my girlfriend or boyfriend.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello world fitters! Do you like the little nick name I’ve given you? I hope you do. Well world fitters as you know it is getting chillier and chillier. It’s almost time for me to hibernate. Thus beginning the true test if the weight will stay off. I had made a promise to myself to keep the weight off. I definitely don’t want to go into next summer with extra pounds of fat. To be frank I’m a bit nervous that I will put on more weight. As last summer I lost quite a bit of weight. During the winter time I’ve put back on the weight. Needless to say I was very disappointed with myself. I’ve worked really hard with a friend to lose the weight but only to put it back on.

I’m sure you as well have experienced the same thing. Losing the weight is not the hard part. The hard part is keeping the weight off. Many of us get into the dress for the event that we wanted. When the event have finished. We go back to our old habits and put back on the weight. That’s why I don’t diet. In my opinion diets work only for a short term. If you want long term results. Then you have to change your life style.

In an other article I will talk about different life style changes. You can make to achieve the body you desire. World fitters my Family. I truly hope my blog posts are expiring to you. I hope that you are losing weight and are closer to your goal weight. Additionally if you don’t want to lose weight I hope my blog helps you to love the body your in. Alrighty I’m signing off. If you have a suggestion on a post you want me to write about. Please leave me an email. My email is. If I choose your post I will give you the credit in my next post. Have a good weekend all! Thank you for visiting!



Body Shaming, As If

Hello world fitters. How are you? I’m fine of course! Trying to be positive! As you guys know this web-site is all about loving yourself as you are. Like Michael Jackson says “it doesn’t matter if you fat or skinny.” Okay maybe Michael Jackson didn’t say exactly that. But I think you get the point? Right? It is my opinion that the world is obsessed with the perfect body.

shaming web 7

What is the perfect body? Well according to the media. The perfect body is about 125 pounds, size 38C breast, 22 inch waist, and a big back side. “Baby’s got back” an excited Sir Mix-a-lot song. So basically Nicki Minaj has the perfect body! Where does that leave the rest of us normal woman? I’ll tell you. That leaves us on an operating table getting ready to go under the knife. So that we too can have the perfect body. I think loving our body is so overrated! Nobody likes how they look. We all think there is something that needs fixing in our body. For example, “cosmetic surgery is booming worldwide as people flock to have millions of operations including breast augmentation, liposuction, and Botox.” It’s this obsession with perfection that makes Donna Simpson so unique.

shaming web 6

Donna Simpson was born on 1967 in Mogadore Ohio. Donna Simpson parents had 4 children of which she was the youngest. Throughout her youth she struggles with her weight. For instance by the time Donna Simpson was 9 years of age she weight approximately 184 pounds. However in her teen years Donna Simpson loss a lot of weight. she was approximately 154 pounds. Consequently it is also during that time that she decided she doesn’t want to be skinny. “Donna Simpson wants to be the worlds fattest women.” Say what? Maybe I heard wrong! That’s right Donna Simpson wants to be even bigger then she already is. She sees being curvy as sexy. That’s when Donna Simpson decided it would be a good idea to launch her website.

shaming web 5

In 2007 Donna Simpson rose to fame by creating a web-site. On her web-site she shares with her fans her eating habits, her waist line, and photos of her lovely body. Many man would agree with Donna Simpson to a point. A lot of man see a big women that is not too big can be sexy. Apparently while some man don’t like their women too big. Other man like their women supper sized. These man are referred to as feeders. It is these feeders that frequented Donnas web-site. For instance it is reported that by 2008 of the month of October Donna Simpson had 260 subscribers. Later in her show biz career Donna Simpson had a book deal and a reality TV in the works. In the end though after her lover Phillippe Gouamba left her. Donna Simpson decided to regain control of her life by dieting. So that she can be a better mother to her two children. Donna Simpson big size was impacting her life too much. She realize she was too big and made a change. But how big is too big? When is “fat shamming” wrong?

