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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 71

Sometimes I just have nothing to say as thoughts are going through my mind like a freight train with no end in sight.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good day World Fitters

Today is another day full of no sleep. I’ve decided to do that after my prior attempts of starting over with my online work have failed. I don’t know if you remember World Fitters when I told you I was staring all over with everything, unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out that way. I was back to my old ways in no time. I don’t know maybe subconsciously I’m afraid. I said this because every time I seem to be heading in the right direction I just stop. I really have nothing to say about that actually.

Sometimes I just have nothing to say as thoughts are going through my mind like a freight train with no end in sight. As a blogger I don’t always know what to say. Especially with daily entries as my life is, unfortunately, not that interesting. Similarly I don’t know what to say there are too many thoughts going through my head it’s hard to find words to describe them. It’s different experiences like these daily entries that really allows me to express myself and be my true self. Thank you for being part of my little world have a blessed day.


Dont worry go to sleep.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 24

Sometimes you’re only beautiful as you feel.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello World Fitters how are you? Me I’m great just having a very busy day today. Tomorrow I go back to my other job and am doing a series of preparations so that I will be ready tomorrow. I’m really enjoying my new positions as I get the freedom that I need. Work no longer feels like work and I’m happy to be back. I believe if you’re truly happy then you will look beautiful no matter what.

Sometimes you’re only beautiful as you feel. You can be the most attractive person in the world but if you don’t feel that you are then you mate as well not be. For example, For a long time, I just didn’t see myself as an attractive woman which would inevitably take some of my attractiveness away. Followed by a lot of unhealthy relationships that just didn’t work out. I wasn’t happy I didn’t love me it was a very dark moment for me. It’s not until I decided to love my perfectly imperfect self that things started going right for me. My job as a web model is all about my looks. Every inch of my perfectly imperfect body is at view waiting to be judged. Right now I can say with true conviction I don’t care what others think my body my life. I love me as I’m, love yourself World Fitters you’re beautiful.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 23

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hi there World Fitters!

Today was a good day praise god. It started with me stretching and saying my morning wish for the day. I walked in my hallway for about 30 mins after which I started to do some work in the morning before having to go out. On my way out I ran into my friend that lives upstairs and we talked on the phone for a bit it was a good distraction from my own lingering thoughts. Today I went out to see the doctor as I’ve been sick since thanksgiving. I’m thankful that everything is ok and my illness is beging to subside.

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good. World Fitters I’m positive proof that you become what you think about. Since I’ve been sick stress have been taking over, I have been thinking about what could have been making me sick. I thought about a million scenarios on what could have been making me sick (I’m not kidding). With all the stress I’ve made myself even more sick and susceptible to further infections. It turns out that my grandmother is sick and she got me sick as I was not careful when I was around her. World Fitters always remember to wash your hands and take care. I made my life whatever I wanted to make of it for the past two months now it’s time I live my dream and not just dream my life. As always I wish you all have a wonderful day.


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 20

Sometimes it really is just a number and you’re making it much more then it has to be, love yourself.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good day World Fitters!

How are you all doing, how is your day going thus far? My day is going fairly well I can’t complain. So far have been keeping up with my work and doing pretty well. That’s saying a lot as I usually don’t keep up I usually procrastinate and the rest is history. Speaking of keeping up, I have been keeping up with weighing myself. Yes at times I miss one or two weeks but that is all. I have been maintaining my weight loss and yes I’m very proud of myself. Before I didn’t weigh myself I was going by how well my clothes fit and how good I was feeling.

I truly believe that there is an underlying fear with-in each of us to see that number on the scale. Sometimes it really is just a number and you’re making it much more then it has to be, love yourself. World Fitters it is just a number it doesn’t say how great of a person you are and how much you’re adored by many. I remember going to the doctor for the first time after many years and weighing myself. I could not believe the number that was given to me. It read 173 I was shocked from being 130 for most of my life. Now the number reads 146 today and to br honest it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I love myself and I know I’m worth much more then a number. Nonetheless it is good practice ot weigh yourself weekly at the same time and day to help you keep track of your health. Then have a laugh after and dpon’t take it too seriously. 🙂


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 19

Sometimes Momma knows best, laughter is the best medicine for life.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello there World Fitters!

