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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 74

Sometimes you got to make up your mind and decide what you truly want and then make the decision to make it happen with all your might.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters

Today is the last day of February spring is on it’s way. I want 2019 to be a good year overall for me. I don’t just want sucess with my business mostly what I want is happiness and peace. I no longer want a day to go by without at least smiling just once. Life is not easy I can imagine your initial doubt of being able to smile each and everyday. I believe each morning you are able to smile you should do so because a smile is not a good thing to waste.

Sometimes you got to make up your mind and decide what you truly want and then make the decision to make it happen with all your might. World Fitters we all want so many things. All throughout the internet, we are bombarded with many ads. Our needs seemingly can never be met as we always want something else. However, if there is something we truly want I believe we will stop at nothing to get what we want. As it should be, this life of ours is too short not to get what our heart truly desires. With that said I truly am going to make the change that I need to save my life. World Fitters how is life right now? I hope life is good for you all. Wishing you many more blessings as you continue to go through life many hurdles. Enjoy this beautiful day of yours!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 63

Sometimes there never seems to be enough hours in a day, time just flies and flies through the deepest corners of our reality leaving us breathless.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola World Fitters

Hows it going this beautiful morning or night where you are. For me, it’s going okay. Just a bit anxious about all the work I must complete. wondering if I can finish it all. World Fitters I know I really need to believe in me more after all if I don’t who will? Nonetheless, like everything else, everything is easier said than done. Perhaps I just need some more time to change my perfectly imperfect perceptions. As we all know changes are never easy.

Sometimes there never seems to be enough hours in a day, time just flies and flies through the deepest corners of our reality leaving us breathless. World Fitters no matter how early I start my day there never seems to be enough time. Often I find myself gazing at my work only to look up again and realize that so much time has already passed. Each day we each are given 24 hours to make the most use of my times on this beautiful planet of ours. Though we each don’t have exactly 24 hours we try our best to make the best use of our time. For example, I currently have 4 jobs through all of my jobs are at home it can at times be very challenging. With no boss here to gently remind me to get back to work, I often want to take longer breaks. Hey, I’m not perfect World Fitters I’m working on me. Nevertheless, it is not up to us to control time but rather dance and twirl with it directly in a way it can work for us. I know I need to stop wasting precious time and learn to create time so that my business will grow. Speaking of time it’s time for Franchy to go, see ya all tomorrow, have a blessed day.


Have a dance with time and create the life you truly want.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 57

Sometimes to start a new doesn’t mean starting all over, just be the best you ther is no do over.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters

Today I started my moring with a bit of worrying. First of I was waiting for kelly to call subconsciously. Additionally I know off hand its going to be a long day as I took off yesterday. Today is a new day to jumstart my business. Today is the start of the end of being to lazy and going for my dreams.

Sometimes to start a new doesn’t mean starting all over, just be the best you there is no do-over. So today I started my day as usual. I did my morning meditation then did my special prayer too. I knew today was going to be a busy day. I took off from Web Modeling and say I would do extra hours today to make up. World Fitters do you realize when it’s time to work time goes super fast? So much so next thing you know you’re in front of a computer working. Working is working whether it is online or offline. Work can be hard coincidentally starting a new venture can be equally as hard. Nonetheless, I need this new start for Frans Online Business INC I really want to grow my business and be successful. This new start will give me a chance to do just that. I have to succeed and I will. Since it is the new year new starts are out and about trying to find their own special space. For must of us, that’s in our heart. In our heart, we each know what we want it just a matter of making it happen. Make it happen World Fitters start fresh and new create the life you want.


New start, new beginnings are the greatest gifts given to us by our father.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 55

Sometimes no amount of money can suffice all the pain and pleasure we go throughout our life, money doesn’t buy self love only true self appreciation does.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters

How are you this beautiful morning? Me not too great since yesterday been sick with my stomach hurting me. I was very upset that I had to miss work again. Nonetheless had to take some time to care for me. Obviously, the issue is with me not making enough money. For instance, do you remember Calm the app I use to meditate? Today was the last day I could use it for free. Today right before logging in I decided to pay and subscribe. So there you have it another bill was created for Franchy. Sometimes it really feels like no amount of money is ever enough.

