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2022 Your Self-Love Is Absolutely Valid.

This journey of self-love has taken on a most uncomfortable ride on the merry-go-round of broken dreams. With shattered pieces of many broken dreams every which way you turn.

Nonetheless, this inevitable ride on the merry-go-round of broken dreams was truly madly deeply needed necessary; It is truly necessary to understand nothing worth having is going to come easy. You have to fight for the life you truly madly deeply deserve. In this roller coaster of love, you have to hang on tight before you disappear into the mist and never to be seen.

This journey of self-love is continuously playing on the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Waiting for the perfectly imperfect stop to our very own happily ever after. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, you are perfectly imperfect just as you are. Never change be blue, be you. Love yourself unconditionally and allow many room for an eternity of mistakes. Never apologize for being yourself. Love yourself always, and everything will fall into place. Don’t dream your life live your dreams ya.

2022 A Franchy What’s Up?

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing? How have you all been? I myself am doing ok, not great ya. Hope everything has truly madly deeply been good for you all as well. First of all, I wanted to apologize for not keeping my frantastic promise of posting daily on here. I should have never made a promise that I just could not have kept. Now I just promise always to do my very best.

Ya, Lovelies, that is exactly what I do every single day my very best. No, I’m not perfect, for I’m perfectly imperfect. Ya, I make mistakes, and I’m not always right. When I first started this lovely blog, something was truly madly deeply missing in my life. I thought the same can be true for others as well, so I wanted to help by sharing my frantastic story. As I come upon my lovely birthday month, I found myself reminiscing on last year’s past of many broken dreams. There are so many should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve. For example, the last couple of days, I have been really busy doing my streaming job that I just did not have the time to go out or exercise. Moreover, I have been a bit depressed, feeling truly, madly, deeply overwhelmed. I’m almost 40 years old and still uncertain about so many things. You, too, may be going through the same thing. It is the thought of helping you that keeps me writing and never giving up. I will never give up. I will continually fight for the life I truly deserve, no matter what. Don’t dream your life live your dream. I love you, ya.

Hi Lovelies, how are you? I’m doing good hope you are doing well too. Ya, Lovelies, it has truly madly deeply been an uphill battle with me trying to drink more water. I don’t know; I just find it really difficult. This is exactly why the Franchys water challenge was created with deep blue hope. Drinking more water has been a challenge for me ever since I was a sweet child. I believe it is the fact that the water has no taste that is the problem. I’m thinking about creating my very own special Franchy taste stay tuned for that. Shall we try again, Lovelies?

A Brand New Franchy Water Challenge 2022 Edition.

Let’s try again, Lovelies, and see how far I take my sweet blue wonderful dreams. As of now, I have been drinking water here and there, not back to back. Many days have passed, and I haven’t drank any water. As a result, my stomach has been bloated and in pain at times. So starting next Tuesday, I will begin recording my frantastic water intake again. I love sharing a live view of my perfectly imperfect self-love journey. Feel free to create your very own. If you like, it can remain private just for your own beautiful blue eyes. Ya, World Fitters, I’m excited to start this wonderful journey again. Mmmmmmm, let’s go!

Keep in mind am experiencing my women issues ya.

2022 My Body Now

Hi there, Lovelies, and how are you? I’m doing great, thankful to be able to see another day. Of course, I hope you are doing great too. Lovelies, it is the month of August, and that means it is almost our perfectly imperfect birthday. Loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran .com will be seven years old on August 18, 2022. 

Happy Birthday To Our Very Own Happily Ever After.

Ya, World Fitters, on August 18, 2015, I was born love you queen. World Fitters, ourself love journey all begin on that perfectly imperfect day. At the time, I was very uncertain about my very own existence. I was truly madly, deeply unhappy with my appearance, and I knew something had to change. 

With love from Franchy.

Sweet Lovelies, the most beautiful, wonderful thing, happened when I begin thinking about how I’m not alone. I thought about all beauties going through the same body disturbance of love. At some point, I was feeling really low about myself. I truly madly didn’t love myself. To be honest, I was even thinking about committing suicide. Ya, it was that bad, Lovelies. This whole website was created as a safe place for all of us just to be ourselves. I will never tell you, you need to lose weight as that is none of my business. Your weight is your business, and none of mine truly.

Mine weight is my business.

Ya, quite literally, my Lovelies, my weight is my business. Yes, I have turned my bad experience into a business. I remembered how badly and alone I felt, and I truly madly deeply wanted to help others going through the same thing. People were just rude and were not concerding how I was feeling at all. It was like my true personal feelings didn’t matter. Like I didn’t matter. I remember one neighbor who kept bothering me about my big belly. For instance, he would keep asking me if I was pregnant, knowing I wasn’t. People have feelings, and yes, they are 100% valid.

How is your body now Franchy?

