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Hello world fitters! I always want to bring new ideas about weight loss that helps you feel great. This site is all about loving your body! Why not love your pets body as well? I know What? Yes sometimes we impose our weight gain on our pets as well. For instance we gained weight and our pets gained some weight as well. We don’t feel like walking I guess no walking for our four legged friends either. Our pets are like our children. We love them with all our hearts and soul. This love have enable us to feed them food they are not suppose to have. Foods such as hot dogs, chicken, ice cream, steak, etc….. I know those puppy eyes are so irresistible!

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I have created this page to help stop obesity in pets while inadvertly helping you to lose weight and feel great your-self. More pets are becoming obese now then ever. It is estimated that more then 50% of animals are obese. You can stop this by getting healthy your-self. Move, dance, get going to loving your body at your weight. My site will give you the information you need to keep your pets happy and healthy. If your precious one is happy so are you. I need your help to determine what plan is right for your pet. After all no one knows your pets more then you.

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Since your knowledge is so vast. If you have any suggestion on how to help your pet to stay helthy comment below. I welcome all suggestions provided that they are relevant and useful. Below I have included some suggestions on how to keep your pet healthy.

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Suggestions for my healthy and happy friends:

1. Stop feeding your pets human foods- I know many of you are guilty of feeding your pets human foods. But keep in mind they have animal foods for a reason. So be mindful of what you feed your pets.

2. Walk them regularly- Walking is good for everyone including your four legged friends. They get to socialize as well as exercise and you also get some exercise in. So walk your way to happiness.

3. Nothing wrong with a little TLC- We all loved to be touched and to know that we are appreciated. Every time I pet a dog I get a lot of reactions. He loves the attention! That makes me smile! A touch is a very powerful thing. So go a head and let them know you adore them.

4. Rewarding Ways- We all like to be rewarded when we do something good. Nothing like a yummy biscuit to help reward a good behavior. Just be mindful of how many treats you give them.

The only thing I can do is suggest. In the end it will be up to you on how you feed your pets. Any which way my website is here for you. To help you keep your pets and you-self healthy. It’s all about being your healthy you and loving your body. I’m also going through the process with you. In todays world you must be confident in your own skin in order to be successful. With me going through the process with you. That lets you know your not alone. I’m here for you! If you need me visit my “find me” page. Have a great day!

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