Sometimes no amount of money can suffice all the pain and pleasure we go throughout our life, money doesn’t buy self-love only true self-appreciation does. You can’t ever have too much money. Just when you think you got your finances in order life happens and tells you differently. I myself have four jobs that I work on. Though all of them are online they still could be challenging at times. They all require some level of commitment like everything else in life. Nonetheless working is a priority in life as we all need money to survive. World Fitters what does money means to you? To me money is just a means off getting what I want and need. It doesn’t say anything about the person I’m. In the end money can’t buy the most precious gift you could give to your special someone, love. So spend responsibly don’t put yourself in debt by continuously using credit to buy what you can’t normally afford. Do what you can with what you have is the best way to be. I love you all enjoy the rest of your day!


Two of our most valuable resources use them wisely to achieve success.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 41

Sometimes a few giggles here and there can go a long way with mending many heart aches so don’t spare any my love.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hiya World Fitters!

Did you dream today? I did and I woke up laughing which is an awesome way to begin my day. I always find myself having weird dreams. Most of them never really seem to have any deep meaning which I often search for. But no the only dreams to seem to have deep meanings are the ones about a lost loved of mine. One of them felt so real that when I woke up I expected to have him right next to me but it just wasn’t so. It drives me crazy that I still dream of him after 4 years of us ending. It just means I really loved him and I just have to move on I know he did and I’m really happy for him. World Fitters I know you’re wondering about the special guy so I will link it here so you can feed your curiosity. So back to the giggles.

Sometimes a few giggles here and there can go a long way with mending many heart aches so don’t spare any my love. So let me tell you a little about my dream World Fitters. So I was in some kinds of locker room which we apparently share with the boys. Me and two other girls begin going at it doing mean things saying unflattering things to one another. Then I was going to talk mean about her weight but I decided to compliment them both about their bodies and said that I admired their beauty. Both of them smile and thanked me for the compliment and our beef was put away with a little flattery so I guess flattery can take you a long way laugh out loud. So we all were about to leave the locker room when a guy went inside his locker and said puzzly hey who is Francesca Etheart. We all begin to giggle as my suddenly disappearing mail have been found one of the girls handed my mail to me and I woke up laughing. In real life, I have been missing some of my mail so I don’t know if that is Gods way of reassuring me that I will receive my mails. Naw I don’t think that is it World Fitters. I think we women are so hard on each other instead of complimenting each other on how hot we look we are dissing each other behind each other backs. For instance, saying that isn’t her real ass or breast. We need to stop being jealous of each other and help each other, us women should stick together. No more backstabbing instead we do back patting to congratulate each other. Can’t we all just get along? I hope so World Fitters, we all are a family on here. I love you all to pieces, have a lovely day.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 37

Sometimes your everafter is just being able to smile throughout the day.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello World Fitters!

So today is another day that I will not be able to work on my sites. I’m not happy with that as I have bills to pay. For instance, I logged in with my Citibank account and see that I have a big payment due on my credit card. And as if I learned nothing from my large credit card statement I signed up for another credit card with chase my primary bank. The card I signed up for is Freedom unlimited. No World Fitters I’m not crazy I know what I’m doing, I know how to manage my money otherwise I wouldn’t be getting another credit card when I already have two. However not too many of us can say the same thing. Often we get buried under a sea of debt. Many of us equate happiness to what we have and are able to afford so we overuse our credit limit and forget we have to pay back the money. Additionally, we forget that the simplest things can also make us happy.

Sometimes your ever after is just being able to smile throughout the day. Today I relaxed more and was able to enjoy some Youtube videos. I was watching some crime shows and thinking to myself how can people be so cruel? It was betrayal after betrayal and I just couldn’t understand it. I’m a simple pretty girl who just is appreciative about being able to smile throughout the day no matter what. I didn’t have betrayal or hatred in my heart for no one. Just want everyone to enjoy the simple things in life. Many of us are not interested in the simple things in life. We want big lavish lifestyles and a lot of money in our bank accounts to do so. Which is why credit card debt is so high. If we could fill our heart with love then our empty pockets could have less significance. I’m not saying don’t work hard for the life you want I’m just saying to know your limit and your worth. How is your credit World Fitters? My credit is ok and I hope the same for you all. Please be mindful of what you’re spending your money on because an empty pocket can go on infinitely with an empty heart. I love you all my lovelies have an excellent day!


Don’t worry just breath!

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 28

Sometimes you got to do it on your own or no one else will do it for you.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good day World Fitters.

Today is such a beautiful day full of promise. I woke up to my daily meditation and morning prayer. It really helps me start my day of right. I think about what I want to accomplish and I ask God to give me the strength. Sometimes you get so tired that you just want to give up. My morning time allows me some time for me to just be me. You have to set some amount of time for yourself in which you can heal your inner soul so that you can get things done.