shaming web 2

 The answer is there is no universal measurement that lets you know your too big. Everyone have an opinion on what fat is? Your too big is an opinion that have many different sizes. Coincidentally women comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, I think myself as a curvy women. Here are my measurements 38C breast, 31 inch waist, and a medium size butt. That’s right world fitters. I feel comfortable enough to share with you my measurements. I feel like you are my online family. Similarly my friends and family also are familiar with my shape. When I venture more towards the fat side they let me know. But how big is too big? In my opinion only you can truly tell if your too big. So that you can make the decision to live a healthy and happy life. Always remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Which simply means everyone have their preference when it comes to beauty. Just because a woman’s body is not your preference. That doesn’t mean you should “fat shame” her.

shaming web 3

What is “fat shamming?” “Fat shamming” is the putting down of a person because of the bigness of their body. Therefore making them feel ashamed of their body. We should all love and take care of our body. We only have one body. If a person truly needs to lose weight because their health is in danger. “Body shamming” them is not the way to go. Most of us are already insecure about our body. We don’t need someone helping us hate our body. There is one women that doesn’t agree “body shamming” is wrong. As a matter of fact she made a video describing how she felt about fat people. The women I’m referring to is Nicole Arbour.

shaming web 4

Nicole Arbour ” is a Canadian comedian, recording artist, actress, writer, choreographer, dancer and producer from Hamilton, Ontario.” Everyone is aware of Nicole’s Arbour “fat shaming” video. It had made regular civilians as well as celebrities pretty upset. Truthfully I don’t care much for her video. It wasn’t funny or entertaining. If it was I would of said so. However I do think Nicole Arbour have a right to her opinion and a right to create her video. Just don’t take it to heart what she said. Nobody knows you and your struggles. Overeating is an addiction as well as other drugs and can turn deadly. Don’t let people put you down. Remember this blog “Body Shaming” “As If”. The bottom line is fat shamming can have devastating results. Take my story for instance.

shaming web 8

When I put on the weight. After being skinny for most of my life. Needless to say I was told a lot of negative things about my new body. For instance a lot of people told me about how much better I looked when I was skinny. All that negative comment made my already low self esteem plummet. I no longer felt attractive. I felt that everybody thought I was ugly. At some point I was becoming suicidal. But thank god I work through my pain. I created this site to let everyone know it’s okay to not have the perfect body. You are perfect in your imperfection. I hope my web-site is helping you. Giving you the strength to get the body you feel comfortable in. Please share with me your “fat shamming” stories below. So that you can get the support you need and deserve.

14 - 1

Quick Poll:

What do you think about the Nicole Arbour “fat shaming” video?

a) I hate it.

b) I love it.

c) I think it is hilarious.

d) I really don’t care.

e) Nicole Arbour is hot.

f) No comment.

g) All the above

My Answer:

My answer is d.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello world fitters. So it is currently September. Back to school is in full swing. It’s time to breath a sign of relief. No more kids just laying around. Now some me time! Go ahead and plan that early morning walk. That mid afternoon brunch with your friends sounds promising. While planning all these fun activities. Don’t forget to fit some exercise in your daily schedule. Fall is on its way. Follow by winter. We know winter is when most of us have problems keeping our healthy life styles. The holidays comes with more then presents. Unfortunately these special presents are not quite easily returned. That’s why it is important we continue our healthy life styles through out the winter. Don’t worry loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com will be with you every step of the way. As for me I’m fine. I’ve reached my goal weight for September. I’ve decided no more setting a particular goal weight. I’m just going to remain consistent. That’s right world fitters be consistent in everything you do. If you do it long enough you shall succeed. Have a beautiful weekend all. Bye! Bye!





My 600+ Pound Article! What?!

pic web

Hello world fitters! In the past week I’ve been viewing a show call “My 600 Pound Life” on TLC. In case you’ve never seen the show. It is about people who are trying to get control over their food addictions. The show mostly consists of women detailing their weight gaining problems. Most of them have had hard life’s and use food as a comfort. For instance if they are having a hard day they turn to food. For me personally it’s the opposite. If I’m stress I don’t eat. I don’t eat my feelings sort of speak. But I can understand being stress and eating. Life is hard! That’s a fact most of us know and understand. The problem is most of us don’t have someone we could come to for support. A lot of people don’t have the money to pay for a Therapist. So a Therapist is out of the question. But what most of us have is a refrigerator full of food. If we run out of food. The refrigerator is easily filled up again.

