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Forgive Someone And Create Your Happily Ever After In Loving Memory Of Victoria Ruvolo.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing this beautiful wonderful morning? I’m doing alright just sick from my perfectly imperfect women issues. Thank you for caring enough to ask how I was doing Lovelies ya. Today I wanted to talk about what has always been in my mind while I was growing up in New York. As you guys may know I came to the US at 8 years old. At about 10 years old I was teased mercilessly by kids about my crossed eyes. I was told that I was ugly and from that time on I always felt I was ugly. I would go home crying. Likewise, that insecurity followed me through my Franchy adulthood. Which inevitably lead me to get into a lot of unhealthy relationships. The guys didn’t love me and I didn’t truly feel that I deserve any better how sad is that? I think it is very sad actually. I remember my so-called friend setting me up with a guy that was absolutely horrid and I stayed. I was unhappy and I stayed. I just didn’t truly feel beautiful.

Lovelies I came across a story about an absolutely beautiful woman that made me change my Franchy thinking on what is beautiful? The story took place in Long Island New York at Ronkonkoma. This 40-year-old woman called Victoria Ruvolo was driving home from a family event during the Thanksgiving holidays. When this teenager throws a 20-pound frozen turkey through her windshield. The turkey and broken glasses struck the woman directly on her face. When the police finally realized what happened they did an investigation and found out it was a local teenager that was responsible for the tragic accident. The court was going to give the teenager 25 years for the pain he cost Victoria Ruvolo. But what was truly madly deeply beautiful was that Victoria asked the court to give the youngster the least minimum time which was just 6 months. After all this, she just wanted to move on with her perfectly imperfect life and didn’t see the point in making the kid be locked away for 25 years. That is really beautiful and I was truly madly deeply touched. She is really beautiful. She has a really beautiful soul. She may not be attractive on the outside but on the inside where it truly counts she is gorgeous. Sweet Lovelies be beautiful where it truly counts. We all are beautiful and don’t let the fact that you are not model beautiful depress you. You can make a difference in someone’s perfectly imperfect life and be the change you want to see. Hope this story inspires you as much as it inspired me. Have a wonderful day mmmmmmmm ya.

Forgive someone today in Victorias Ruvolo memory.” March 12, 1960 to March 25, 2019.


Story 3 Part 3 Annisa Marshanda and Arief Family Is Everything. You Are My Everything.

One Year Later {} The Final Stage.

Annisa is in her most beautiful blue dress waiting anxiously backstage. She has been rehearsing for 3 weeks straight with little to no sleep. She glanced around the room at the other students of Mrs. Stuwarth’s class. Their long blond hair dancing down their long slender backs. Their beautiful blue eyes clear as the most beautiful blue sea awaiting their turns. Annisa combed through her own beautiful long brown hair feeling confident. Yes, she realizes how different she looked from the traditional American girls. Her differences she felt helped her to stand out more. Which is a great way to be remembered after a show of so many. Arief so lovingly called her the night before reminding her how truly special and beautiful she was. Reminding her to always believe in herself no matter what. Suddenly a lovely lady with the most beautiful red dress walks over to Annisa Mershanda. Hi is your name Annisa Mershanda she asked smiling? Yes, it is I said smiling back hopefully. I was just on the phone with your partner and it seems that he will be running really late so he won’t be able to make it to the audition with you after all. The good news is we have someone else without a partner that you can complete the audition with if you are interested. Umm great Annisa said I would love to audition with him. Sure great let me introduce you two. Brandon, she calls come over here for a second, please. Suddenly this tall short brown-haired guy with the most beautiful hazel eyes comes and stands right next to me. The attraction was instant as she looked at Brandon from the corner of her eyes. Brandon this is Annisa she also doesn’t have a partner and would love to audition with you. He looked into my eyes and my heart stopped a little. He offered his hand and said hi I’m Brandon. I shook his hand and said I was Annisa. His hand felt so warm and inviting and his eyes were so amazing as if he could look so deep in my soul. Great, I’m going to let you two get acquainted and I will be back to let you know when I’m ready for you two. She said happily walking away. I shyly turned back to Brandon. So what is your story Brandon asked looking intently into my beautiful brown eyes?

I stood there frozen a bit. Not used to feeling so shy before. Well, I’m originally from Indonesia and came to New York to pursue my dream to become a famous actress I awkwardly stammered. Awesome he said smiling revealing the most straight beautiful teeth I have ever seen. I was born in New York but my parents are also from Indonesia. They met really young and started a family straight away. Wow, we are family I said smiling. I was going to school for a year and have yet to find another Indonesian student. Well looks like you find me he said smiling taking my breath away again. Brandon and Annisa we are ready for you too she said waving us over.