Sometimes you got to do it on your own or no one else will do it for you. World Fitters we each are in charge of our own happiness. It is true that we can’t control what happens to us nonetheless, we can control how we react to every situation. Life can be very difficult at times sometimes turning our whole world upside down. Many times in my life I just didn’t know what to do, I was stuck in a cloudy mist of uncertainties. In this life nothing is certain except for taxes and death. We must create for ourselves the life that we want if we don’t no one will. World Fitters go out today and live the life you wish for yourself. May today be a beautiful day full of promises. I love you all have a blessed day!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 21

Sometimes you have to give your all even if it means you mate get nothing at all.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello there World Fitters!

Today is a good day I woke up with positive vibes, I stretched and I thought about what I needed to get done this beautiful day. As usual I had a lot to get done and I only have 24 hours to get it all done. How is your day going thus far? Is your day going to be as busy as mine? As this new year is comming to head I realize my need to give my business my all. It’s time I give my business Frans Online Business INC the attention it deserve and so desperately needs.

Sometimes you have to give your all even if it means you mate get nothing at all. As we all know nothing is a guarantee in this life of ours except as we stand here smiling one day we will lay and sleep for eternity. We all have an expiration date and it is very imperative that we give it our all until we take our very last breaths. Of course, it is good to be realistic while being optimistic World Fitters. You can give your all without getting anything in return. Which is absolutely ok as long as you’re doing your absolute best to live your best life. For instance, I give my all to you all World Fitters. I do my best at writing you the best content that can have a positive impact on your life. I truly hope that I’m helping you and am bringing much joy to your life. You are worth it and deserve every bit of happiness. I love you all and hope you all have a frantastic day. 🙂


Depression Stops Your Dreams

Hello world fitters. Depression and weight gain goes hand in hand. The chances are if your big. You wont love your body and your likely to be depress. Unfortunately that’s what the bullies want. They want you to hate your body and hate yourself. Last week we talk about “fat shamming.” “Fat shamming” had led to a lot of depression. A lot of shame. For instance when I gain the weight I really felt ashamed of my body. I no longer felt attractive. Which was embellish with people telling me I was less attractive. All of us must understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We should have the body that we want because we are all worth it. In order for us to be happy. We deserve to get the body and life that we want.

20150806_143459 depression web 5


When we are not where we want to be in life. We get depressed and get uninterested in life. Things that we use to love. Have lost it luster. Now depressive thoughts have filled your head. You feel hopeless like life will never get any better. I have struggle with these thoughts in the pass. I felt alone because I have isolated myself from my love ones. Yeah I was knee deep in depression. We all get a little blue sometimes. For example, maybe your long time love have decided that he no longer wanted to be with you. I’ve been heart broken before. It certainly wasn’t fun. Eventually the pain wear off and you move on with your life. With depression you cant simply push the negative thoughts aside and move on. Depression hold on to you like a tight sweater. It wont let you get away from it’s tight grasp. So how do you tell if it is depression and not just a small case of the blues? What is depression?

depression web

“Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. “Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think, and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.” With depression it is more then feeling a little sad. Activities you normally do. You can no longer do them. The energy and positive thoughts are just not there. For example, you are not able to get up and take a shower. That sign let you know that you are experiencing more then your usual woes. While going through these difficult times. It’s good to have a good support group. A support team that you can talk to about your difficult days. Sometimes we just need someone to just listen. No judgment! No suggestions! Just your ear and perhaps a hug or two.

depression web 3 depression web 4

Sometimes a simple hug just wont do. Maybe you need some anti-depressants. Before you get the right drug. you have to know what type of depression you have. Currently there are nine types of depression. They are Major Depression, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), Psychotic Depression, Postpartum Depression, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder(pmdd), Situations Depression, Atypical Depression. In another blog post I will go over in more details about the different types of depression. Right now I just wanted to touch on the topic. To give you guys an idea on the different types of depression. So that you can get the help that you need. For your weight gain problems.

depression web 1

As I mentioned before weight gain can have a profound effect on your mental health. Which then can lead to depression. Some people gain weight when they are depressed. While others lose the weight. It depends on the individual. How about you world fitters? Do you gain or lose weight when your depressed? I myself lose weight when I’m depressed. The following research shows the correlation between depression and weight gain. In a 2009 research by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The researchers found that the more depress people are. The more likely they are to gain weight more then there happier counter parts. It’s really simple really. When you are depressed you wont be moving that much. Your irregular food habits wont help the situation. So the weight will get piled up. The gainer may feel guilty about the weight gain and in turns eat more and gain more weight. It’s a vicious cycle. This vicious cycle can stop with the right suggestions.