That is a deadly cycle most food addicts go through. They eat and eat but afterwards they feel guilty about the weight gain. Most of the casts of “My 600 Pound Life” are riddled with guilt and regrets. They themselves can’t believe they have let their addiction go that far. To give you a little back ground about the show.  As I mentioned before “My 600 Pound Life” is a show prod-cast on TLC. It features Penny, Melissa, Zsalynn, Chuck, James, Dominigue, and more. The show follows them on their battle to regain their life back. Often Dr Nowzaradan is seen helping them lose enough weigh so that they can get the Gastric Bypass Surgery. So that they can lose the weight. As with other addictions there are a lot of ups and downs. That is to be expected as addictions are hard to overcome and a food addiction is no different.

When I think about Marla McCants. I think of how deep her food addiction was. She was 43 years old and weighed 800 pounds. Marla developed the addiction after being kidnaped by her ex boyfriend. Afterwards she was too scared to leave her house. Marla stayed inside her home and kept eating and gaining weight. Afterwards the cops caught her estrange ex-boyfriend. But it was already too late. Marla had gain a substantial amount of weight. Marla weighted in at 700 pounds. Her body has already gotten damaged and she saw no reasons to curb her appetite. This feeling of defeatedness is common in victims of domestic abuse. Often when I watched TV where the women is being abused by her significant other. I see women who are like Marla. Women when put under pressure react by eating their feelings sort of speak. When other women watch TV do they think this reaction is okay? Many people watch TV for many different reasons!

Many people watch TV to get an idea of what they should be like? For example, we see people partying with friends and having fun and think that is how life should be. Likewise we see a size 2-6 on TV and think that is how our body should look. Every day most of us open the TV to various images of expectations. Without a stable and strong perspective on life and self. Everybody’s opinion will drive you insane. If you want to lose weight because of someone’s opinion then you shouldn’t. However if you want to improve your body for yourself. Then you should take the necessary steps to improve your body and life.

pic web 2

Bellow I have inserted a “Quick Poll” and “My Weekly Shapely” to help you get your life back on track.

Quick Poll:

What do you do daily to maintain your health?

a) Drink plenty of water.

b) Exercise daily.

c) Eat fruits and vegetables.

d) Have a good night sleep.

e) Smile and laugh more.

f) None of the above.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello all! This week I exercise almost everyday. The only day I did not exercise was Tuesday. Lets see if next week If I can do everyday. I even got my boyfriend to come to the park with me. It is always good to have an exercise partner. An exercise partner can help you keep motivated. Plus it makes the exercise session more fun if you are with your best friend. I also recommend playing some music while you exercise. That also helps with the work out.

site pic 1a

Loving Me! All Of Me!

Loving Me. All Of Me.

In a world where plastic surgery is on the rise.

Where all you see is sizes four and six in the magazines.

I challenge you to be a size twelve.

To not be the norm.

To not bleach your skin.

To throw away your weaves. And put away all your make up.

I challenge you to love yourself.

When I look in the mirror the face I’m staring at I love.

 I see strength.
 I see passion.
 I see heart ache.
 I see pain.
 I see a beautiful women who wont stop until she is all she can be.
 So look in the mirror and look at your true self.
See all the imperfections that is you.
 The big imperfection mess that you are.
 Enjoy your curves.
 Touch your body.
 Kiss your body.
You is all you have in this world.
 If you don’t love yourself no one will.
 So forget about going under the knife.
 Letting them create their idea of perfection.
We are all perfection in gods eye.
He created us just perfectly.
So look in the mirror.
Move forward pucker up.
Kiss your self.
Touch yourself.
Love yourself.
Make love to yourself.
Because tomorrow you may never get the chance.
Authors note: This is a poem for my blog. To read more of my blog please visit.