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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 48

Sometimes the bills comes calling it doesn’t mean your sanity and well being have to take a back seat in the car of life.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hiya World Fitters!

So it’s a new month at the beginning of a new chapter in your life. For me, a new month means paying my bills so I can go on creating my perfectly imperfect life. I miss the days when I had no bills to pay. All my money was truly my money. Nowadays it’s not so, you’re basically working to pay off debt and mountains of bills. It’s this realization that changes our perception and makes us feel we don’t have to have our dream jobs we just need to pay our bills.

Sometimes the bills comes calling it doesn’t mean your sanity and well being have to take a back seat in the car of life. Bills like taxes are a reality of life. They need to be paid and handled with care. Nonetheless don’t forget yourself in all of this. Always try to take sometime for yourself to have some enjoyment. For instance, after I went to the bank within the mall I stop by Starbucks to get a hot chocolate that I paid for with a gift card from one of my online jobs. It was nice to drink one of my fav drinks. I allowed myself a reward for all the hard work I have been doing. We each need to reward ourselves World Fitters from time to time. It doesn’t need to be expensive and extravagant just have to make you feel special and good that you got your reward. World Fitters you reward me each time you pay me a visit to listen to my Franchy thoughts. Sometimes you just need someone to really listen to you. Thank you for joining me here this beautiful morning in New York. I want to wish you all a frantastic day or night in the world.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 44

Sometimes looking about getting things right can be a beautiful and wonderful way of creating the perfectly imperfect life for yourself.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hiya World Fitters!

Good morning, hows it going? For me it’s going pretty good I really can’t complain life is good, life is great. I’m trying to worry less and laugh a lot more. No life isn’t perfect but that is what makes life worth living. It’s life challenges that help us grow to a better stronger person. World Fitters that is exactly what I’m doing. I’m here in the now thinking exactly where I’m at? Looking around doting my Is crossing my Ts making everything alright in my Franchy life.

Sometimes looking about getting things right can be a beautiful and wonderful way of creating the perfectly imperfect life for yourself. The life I want for myself is just that I want to be happy. Nothing too extravagant such as winning the lottery or anything like that. Sometimes all you have to do is put in order the things God have already blessed you with. Todays advertisements are design to make you want to purchase more and more things which aren’t necessary for a happier more fulfilling life. Today I’m opening my eyes to all that I already have and putting everything in order so that my life can be in order. How is life right now World Fitters? We are already almost into the second month of the new year. I hope everything is going well for you thus far and continue to remain as such. I love you all and want nothing but happiness for you all. Stay blessed and have a wonderful day!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 43

Sometimes worrying about anything other then your happiness is simply not worth the effort, love you.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Day World Fitters

Today I woke up and straight away I worried that I woke up too late and won’t have enough time to get any of my work done. I should’ve been well rested and ready for my frantasticly beautiful day World Fitters. Nonetheless, I started my day by stressing myself out. Worrying should never be the answer to solving any of your problems. Worrying just create more problems that you will have to resolve in the long run. I know I have to change I don’t want to live my life worrying so much.

Sometimes worrying about anything other then your happiness is simply not worth the effort, love you. I love myself World Fitters. I know it is not good to worry so much as I can get many health issues as a result of my worrying. I worry like it is the answer to all my problems and anything that ills me. Of course, worrying is not the answer at all. It’s much better we state whatever the problem is and then figure out how to resolve the issue. Next time I’m getting stress I will ask myself two questions. What is the problem? How can I resolve it and be back to my happy? World Fitters next time it is all getting too much for you ask yourself both of these questions after you answer them you should feel much better. World Fitters don’t worry be happy. Have a lovely day or night in the world Lovelies. 🙂


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 33

Sometimes just being told not to worry is just not enough for the haunted part of your soul constantly lies awake waiting.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Buenos Dias World Fitters

Today during meditation we were thought not to worry too much. Actually, it’s better not to worry at all. The word of the day was Hakuna Matata which means no worries. If I got a penny for every time I worried I would be a billionaire World Fitters. I worry and then I worry some more and I continue to worry. I worry so much that at times mediating is difficult as I’m not able to calm my mind so easily. The problem with worrying too much is that it resolves nothing and gives you more problems.

Sometimes just being told not to worry is just not enough for the haunted part of your soul constantly lies awake waiting. World Fitters I’m not a professional life coach in any sense of the word. Nor am I dietician that can create a plan that fits your schedule. No, I’m just like you trying to create my perfectly imperfect body. Yes, I’ve made plenty of mistakes I’m not perfect nor do I want to be. I worry at times where my life is heading as I’m 36 unmarried with no children I feel something desperately missing. We all worry from time to time just try your best to manage it making it less and less. Take care of your lovely mental health World Fitters. I love you all have a blessed day or night in the world.