My suggestion is try and get the person moving. Exercising releases the endorphins in the brain which makes you feel good. Whenever I’m done exercising I usually feel good. So exercise and get high on life and your body. When your happy the way things are going in your life. It shows! Your skin will be glowing. Your look young and youthful. Your look ready for anything life has to offer. So go out there and live! Your time is limited! Don’t ever waste anytime doing what you don’t love. Cherish every moment like it is your last. Because it just mate be. Make your mark in this world or you will be forgotten. Never forget your dreams! Don’t let depression stop you from achieving your dreams.

depression web 2 IMG_20150311_124357

If your currently depress there is help out there. Don’t ever feel alone. Your not! Someone else is going through the same thing as you are. Below I have the “National Suicide Prevention Lifeline” number. If you need help don’t hesitate to call!

                 The number is 1(800) 273-8255 or you can visit their website www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Daily Poll:

Are you depress?

a) Yes I’m.

b) No I’m to bless.

c) Yes a little.

d) No but I know someone who is.

e) No but I was.

f) No depression is only for weak people.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello world fitters! I’m currently here at work. Thinking about what news you guys want me to report to you. I do try to keep you up-to-date on the latest information. After all when it come to weight loss, it’s good to try different things to see which work best for you. Stopping your weight loss journey because of boredom is a very common reason to quit. For instance this whole summer heading to the park and taking one of my long walks. Sometime haven’t been easy. Sometime I definitely wanted to stay home and relaxed. Especially after I was seeing results. I felt I deserve a cheat day as a congratulation for my hard work. As the cooler weather comes in. I know my walking outdoors will stop and I will take my work outs to inside my house. Which in it self will be a challenge. As I get easily distracted. In the end I have to want it bad enough.

I do want it bad enough. I want to make my weight loss part of my life permanently. I’m not going to put back on the weight. I truly believe its imperative that you make the decision to lose the weight. You have to lose the weight for yourself. In the past I tried to lose the weight for other people. I was changing my body the way they see my body should be. Its your body world fitters! Treat it good make it feel good! This “My Weekly Shapely” I’m making a promise to myself for you all to see. The promise is I wont put back on the weight.” If you see me slipping say something! Call me on it! I want to make this an interactive blog. Where we all can interact with each other. I’m also working on posting more pictures and videos of myself. I hope you all have a good experience with this web-site! Moreover I hope you find it helpful. On that note I’m going to wish that you all have a great weekend! Bye bye world fitters!


Body Shaming, As If

Hello world fitters. How are you? I’m fine of course! Trying to be positive! As you guys know this web-site is all about loving yourself as you are. Like Michael Jackson says “it doesn’t matter if you fat or skinny.” Okay maybe Michael Jackson didn’t say exactly that. But I think you get the point? Right? It is my opinion that the world is obsessed with the perfect body.

shaming web 7

What is the perfect body? Well according to the media. The perfect body is about 125 pounds, size 38C breast, 22 inch waist, and a big back side. “Baby’s got back” an excited Sir Mix-a-lot song. So basically Nicki Minaj has the perfect body! Where does that leave the rest of us normal woman? I’ll tell you. That leaves us on an operating table getting ready to go under the knife. So that we too can have the perfect body. I think loving our body is so overrated! Nobody likes how they look. We all think there is something that needs fixing in our body. For example, “cosmetic surgery is booming worldwide as people flock to have millions of operations including breast augmentation, liposuction, and Botox.” It’s this obsession with perfection that makes Donna Simpson so unique.

shaming web 6

Donna Simpson was born on 1967 in Mogadore Ohio. Donna Simpson parents had 4 children of which she was the youngest. Throughout her youth she struggles with her weight. For instance by the time Donna Simpson was 9 years of age she weight approximately 184 pounds. However in her teen years Donna Simpson loss a lot of weight. she was approximately 154 pounds. Consequently it is also during that time that she decided she doesn’t want to be skinny. “Donna Simpson wants to be the worlds fattest women.” Say what? Maybe I heard wrong! That’s right Donna Simpson wants to be even bigger then she already is. She sees being curvy as sexy. That’s when Donna Simpson decided it would be a good idea to launch her website.