Well thank you for buying lunch I said slowly opening his car door. It was my pleasure Brandon said smiling. Well, I really enjoyed our lovely conversation I said smiling. I can’t believe we both got the part I side grinning from ear to ear. Well sweety you were really amazing got to say I was taken aback at how good you truly were Brandon said with the most beautiful smile on his face. I was really impressed actually and truly madly deeply believe you will be a great actress Brandon said moving a hair away from his beautiful hazel eyes. Thank you I think you were really great as well I said smiling. Well, I have work in the dinner tomorrow really early I sigh. Sure I understand you have things to do that’s cool he said. Ya, I have a ton of homework to do before I go to sleep Annisa admits. I do too actually I totally understand he agrees. Can I get your number for we can set up the best rehearsing dates he asks? Sure I said writing my number down and handing it to him. Great talk to you soon Brandon said. Sure, call me anytime, bye, I said closing the door. I slowly open the door to my apartment and there I saw Arief sitting on my bed waiting for me.

True love never dies 😘😘😍😍🥰🥰💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💕💕💕


Story 3 Part 2 Annisa Marshanda and Arief Family Is Everything. You Are My Everything.


Annisa took a quick and look at herself. She smiled pleasantly at herself. She looked so beautiful tonight. Nevertheless she does agree it is because of Arief that she has taken special attention to her natural beauty. You know what (she thought in her British accent)? Aside from my perfectly imperfect family Arief is my everything. After all if it wasn’t for him I would not even applied for Juilliard as I really felt I had no chance of getting in. It is through his unconditional love and patience that she is living her best life ever. Suddenly I hear a soft knock on the door. Yes I replied. Are you almost ready we are all waiting asked mom? I will be there in a few I said smiling. I’m very excited for this special celebration ya. I’m now at the restaurant. I took a bite of my delicious meal and I look all around my table so grateful my family was here supporting me in this life changing eternal choice. You look beautiful darling Arief said to me smiling. I’m so proud of you I told you, you would get in no matter what. I said thank you with a great big smile on my face and lean on his strong shoulders. Suddenly my dad stands up with a glass of wine in his hands. Prepared to give his perfectly imperfect speech. Ayah’s special message to his beautiful daughter: He begins, it seems like only yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital. Back then there also was a party welcoming the newest member of the family home. Even then we knew you were special and would make us very proud parents in the future. Now 16 years later we are proven right as you have been accepted to a very prestigious school in New York. No I’m not too crazy about you being so far away from your loving family. Nonetheless I know you have a dream and you truly madly deeply deserve it to come true. Best of luck my sweet angle you will always be our sweet baby and we will always love you. I said thank you daddy with tears in my beautiful blue eyes. I love you too.

The Faithful Decision:

Suddenly Arief got out of his seat and got on one knee’s and said my dear Annisa Marshanda. You know you are very beautiful and smart the absolute women of my dreams he said looking deep into my eyes. I loved you for a thousand years ok maybe since we were little. Everyone laughed knowing Arief was an absolute comedian which is one of the many reasons why I loved him so. He continued I’ve watched you grown into the strong confident beautiful lady you are today. Always reaching for the stars and never letting fear stand in your way. For instance when you were 7 years old you stand up to the biggest bully and played basketball just as good as the boys. Just like you said you would. Nevertheless you were never truly one of the boys to me. You were far too beautiful to be that. He took the ring out of his pocket and finally asked will you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife? I know you are moving to New York the city of dreams. I will follow you wherever you will go. Yes, yes, yes, Annisa said letting him put the ring in her fingers and then hugging him. Everyone started clapping and saying their congratulations. This was truly madly deeply the best night of my life I thought smiling from ear to ear.

The After Glow Of Sweet Love:

Arief held unto my hands tightly as we slowly walk towards the water. I always enjoy being by the water. I always feel so relax and free. Which certainly seems fitting as the time approaches for me to move to New York. I’m going to miss you so much baby Arief said kissing me passionately and holding me close. It will only be for one year and then you will come join me I said in between kisses. Remember you have to finish your schooling and then you can continue your perfectly imperfect education with me by your side as your wife. I know baby I just don’t like being apart we have seen each other pretty much everyday since we were little. Now we will have to go one year not seeing each other. I know Ari baby I don’t like long distance relationships either Annisa said holding him more tightly. Nonetheless I have to remain true to myself and live my dream as I don’t want to keep dreaming my life. I know baby I just don’t want anyone to steal your love away from me said Arief. Don’t worry I belong to you always and forevermore Annisa said reaching for his face. They kissed passionately and said their final good byes. As I will be leaving early in the morning for New York. We are here my father said with a nervous look on his face. After my date with Arief I went home and was surprised with a good bye dinner. Everyone from my family was there to bid me farewell and to wish me good luck. I was given so many gifts and I cried out of pure happiness. You know you can still change your mind and stay Anna my father said with a hopeful smile on his face. Dad I said smiling and shaking my head lightly. What he exclaimed? You can’t blame a man for trying he said giving me the biggest hug ever. I love you my sweet little angel be safe. Bye Ayah I love you I said returning his warm hug.