Franchy says dont worry be happy

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 16

Sometimes day one could be your last, make it count, live like tomorrow isn’t promise.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Morning World Fitters!

Today is the start of a new year full of promises. I started my year ofwell by getting at least six hours of sleep I plan to do that from now on. Sleeping well is necessary to your helalth and well beiging, it is also good to help you keep these extra pounds off. Additionally I find when I don’t get enough sleep I’m not i the best mood I could possibly be in, World Fitters sleep well. This is just day one we have 364 days left.

Sometimes day one could be your last, make it count, live like tomorrow isn’t promise. No tomorrow is never promised keep that in mind each morning you are able to wake up. Be thankful because so many others didn’t get to wake up this morning. I didn’t always feel that way. As a matter, of fact, there were some days I didn’t want to wake up. Life is never easy, nor is it everlasting. Make sure you do your very best each day. Live the life that you want because you are worth it. I love you World Fitters have a blessed day!


Franchys 2019 Happy New Year

Hello World Fitters!

It is official 2018 is coming to an end. I want to wish you all a happy new Franchy year. Thank you for joining me on my self-love journey. This blog began in 2015 back then I was just frustrated and tired of being told that thin is better and how I need to lose weight. Now I’m on my second year of my weight loss journey and I love it, for once I’m in love with the women I have become.

I truly hope my blog has had a positive impact on your life. Know that you are love and are perfectly imperfect which is great. We are not all beautiful and thin if God wanted that then he would have made it so. The world is colorful with people of different color with different shapes and sizes that’s beautiful. That’s what makes life interesting we all contribute to the world somehow and we all matter.

World Fitters you matter and are always the reason. I really appreciate that you are still here supporting the dream. I created this blog for all body types a place we can all escape judgment and negativity. In the coming years expect more content dedicated to you all. I love sharing every part of me with you all. I look forward to you sharing yourself with me when you feel comfortable enough. I hope you see loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com as a safe haven “come as you are.” Have a great New Year may 2019 bring nothing but happiness into your life. I love you all World Fitters!


Franchy recommends with love always:

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 12

Sometimes you have to take it easy and just let live.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning my World Fitters!

How is your day going thus far, did you sleep well? My day is going good so far. Started my day right by doing my early morning stretch and mediation. How you start your day is often a good indication on how the rest of your day is going to go. Always begin your day on a positive mindset. Your mental health is just as important if not more important then your physical health. ” You become what you think about.”

Sometime you have to take it easy and just let live. Today I woke up with a bloated belly, ladies you know what time of the month it is. Needless to say no work today as my body is not able to perform at its optimum level. So today I will be taking it easy and doing my other online jobs. That is the beauty of working from home, you don’t need to call out and say that you wont be able to make it to work. Nonetheless, it is a slap on the face as I already took some time off from work for my other illness. I will have to do some magic and pay the bills next month. Have a blessed day World Fitters.


Thirteen Pounds Of Weight Loss Freedom

Good day World Fitters!

I’m happy to let you guys know I’ve lost 13 pounds so far during my weight loss journey. I know, I know 13 pounds doesn’t seem like much it certainly doesn’t seem like something that I need to celebrate. Wrong, you should celebrate any pounds lost because losing weight is not easy.

Loving me, that’s the way to be.

It certainly wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my favorite foods or getting my butt up and exercising when I didn’t really want to. You know sometimes you want to relax and grab your favorite food and enjoy life. That was my intentions when I first decided to stop starving myself. I didn’t intend on putting on as much weight as I did. In my highest recorded weight I was 173 pounds at 5’5 when I was thin I was approximately 5’3 130 pounds that is a total of 43 pounds of weight gain.

Wow World Fitters I can’t believe I just told all of you my weight. For many months my weight gain have been a source of great shame and regret. Many people kept openly telling me about their disappointment in my weight gain. Now my weight gain is a source of great strength and perseverance. I had to persevere despite all the negative opinions I was getting. It is my body my business plain and simple, I don’t care about what others think anymore.

World Fitters don’t care about what others think either. Truth be told when it comes to people opening their wallet to help you no one will volunteer their money. All they want to do is explode your head with all their opinions. World Fitters it took me a long time to trully love and appreciate all of my flaws. If you are not there yet don’t worry you will get there. I hope that each blog that I post bring you closer to loving your perfectly imperfect body. I love you all, thank you for joining me here I will see you all next time.

Stay Bless,


Easy Weight Loss Secrets!