shaming web 5

In 2007 Donna Simpson rose to fame by creating a web-site. On her web-site she shares with her fans her eating habits, her waist line, and photos of her lovely body. Many man would agree with Donna Simpson to a point. A lot of man see a big women that is not too big can be sexy. Apparently while some man don’t like their women too big. Other man like their women supper sized. These man are referred to as feeders. It is these feeders that frequented Donnas web-site. For instance it is reported that by 2008 of the month of October Donna Simpson had 260 subscribers. Later in her show biz career Donna Simpson had a book deal and a reality TV in the works. In the end though after her lover Phillippe Gouamba left her. Donna Simpson decided to regain control of her life by dieting. So that she can be a better mother to her two children. Donna Simpson big size was impacting her life too much. She realize she was too big and made a change. But how big is too big? When is “fat shamming” wrong?

shaming web 2

 The answer is there is no universal measurement that lets you know your too big. Everyone have an opinion on what fat is? Your too big is an opinion that have many different sizes. Coincidentally women comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, I think myself as a curvy women. Here are my measurements 38C breast, 31 inch waist, and a medium size butt. That’s right world fitters. I feel comfortable enough to share with you my measurements. I feel like you are my online family. Similarly my friends and family also are familiar with my shape. When I venture more towards the fat side they let me know. But how big is too big? In my opinion only you can truly tell if your too big. So that you can make the decision to live a healthy and happy life. Always remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Which simply means everyone have their preference when it comes to beauty. Just because a woman’s body is not your preference. That doesn’t mean you should “fat shame” her.

shaming web 3

What is “fat shamming?” “Fat shamming” is the putting down of a person because of the bigness of their body. Therefore making them feel ashamed of their body. We should all love and take care of our body. We only have one body. If a person truly needs to lose weight because their health is in danger. “Body shamming” them is not the way to go. Most of us are already insecure about our body. We don’t need someone helping us hate our body. There is one women that doesn’t agree “body shamming” is wrong. As a matter of fact she made a video describing how she felt about fat people. The women I’m referring to is Nicole Arbour.

shaming web 4

Nicole Arbour ” is a Canadian comedian, recording artist, actress, writer, choreographer, dancer and producer from Hamilton, Ontario.” Everyone is aware of Nicole’s Arbour “fat shaming” video. It had made regular civilians as well as celebrities pretty upset. Truthfully I don’t care much for her video. It wasn’t funny or entertaining. If it was I would of said so. However I do think Nicole Arbour have a right to her opinion and a right to create her video. Just don’t take it to heart what she said. Nobody knows you and your struggles. Overeating is an addiction as well as other drugs and can turn deadly. Don’t let people put you down. Remember this blog “Body Shaming” “As If”. The bottom line is fat shamming can have devastating results. Take my story for instance.

shaming web 8

When I put on the weight. After being skinny for most of my life. Needless to say I was told a lot of negative things about my new body. For instance a lot of people told me about how much better I looked when I was skinny. All that negative comment made my already low self esteem plummet. I no longer felt attractive. I felt that everybody thought I was ugly. At some point I was becoming suicidal. But thank god I work through my pain. I created this site to let everyone know it’s okay to not have the perfect body. You are perfect in your imperfection. I hope my web-site is helping you. Giving you the strength to get the body you feel comfortable in. Please share with me your “fat shamming” stories below. So that you can get the support you need and deserve.

14 - 1

Quick Poll:

What do you think about the Nicole Arbour “fat shaming” video?

a) I hate it.

b) I love it.

c) I think it is hilarious.

d) I really don’t care.

e) Nicole Arbour is hot.

f) No comment.

g) All the above

My Answer:

My answer is d.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello world fitters. So it is currently September. Back to school is in full swing. It’s time to breath a sign of relief. No more kids just laying around. Now some me time! Go ahead and plan that early morning walk. That mid afternoon brunch with your friends sounds promising. While planning all these fun activities. Don’t forget to fit some exercise in your daily schedule. Fall is on its way. Follow by winter. We know winter is when most of us have problems keeping our healthy life styles. The holidays comes with more then presents. Unfortunately these special presents are not quite easily returned. That’s why it is important we continue our healthy life styles through out the winter. Don’t worry loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com will be with you every step of the way. As for me I’m fine. I’ve reached my goal weight for September. I’ve decided no more setting a particular goal weight. I’m just going to remain consistent. That’s right world fitters be consistent in everything you do. If you do it long enough you shall succeed. Have a beautiful weekend all. Bye! Bye!