Beautiful New York the city of many beautiful wonderful dreams mmmmmmmmm ya. 💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😘


Sometimes family is everything. Like a big warm blanket on the coldest days. You know someone will always truly madly deeply be there for you no matter what. Holding you and comforting you even through your darkest hours. A family love that is truly unconditional throughout the years now and forevermore. Your mum and dad are simply your world, your everything. As they gave you life and the ability to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream. Ah family you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. They are simply the best and you really never want to be without them. You are my family and I love you so.

Story 3 Annisa Marshanda and Arief Family Is Everything. You Are My Everything.

Hi Lovelies, how are you? I’m doing well and I truly madly deeply hope the same for you ya. Lovelies I have become enthralled in the wonderful beautiful country of Indonesia. With it’s warm welcoming community it is easy to fall in love with this wonderful beautiful countries culture. Since I’m currently unable to visit I thought it truly appropriate to walk to my happily ever after to Indonesia through the beautiful lovely story of Annisa Marshanda and Arief. Annisa Marshanda is a sweet but very strong girl. She truly madly deeply love her beautiful country. After all that is where she met the love of her life Arief. Nevertheless, she has deep blue dreams of moving to The United States and fulfilling her wonderful dream of becoming an actress. While her family support her fully at wanting all her dreams to come true they are not too happy at her moving so far away to the west. After all family is everything and they all will miss her oh so much. Will Annisa let her fear of not having her family right by her side keep her from being true to herself? Lets get into this wonderful beautiful story and find out.


Annisa sit on her sofa right near the window facing her families beautiful garden. This wonderfully beautiful garden has been in her family from generation to generation. Every family member had at some point work in the garden of life. Moreover the flower garden has been her families source of income for many years along with the farm of dreams. Annisa look at the envelope again holding it with shaky hands not too sure what to expect. The letter is from Juilliard a college all the way in beautiful wonderful New York. She had only applied after Arief (her long time boyfriend) insisted she at least give it a try. As you never know what the blue wonderful future holds. Here she is with the letter in her hands that can change the whole course of her perfectly imperfect life. Open it said an insistent voice inside her head. Open your wonderful blue eyes to all the wonderful possibilities. Finally she did just that after what felt like many hours. Lovelies the letter reads: Hi Ms. Annisa Marshanda we would like to lovingly welcome you to Juilliard. After much careful consideration your application have been truly madly deeply accepted. Congratulations and welcome aboard. Annisa could no longer continue reading the letter for she was too excited. She jumped up and was screaming uncontrollably. Finally her mother open her door and looked at her and said Annisa what is all that noise about? Ibu I’m going to America she said with the biggest smile on her face.

Lovelies no dream is ever too big. You just have to truly madly deeply believe in yourself. Nothing is truly madly deeply impossible as long as you are really willing do all the work that is required. Work hard and never give up on your dreams. This is truly madly deeply your life why not live the life you truly deserve? Be happy and live a life full of contentment. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel don’t dream your life live your dream mmmmmmmmmm ya.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 51

Sometimes a girl just needs to be taken out and showed a good time, enjoy this life girl.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hiya World Fitters!

Good morning World Fitters! so today was the day I went on my first date. I must say I was both excited and nervous not knowing how the date is going to turn out. Nonetheless, I must say it was a good adventure venturing back to the dating world. While I’m not giving up my single status just yet it is nice just to get out of the house for a bit and to see what the world has to offer. The day is also cooperating it is nice and warm in New York. The perfect day for a first date if I do say so myself. Overall just a lovely day to get out of your comfort zone and live.

Sometimes a girl just needs to be taken out and showed a good time, enjoy this life girl. So I’m happy to say that my date went well and I made it back home safely as you can see. 🙂 My date was a total gentleman even though he did pay for this date. I did have some reservations about going on paid dates as I was certain the guy would think he deserves something a bit extra as he did pay. My fears were put to rest as Kelly (not his real name) didn’t expect anything other than my company and a good conversation over a meal. I must say I’m caught off guard by him. I expected a touchy-feely guy groping my body and trying to pay extra for sex. Thankfully Kelly wasn’t like that at all. I generally had a good time and might take his offer for a second date which he doesn’t have to pay for. All in all, I must say a successful date we shall see if a second date is in the works. I would like to give credit where it is due What’s Your Price really works and you could get some hot dates from this site. Just be safe and meet in a public setting. Have a blessed day in the world Lovelies!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 46

Sometimes the best presents are untouchable they’re felt deep within your heart where it really counts.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola World Fitters!