Franchy here for another daily dose of self-love. Wow, self-love used to be two words that I felt alienated by. Learning to love myself have been a lifetime worth of experiences. I use to not want to look at my reflections as I did not like what I see. When I was younger I was so unhappy but my pretty face hides it so well. No one could have ever imagined the battle of soul searching that was going on within me. I was just so miserable that I just needed a shoulder to cried on but no one seemed to have ever noticed.

Sometimes Momma knows best, laughter is the best medicine for life. Nowadays I laugh more and cried less by the grace of God. I have much self-love am happier and I love myself unconditionally. I realize it is ok to make mistakes and be perfectly imperfect. I accept that life is never going to be easy that I just have to learn to dance in the rain. For a black girl getting her hair wet is never an easy feat lol (laugh out loud). On a more serious note suicide is becoming more prevalent in our society. I myself thought about ending it many times. There was just so much pain and I just wanted to stop hurting. Many people would just say so stop, but it is never quite that simple. Sometimes you have to hurt really badly before you know what true happiness is. I’m here for you as always World Fitters. I truly love you all, you’re my online family. Have a blessed day in the world!


Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 10

Sometimes all you need to do is love you and the rest will follow.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hello World Fitters!

It’s a day after Christmas and I can’t help but to be optimistic about the frantastic things ahead for the New Year. I really want to grow mentally and financially. I can’t believe it is already Christmas again, time is flying. What did you do for Christmas, I worked? I work seven days a week for the most part. I realize to be successful is hard work and dedication.

Sometimes all you need to do is love yourself and the rest will follow. I’ve tried so many things to be successful and all I needed to do was love me and believe in myself. I feel that there will always be obsticles no matter what, it’s up to you whether you overcome it. I need to believe it will work out just fine. Today makes it ten days of my daily dose of self-love. I don’t have any expectations other than that I inspire you and you enjoy reading my Franchy thoughts. It will be fun watching the number rise, I look forward to your continue support.


Smile and it will be ok.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 4

Sometimes we often neglect the most important person in the world and forget the golden rule which is you must first help yourself before you can help others.

Hello there World Fitters!

How are you all doing this beautiful early morning? Me I’m still sick trying to self medicate with medicine and tea. Doing a bit self-care practicing self-love. For instance, I sleep for most of the day because of my medication. Often during the holiday seasons, we often neglect our self-care because we’re so busy thinking about others and what to get them this Christmas. You have so much on your to do list that you don’t even know where to start.

Take a deep breath and relax think about what is most important which is that you’re ok. Take care of yourself try meditating to relieve some of the stress. Me I find just doing a bit of exercise each day really helps. Exercise can help you re-energized and help you feel accomplished. If exercising and mediating is not for you then do whatever would make you feel good and help you feel relax. The bottom line is you matter and are worthy of some love and affection. I love you all have a blessed day in the world.


My Life My Story

As I sit back my iPad in hand. I groan and murmured ughhh god. This is like my fifth attempt at a video for a survey web site. I always do this. Do like a hundred thousand takes (I’m not kidding) before the video is ready to publish. I shake my head as the reason becomes clear. On why it takes so long to make a video? The reason being my low self-esteem.


Through-out my life my low self-esteem have played a role in my life. Putting big walls between relationships. Putting my dreams and what I love to the side. Putting my self worth at it’s lowest. “If you don’t love yourself no one will.” These words have hunted me through-out my life. As I went from relationship after relationship. Looking for the love that I didn’t have for myself. Needless to say that search went on infinitely. It resulted in me kissing a lot of frogs and a bad after taste in my mouth. “Life is what you make it.”

Life is pretty difficult for people with low self-esteem. Their usually depress and can’t see the positives in life. World fitters “seize the day carpe diem.” Don’t let your size define your life. Lose the low self-esteem and found your-self. Get to know yourself intimately. What would you say to your younger self? Would your younger self be proud of the person you have become?