                                                                  Weight loss made easy
Bonjour (Good Morning) world fitters! I’m certainly in a fabulous mood. I hope you are as well. Hows life? My life is good! As I mention in my last blog! My birthday is next Saturday. That right October 31, (hollow-en). I cant wait! I will be 33 years old. SSSSSHHHHH Don’t tell anyone world fitters its our little secret!

I dance to my own beat

I trust that you can keep my little age secret! I know there is a saying that a gentleman never ask’s a woman her age (after 30). If you’ve been reading my blogs and visiting my other profiles. Then you know I dance to my own beat. I’m not normal. Nor do I pretend I’m normal. That’s right I embrace my weirdness. With that said I don’t mind you knowing my age. After all we are a family! Besides I’m proud of my age. It shows I’ve been on this earth longer then some people. There are some people who never made it to their 30’s. There are even some people who never made it to their 16th birthday. So yes I will be ecstatic that I made it to 33. Happy birthday to me!

My Sweet Birthday

In honor of my birthday. I will film a special message to you world fitters. So stay tune for that. This week will be an easy week for me. Even though I have a lot of work to do. For my online job as well as my security job. Subsequently I will take a day off to celebrate my birthday. Don’t worry! I will have your weekly post ready by Friday. So yeah easy week coming up!

I don’t know about you. I like making things easy and simple. Life is complicated enough. Why complicate your life further? I try to make my articles as simple as possible. So that everyone can follow a long. This blog wont be any different. I have five simple ways to incorporate into your life. To help you lose the weight. Many people feel that in order to lose weight you have to work very hard. Yes that is true. In order to lose the weight you will have to work hard. However you can also lose weight by making some small changes. For example, giving up soda. That’s what I did. I lower a substantial amount of soda out of my diet. It has work wonders for me.

Another technique that has worked wonders for me is taking baby steps. Taking baby steps is the key to keeping off the weight. Many people gravitate towards grueling hours at the gym. Starving themselves for long periods of time. My advice to you world fitters is take it easy!

Below are 5 easy weight loss steps:

  1. Soda back up
    As I mentioned before cutting back on soda alone. Can have a profound effect on the shape of your body. You can lose a good amount of weight cutting back on soda. When I first started my journey. That was the first and only thing I cut back on. I know soda can cause a lot of weight gain. So reduce your soda intake and reduce your dress size.
  2. Water down to your perfect fitness
    One good way to keep the pounds off is by drinking a glass of water. While hydrating you. Water also helps you feel full faster and therefore prevent over eating. Water is a good way to maintain your perfect body. Lets drink to that!
  3. Chewing perfection
    I know growing up with fear of the biggest embarrassment of my life. Haven’t always been easy! However it’s something everyone deals with. That’s right I’m talking about bad breath! Having bad breath can ultimately end your life! At least that’s how a teenager may feel. If you can remember your childhood. You know how frail your social celebrity (popularity) can be. Popular one day a nobody the next day. A lot of us would do anything to maintain our status. Chewing gum to maintain social celebrity is a no brainier. Chewing gum keeps you ready for the perfect close up. Apparently chewing gum also gets you ready for your tiny bikini. “What?” Yup you head correctly. Chewing gum can help you to lose some pounds. So chew your way to your perfect body.
  4. Clean the dish/clear your weight to perfection
    Many of us hate washing the dishes. Buying a dish washer seems like a good investment. But is it? I was doing some online work. When I read that washing dishes can help you to lose some weight. Naturally I was very skeptical! I thought it was a trick to get us to wash our dishes. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try. After all I have to wash dishes anyway. I just have a naughty little thought in the back of my mind. That I mate be shedding some pounds. Having that little naughty thought in the back of my head. Helps to motivate me to continue washing the dishes.
  5. Fidgety Weight Loss
    Remember when your mom use to say ( maybe they still do) “stay still?” While you excited wait for your birthday party. As thoughts of opening your present run through your mind. Well maybe your parents was wrong. “What?” You say my parents are never wrong! Just hear me out for a second. Moving and not staying still is good for your waist and other parts of your body. Keeping your body moving also keeps the scale moving. Where the scale stops depends on you.

How your body looks depends on you! Try these five steps they should help with your weight loss. In addition to trying my easy weight loss secrets. You can also buy clothes that makes you look slimmer. To accentuate your natural curves and body shape. For instance black clothing is known to make you look slimmer naturally. When it comes to weight loss don’t stress yourself out. Give yourself a brake! Often we are the hardest on ourselves! Take it easy! I’ll talk to you later world fitters! Right now I’ll be getting ready to celebrate my birthday! Remember every Friday I’ll have a new post to share with you guys. Alrighty world fitters! I bid you fare well. Bye! Bye!