How are you? I myself am great and am currently eating some cereal while I write to you all. There is something I’ve been thinking about doing. Whats that Franchy you mate ask? I’ve been thinking about becoming a mentor to young children. I got a call from one of the companies this morning. They wanted to know about me and explain what their program is all about. What would happened if you’re chosen you would get a mentee and you would be responsible for that one child and there will be no financial gain it’s all volunteer work. The only person that would be paying would be you as you take the child to different events.

Sometimes the best presents are untouchable they’re felt deep within your heart where it really counts. World Fitters when I think about the majority of people they only do things when there is something in it for themselves. Not many people enjoy doing volunteer work especially when it involves some amount of cash given on a regular basis. I command anyone who is a mentor it is a truly selfless job which requires a beautiful heart. I want to become a mentor so I can help young hearts reach their full potential and live the life that he/she really wants. We all are not victims of our circumstances we don’t have to end where we begin! If I can help a young soul open up her baby blues that is the best present I could’ve ever received. How can you put a cash value to that? I really don’t think you could World Fitters. Are any of you mentors or were you a mentee? Lets us know below your beautiful thoughts in the comment section. 🙂 I’m going to go now I will see you all tomorrow. Have a wonderfully beautiful blessed day. 🙂


I <3 Care

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 45

Sometimes home is wherever the heart is and then shelter becomes a state of mind rather then a remote location.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hey there World Fitters!

I’m here in my apartment trying my best to stay warm since New York is giving out nice cold hugs to everyone who dear to step outside. It’s days like this when I miss the summer heat the most. I never could comprehend why people complain so much about the warmer weather which is shorter than the winter months depending on which part of the US you currently are in. Similarly, another thought that sneaks into my beautiful Franchy mind is those unfortunate civilians out in the cold because that is currently home for them.

Sometimes home is wherever the heart is and then shelter becomes a state of mind rather than a remote location. World Fitters I never have looked down at a homeless person as I know that could easily be me. Many people are becoming homeless as the cost of living is becoming more and more expensive. Many people having to get more than one jobs just to be able to live a life worth living. I myself am getting ready to pay some bills as the first of the month is quickly arriving far too soon. With the cold weather sweeping most of the United States, it is very unnerving to think anyone is out there without proper shelter. For instance, I hear that the Midwest is experiencing its own version of a deep freeze mmmm New York’s weather seems great right about now. 🙂 How is the weather where you’re at World Fitters? I hope it’s a lot warmer than here. I would like Frans Online Business INC to help the homeless in some frantastic way that can really impact many lives in the future. I really want to help and make this world a better place for all. There is no way that some people could have three homes that they don’t even live in while someone is laying in the cold lonely streets. I know life isn’t fair but it should at least be comfortable and provide wonderful opportunities for all. I love you World Fitters have a great day!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 30

Sometimes it’s just not the right time and you have to be patient until it is just right.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola World Fitters!

Today was another beautiful day, did my morning meditation and exercise. Thought about my coming up date. It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I mean this guy will have to pay money to take me out in addition to the meal he will have to pay for me I want him to have a good time and for him to enjoy himself. Unfortunately, because of work commitments on his part, we had to reschedule our date for Thursday. I’m okay with that work always comes first. Nonetheless, I was pretty disappointed as I was getting excited as I haven’t been on a real date for ages. I really need to go out more and enjoy myself and stop constantly working. It just wasn’t the right time for our very first dat and I’m ok with that.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time and you have to be patient until it is just right. Hopefully, everything will be just right for Thursday and we both can have some much-needed fun. World Fitters have you ever done online dating? If so how did it go? Other then this would’ve been my first online date in a long time it is also Franchys daily dose of self-love 30 day anniversary. I can hardly believe it as it feels I just created my very first post. I hope you all are enjoying getting to know me better. I wanted to know honestly what you all think about the added life updates? Do you enjoy reading my frantastic thoughts? I hope so as I have been enjoying creating more awesome content. I hope you all have a very lovely day!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 13

Sometime you just have to head out and take a deep breath, life can get very stuffy.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola, my World Fitters!

Another day has come and gone now it is almost the begining of a new week and a new year. Time goes by way too fast! When I was younger I never remember thinking that time is moving too fast. Instead time seemed infinite and I took a lot of things for granted back then. Now that I’m in my late thirties I see time is very precious and we should use it wisely.

Talking about precious and making good use of time today is a beautiful day in New York and I’m going to run some errands and go for one of my walks. Since it’s been cold I have been doing my workouts indoors. Sometimes you just have to head out and take a deep breath life can get very stuffy. I’m going to enjoy my special day today. How about you any plans? Are you ready for the New Year? Lovelies I’m going to end this entry and wish you have the most beautiful day ever!


A lovely day, true beauty unknown.