Right now my body is beautiful and I truly madly deeply love it. Yes, I do still want to work some more on my belly, but as for my weight, I’m just fine. I have changed some of my bad eating habits. For instance, I no longer eat at McDonald or Burger King. Additionally, I have cut a lot back on eating junk food. Overall what I have learned is that it has to be your choice. You have to want to do it for yourself.

My happily ever after.

Lovelies you are my happily ever after. Just knowing I can be helping you in any way truly madly deeply is a blessing. This weblog was created with you in mind. Never feel shy to leave a comment and let us help one another or feel free to contact me directly. I’m always here to help ya. In conclusion, don’t dream your life live your dream. Have a blessed day or night. I love you all.

Another Sweet Franchys Musings Ya.

Hi, Lovelies! I’m here on my bed typing on my laptop. Since working primarily from home. I have definitely gotten used to being in front of the computer screen. With you guys reading my frantastic thoughts and trying to make sense of it all.

Making sense of it all is exactly what each of us do daily. We wake up each morning clean ourselves and begin our very own journey to our very own happily ever after. Ya life is hard with no exceptions. I have been meditating and trying to change my whole frantastic mindset. No, it is not free nonetheless my mental well-being is truly madly deeply priceless as is yours Lovelies.

Ya World Fitters I’m just the same as you trying to navigate this roller coaster of a life. I always say this web blog is for all of us. I never claim to be some sort of an expert. I don’t claim to know all the answers. As a matter of fact, sometimes I have no answers at all. I’m perfectly imperfect. I have made so many mistakes and ya that is ok. My hope is that you learn from all my Franchy mistakes. Live your best life ever and be well. Stop dreaming your life and begin living your sweet wonderful dreams. On that beautiful note see you all tomorrow.

Franchys Special Prayer For Bre Aka Alyssa

Mal Lewis AML Films

Hi, Lovelies good morning to you from beautiful wonderful New York my home sweet home ya. Lovelies as of late I have been feeling very despondent. My low self-esteem melody of many broken promises eternally playing on the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Nevertheless I truly madly deeply know no matter how bad things may seem in my very perfectly imperfect world. I know truly things can always be worst. Today when I came across Mal Lewis video about Bre that truth was realized. I found out that Bre has been beaten and set on fire by a group of teenagers. Oh, Lovelies my sweet heart truly madly deeply dropped. Why would anyone or any children for that matter do this?

Lovelies this is a question that truly madly deeply may never be realized. Maybe the teens were just bored and wanted some excitement at someone’s expanse. A little about Bre she is a drug addict currently living on the streets of Kensington Pennsylvania. She went to school and graduated to become a specialist in audio diseases. Nevertheless, at some point, she took a wrong turn and ended up addicted to drugs. There have been rumors that she has been killed then this happened and she became injured. I myself have yelled the warnings of drugs and have never done any drugs. I don’t even drink alcohol. I’m truly madly deeply a good girl and know there are always consequences. Nevertheless, I never judge. There was something missing in Bre’s life that made her turn to drugs. That made her give up on her sweet dreams. Nonetheless, no one deserves to be set on fire no matter what they did. We all truly madly deeply deserve a second chance. Sweet Lovelies lets say a prayer for sweet Bre. May her wounds heal and her head clears off all the drugs destroying her perfectly imperfect life. If you are also suffering from addiction get the help you need before it is too late. Love yourself enough to stop dreaming your life and began living your dream. I love you all be well.

This picture was taken from Mal Lewis Channel. Get well soon Lovely. 💕💕💞💞💖💖🧡🧡🧡💌💌

2022 Weigh-In Of Self Love

Good morning World Fitters, how are you? I’m doing good now earlier I was a bit despondent. I was just going over all the things that truly madly deeply went wrong in my very own perfectly imperfect life. I don’t know just not believing in myself. It brought me back to an old relationship that I was part of, unfortunately. It was a very bad relationship that I decided to be in. I truly madly deeply believe my low self-esteem and lack of self-love allowed me to remain in this very unhealthy relationship. During this time I was very much overweight. My next-door neighbor was continuously bothering me about my belly and how I would look better If I lose my belly. During this time I was very uncomfortable stepping on the scale. Until going to the doctor didn’t give me much of a choice. I had to get weigh-in then.

Lovelies far too many of us are uncomfortable with getting on the scale. We forget it is just a tool and for us not to take it too seriously. Sweet Lovelies so much of our self-esteem is closely intertwined with the number on the scale. So much so we could be having a great day and that quickly changes to a horrible day ya. Lovelies we are truly madly deeply beautiful no matter what the scale says. The scale is just another tool that’s it. It does not measure what a beautiful person you truly madly deeply are. With that said I wanted to introduce you to a new page I’m currently working on. On this page, I will be recording all my daily weigh-ins. That’s right Lovelies I will be sharing very private sweet pieces of me. What do you think Lovelies? Let me know your wonderful beautiful thoughts below ya. See you all tomorrow and have a great day ya.