Quick Poll:
Did you find my suggestions easy to follow along?
a) Yes.
b) A little.
c) No I don’t.
d) I don’t like easy.
e) It was perfect.
f) Just my style.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello again world fitters! It’s me Franchy! I’m currently at work writing this post for you. Reminiscing on the past week. As you guys know my birthday just past. I had a fabulous birthday. Although I haven’t celebrated my birthday yet. I will celebrate it sometime this week. I cant wait!

As for my weight. I’m happy to say I’ve been keeping up with my exercise. Even though I haven’t been walking in the park. However the only aspect I haven’t been keeping up with is my fiber intake. It’s necessary I get the proper amount of fiber. To help my stomach stay small. In the past years my stomach been big and small. For instance one day I would look at the mirror and see my wonderfully small waist. Then a couple hours later my stomach would be big again. Have anyone also experienced that? When that happens I get quite frustrated. So I’m working on regulating my fiber intake.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. World fitters you should also regulate your fiber intake. It may also help you to lose weight! I hope you find this blog helpful! Weight loss should be easy. Not such a struggle. However if you are struggling. Comment below and let the community help you! If you wish to contact me directly my email is. I will definitely reply. I’m here for you world fitters. If you need me you know what to do! Have a good week! Bye! Bye!

My 600+ Pound Article! What?!

pic web

Hello world fitters! In the past week I’ve been viewing a show call “My 600 Pound Life” on TLC. In case you’ve never seen the show. It is about people who are trying to get control over their food addictions. The show mostly consists of women detailing their weight gaining problems. Most of them have had hard life’s and use food as a comfort. For instance if they are having a hard day they turn to food. For me personally it’s the opposite. If I’m stress I don’t eat. I don’t eat my feelings sort of speak. But I can understand being stress and eating. Life is hard! That’s a fact most of us know and understand. The problem is most of us don’t have someone we could come to for support. A lot of people don’t have the money to pay for a Therapist. So a Therapist is out of the question. But what most of us have is a refrigerator full of food. If we run out of food. The refrigerator is easily filled up again.

That is a deadly cycle most food addicts go through. They eat and eat but afterwards they feel guilty about the weight gain. Most of the casts of “My 600 Pound Life” are riddled with guilt and regrets. They themselves can’t believe they have let their addiction go that far. To give you a little back ground about the show.  As I mentioned before “My 600 Pound Life” is a show prod-cast on TLC. It features Penny, Melissa, Zsalynn, Chuck, James, Dominigue, and more. The show follows them on their battle to regain their life back. Often Dr Nowzaradan is seen helping them lose enough weigh so that they can get the Gastric Bypass Surgery. So that they can lose the weight. As with other addictions there are a lot of ups and downs. That is to be expected as addictions are hard to overcome and a food addiction is no different.

When I think about Marla McCants. I think of how deep her food addiction was. She was 43 years old and weighed 800 pounds. Marla developed the addiction after being kidnaped by her ex boyfriend. Afterwards she was too scared to leave her house. Marla stayed inside her home and kept eating and gaining weight. Afterwards the cops caught her estrange ex-boyfriend. But it was already too late. Marla had gain a substantial amount of weight. Marla weighted in at 700 pounds. Her body has already gotten damaged and she saw no reasons to curb her appetite. This feeling of defeatedness is common in victims of domestic abuse. Often when I watched TV where the women is being abused by her significant other. I see women who are like Marla. Women when put under pressure react by eating their feelings sort of speak. When other women watch TV do they think this reaction is okay? Many people watch TV for many different reasons!

Many people watch TV to get an idea of what they should be like? For example, we see people partying with friends and having fun and think that is how life should be. Likewise we see a size 2-6 on TV and think that is how our body should look. Every day most of us open the TV to various images of expectations. Without a stable and strong perspective on life and self. Everybody’s opinion will drive you insane. If you want to lose weight because of someone’s opinion then you shouldn’t. However if you want to improve your body for yourself. Then you should take the necessary steps to improve your body and life.

pic web 2

Bellow I have inserted a “Quick Poll” and “My Weekly Shapely” to help you get your life back on track.

Quick Poll:

What do you do daily to maintain your health?

a) Drink plenty of water.

b) Exercise daily.

c) Eat fruits and vegetables.

d) Have a good night sleep.

e) Smile and laugh more.

f) None of the above.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello all! This week I exercise almost everyday. The only day I did not exercise was Tuesday. Lets see if next week If I can do everyday. I even got my boyfriend to come to the park with me. It is always good to have an exercise partner. An exercise partner can help you keep motivated. Plus it makes the exercise session more fun if you are with your best friend. I also recommend playing some music while you exercise. That also helps with the work out.

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