For instance You Tube had asked me a couple of months ago to do a “Dear Me” video. I happily accepted of course. “Dear Me” is a self reflection video. It’s about what your older self want to say to your younger self? Below is my “Dear Me” video and a poem I wanted to share. Sharing is caring!

Love thy self.

Make love to thy self.

Look in the mirror.

Look at your beautiful eyes.

The eyes are the mirror to your soul.

I look at your soul.

It looks so empty.

When you cry. Scatter

Pieces of your soul splatter on the ground.

Like a life size puzzle.

All the events of your life scatter every which way.

Not knowing where to turn.

Turn to me my darling.

Come to me.

Let me brush away your tears.

Kissing them gently away.

Caressing you gently in my arms.

Brushing away strands of hair.

I reach down and kiss you.

Suddenly our body begin to merge together.

Two hearts become one.

We are one.

I love you.

World fitters! I hope you enjoy this post. My name is Francesca Etheart. That was “My Life My Story.”

Smiling through life!


Fran's Art Museum


Body Shaming, As If

Hello world fitters. How are you? I’m fine of course! Trying to be positive! As you guys know this web-site is all about loving yourself as you are. Like Michael Jackson says “it doesn’t matter if you fat or skinny.” Okay maybe Michael Jackson didn’t say exactly that. But I think you get the point? Right? It is my opinion that the world is obsessed with the perfect body.

shaming web 7

What is the perfect body? Well according to the media. The perfect body is about 125 pounds, size 38C breast, 22 inch waist, and a big back side. “Baby’s got back” an excited Sir Mix-a-lot song. So basically Nicki Minaj has the perfect body! Where does that leave the rest of us normal woman? I’ll tell you. That leaves us on an operating table getting ready to go under the knife. So that we too can have the perfect body. I think loving our body is so overrated! Nobody likes how they look. We all think there is something that needs fixing in our body. For example, “cosmetic surgery is booming worldwide as people flock to have millions of operations including breast augmentation, liposuction, and Botox.” It’s this obsession with perfection that makes Donna Simpson so unique.

shaming web 6

Donna Simpson was born on 1967 in Mogadore Ohio. Donna Simpson parents had 4 children of which she was the youngest. Throughout her youth she struggles with her weight. For instance by the time Donna Simpson was 9 years of age she weight approximately 184 pounds. However in her teen years Donna Simpson loss a lot of weight. she was approximately 154 pounds. Consequently it is also during that time that she decided she doesn’t want to be skinny. “Donna Simpson wants to be the worlds fattest women.” Say what? Maybe I heard wrong! That’s right Donna Simpson wants to be even bigger then she already is. She sees being curvy as sexy. That’s when Donna Simpson decided it would be a good idea to launch her website.

shaming web 5

In 2007 Donna Simpson rose to fame by creating a web-site. On her web-site she shares with her fans her eating habits, her waist line, and photos of her lovely body. Many man would agree with Donna Simpson to a point. A lot of man see a big women that is not too big can be sexy. Apparently while some man don’t like their women too big. Other man like their women supper sized. These man are referred to as feeders. It is these feeders that frequented Donnas web-site. For instance it is reported that by 2008 of the month of October Donna Simpson had 260 subscribers. Later in her show biz career Donna Simpson had a book deal and a reality TV in the works. In the end though after her lover Phillippe Gouamba left her. Donna Simpson decided to regain control of her life by dieting. So that she can be a better mother to her two children. Donna Simpson big size was impacting her life too much. She realize she was too big and made a change. But how big is too big? When is “fat shamming” wrong?

shaming web 2

 The answer is there is no universal measurement that lets you know your too big. Everyone have an opinion on what fat is? Your too big is an opinion that have many different sizes. Coincidentally women comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, I think myself as a curvy women. Here are my measurements 38C breast, 31 inch waist, and a medium size butt. That’s right world fitters. I feel comfortable enough to share with you my measurements. I feel like you are my online family. Similarly my friends and family also are familiar with my shape. When I venture more towards the fat side they let me know. But how big is too big? In my opinion only you can truly tell if your too big. So that you can make the decision to live a healthy and happy life. Always remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Which simply means everyone have their preference when it comes to beauty. Just because a woman’s body is not your preference. That doesn’t mean you should “fat shame” her.

