Ashley Graham What Do You People Want?


Lane Bryant Magazine: Ford+ Model Ashley Graham Talks About Plus Size Fashion from HighKinFilms on Vimeo.

As the summer is in full spring and fall is heading our way weight loss and our body is never to far away from our minds. Does our bodies look okay with this certain out fit? Do our spouses still find us attractive and sexy?


Its normal to doubt our bodies, and to wonder how we measure up? Especially with the media bombarding us with so many images of the “perfect body.” Speaking about the media recently a plus size model lost weight and is not so plus size anymore. Now she is being shamed for being too skinny, I’m referring to Ashley Graham.

ash 1

Ashley Graham have recently lost some weight and thought it would be great to post some pictures about her weight loss. Boy was she ever wrong. What? I know how can anyone say anything bad about someone losing weight? Well I guess plenty of people can say negative things about someone losing weight and they did. This is simply the case of “damn if you do, damn if you don’t.” First you say she is too fat so she lose some weight now she is too skinny. Are people ever happy? The answer is no. It is definitely true when people say you cant please everyone.

So please yourself world fitters. Its your body shape it the way you want to. As I mention before is all about loving yourself #LoveMyShape. Whether you are apple shape or whether you have an hourglass figure. You wont find no body shamming here. Comment below and tell me what you need support with, or comment just to say hi. Thanks so  much for reading. Bye for now World Fitters.