2022 Passion For A Happily Ever After.

Good morning, good day World Fitters. For as long as I can remember I always loved to write. In the summertime, I could not go out. I would be home all the time absolutely bored. What would truly madly deeply save me is a pen and paper. I would write my beautiful wonderful thoughts down and I would fantasize about another life. I would read some of my poems and stories to my sister Patricia. Growing up I was always poor with not much of anything. My half-brother and sisters had their father who took care of them. While me and my sister just had each other. I have been caring for myself since I was 16 years old. Lovelies what has always kept me grounded is following my passion.

A life without passion is not really living I think. In today’s world weight loss and plastic, surgeries are becoming many people’s passions. I honestly think nothing is wrong with fixing something that you are not happy with. This is your very own perfectly imperfect body and it is very important that you are very comfortable in your own special skin. That you are truly madly deeply happy with the person you are. What’s your passion? What do you desire? As we near the end of 2022 stop dreaming your life and begin living your dreams, Sweet Lovelies. Precious time is always fluid and ever-changing. Don’t waste another minute living for someone else. I say this because Lovelies because people are losing their perfectly imperfect lives each and every day. Live each day like it is your last and one day you will certainly be right. I wanted us to share our successes as we all love each other. Best wishes everyone ya.

2022 Franchys Thank-You Note.

Good morning Lovelies. How are you doing? I’m feeling a bit anxious today trying to do the best that I can ya. I must say I’m really feeling the wonderful effects of meditating each and every day ya. I have been more calm and happy truly madly deeply. I absolutely recommend the Calm App. Yes, it costs money but it is affordable. It is truly madly deeply great to be able to invest in your very own mental health. Today I was listening to the “Daily Jay” at Calm. Which is a daily inspirational exercise to help you live your very best life ever. Today he suggests we all write a thank you note to our past selves. Here is mine!

My frantastic thank you note.

Dear my wonderful past self. I must say thank you to you for truly madly deeply all that you do. You work so hard with little reward. While continually trying to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream. Moreover, you are so caring and nonjudgmental that it is truly madly deeply so amazing. No matter what horrible thing someone has done you never make any assumptions about them. Truly madly deeply choosing to see the good perhaps that they themselves are unable to see ya. Additionally, I wanted to say thank you for being yourself always. You are a true natural beauty. You are as real as anybody can be. Honest about all your perfect imperfections. I love you so darling thank you a million times over may all your sweet dreams truly madly deeply come true ya.

Me at sweet 27 💕💕💖💖🧡🧡

2022 Franchys Sweet Reminiscing

Good day Lovelies. I’m just here sitting by my desk typing this fantastic article for you all. I’m truly madly deeply doing the best I can. Trying to live my very best life ever ya. I have been praying and meditating truly madly deeply trying to find my wonderfully beautiful purpose for being here in this sweet world still. There were earlier experiences that could truly madly deeply have been the beginning of my very own happily ever after. Nevertheless, I’m still here and I’m truly blessed for that. I have grown beautifully and I’m so proud of myself ya.

I’m not the shy and insecure women I once was. I know what I truly madly deeply want and desire. What I desire are peace and happiness. Nonetheless when you are praying and meditating trying to be positive something always seems to happen to undermine that. For example, today on one of my Twitter model pages I got one of my contents disabled because Of DMCA notice of removal. It was for a copyright claim. I posted a video that had background music that I did not own. As a result, my Twitter account got locked. Lovelies this truly madly deeply brings me back to when my Facebook account was permanently closed. I know outright that I no longer want to be that person and to have my entire day and perhaps months ruined because of this bad situation. No, I’m not happy but I know it is ok not to be ok. I want to be a better me and nothing from my outside realm is going to prevent me from living my sweet dream and stopping to dream my life.

Lovelies life is whatever you make of it. I wanted to write this frantastic post to inspire and support you. If you also are having a difficult Monday know you are not alone. I created this online community back in 2015 to share my life and to show support for whatever you may be going through. I wanted to share how I was going through a difficult situation and I did not want it to truly madly deeply brake me. I wanted to show how I have really grown into a wonderful woman who understands and accepts her flaws. Lovelies I’m all over the internet and social media platforms trying to grow my beautiful businesses. Working hard day by day to keep my Franchy sanity. You also may be going through a difficult time we all do from time to time. Perhaps you are searching for some sort of resolution on the beautiful internet and you came across my wonderful website. I appreciate you always for sharing your precious time with me. Time is something we can never get back and it is so important we do what we want to do. Lovelies I’m doing what I want to do growing my businesses. This website is so dear and near to my sweet Franchy heart. As it was truly madly deeply created at a place of love. I love you all truly. Thank you for allowing me to have my very own special Franchy space. Have a blessed day mmmmmmm ya.