shaming web 3

What is “fat shamming?” “Fat shamming” is the putting down of a person because of the bigness of their body. Therefore making them feel ashamed of their body. We should all love and take care of our body. We only have one body. If a person truly needs to lose weight because their health is in danger. “Body shamming” them is not the way to go. Most of us are already insecure about our body. We don’t need someone helping us hate our body. There is one women that doesn’t agree “body shamming” is wrong. As a matter of fact she made a video describing how she felt about fat people. The women I’m referring to is Nicole Arbour.

shaming web 4

Nicole Arbour ” is a Canadian comedian, recording artist, actress, writer, choreographer, dancer and producer from Hamilton, Ontario.” Everyone is aware of Nicole’s Arbour “fat shaming” video. It had made regular civilians as well as celebrities pretty upset. Truthfully I don’t care much for her video. It wasn’t funny or entertaining. If it was I would of said so. However I do think Nicole Arbour have a right to her opinion and a right to create her video. Just don’t take it to heart what she said. Nobody knows you and your struggles. Overeating is an addiction as well as other drugs and can turn deadly. Don’t let people put you down. Remember this blog “Body Shaming” “As If”. The bottom line is fat shamming can have devastating results. Take my story for instance.

shaming web 8

When I put on the weight. After being skinny for most of my life. Needless to say I was told a lot of negative things about my new body. For instance a lot of people told me about how much better I looked when I was skinny. All that negative comment made my already low self esteem plummet. I no longer felt attractive. I felt that everybody thought I was ugly. At some point I was becoming suicidal. But thank god I work through my pain. I created this site to let everyone know it’s okay to not have the perfect body. You are perfect in your imperfection. I hope my web-site is helping you. Giving you the strength to get the body you feel comfortable in. Please share with me your “fat shamming” stories below. So that you can get the support you need and deserve.

14 - 1

Quick Poll:

What do you think about the Nicole Arbour “fat shaming” video?

a) I hate it.

b) I love it.

c) I think it is hilarious.

d) I really don’t care.

e) Nicole Arbour is hot.

f) No comment.

g) All the above

My Answer:

My answer is d.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello world fitters. So it is currently September. Back to school is in full swing. It’s time to breath a sign of relief. No more kids just laying around. Now some me time! Go ahead and plan that early morning walk. That mid afternoon brunch with your friends sounds promising. While planning all these fun activities. Don’t forget to fit some exercise in your daily schedule. Fall is on its way. Follow by winter. We know winter is when most of us have problems keeping our healthy life styles. The holidays comes with more then presents. Unfortunately these special presents are not quite easily returned. That’s why it is important we continue our healthy life styles through out the winter. Don’t worry loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com will be with you every step of the way. As for me I’m fine. I’ve reached my goal weight for September. I’ve decided no more setting a particular goal weight. I’m just going to remain consistent. That’s right world fitters be consistent in everything you do. If you do it long enough you shall succeed. Have a beautiful weekend all. Bye! Bye!





Loving Me! All Of Me!

Loving Me. All Of Me.

In a world where plastic surgery is on the rise.

Where all you see is sizes four and six in the magazines.

I challenge you to be a size twelve.

To not be the norm.

To not bleach your skin.

To throw away your weaves. And put away all your make up.

I challenge you to love yourself.

When I look in the mirror the face I’m staring at I love.

 I see strength.
 I see passion.
 I see heart ache.
 I see pain.
 I see a beautiful women who wont stop until she is all she can be.
 So look in the mirror and look at your true self.
See all the imperfections that is you.
 The big imperfection mess that you are.
 Enjoy your curves.
 Touch your body.
 Kiss your body.
You is all you have in this world.
 If you don’t love yourself no one will.
 So forget about going under the knife.
 Letting them create their idea of perfection.
We are all perfection in gods eye.
He created us just perfectly.
So look in the mirror.
Move forward pucker up.
Kiss your self.
Touch yourself.
Love yourself.
Make love to yourself.
Because tomorrow you may never get the chance.
Authors note: This is a poem for my blog. To read more of my blog please visit.