Perfectly Franchy’s Life In Motion 17


Love all of me or nothing at all.

I see you staring at me with lust in your eyes.

My curvy body have peaked your interest.

But you see there was a time my body was perfectly imperfect.

My curves weren’t as visible and as easy on the eyes.

Would you still love me then?

Would you lust after my rolls and my exotic tiger strips?

If no, then you don’t deserve my heart either love all of me or nothing at all.

All of me.

Or nothing.

2018 A Franchy Weight-loss

Hello World Fitters!


How are you? I myself am fine just trying to live the best life that I possibly can. Which isn’t always easy because life can be hard at times and is not always fare. “Nonetheless life is what you make of it.” Today my life as I make it is all about taking the best care of my perfectly imperfect body.

My body was never perfect and I’m okay with that. Nor am I the prettiest girl you’ll ever set your eyes on but that is just fine. For the most part we don’t get to pick what we look like it’s just genes and genetics. I can say for now I’m satisfied with my Franchy appearance and it took a long time to realize that. Likewise my weight loss also took a while. I want to share exactly what I have been using to lose the weight maybe it can work for you also.

Since my body wasn’t created in one day or even two days this blog post will have many series as well. I hope with me sharing something special with you I will help in creating your perfectly imperfect bodies. In the next series I will talk about apps and websites that I’ve used to help me stay in shape stay tuned.

Love Franchy


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Franchy Picture Great Life 57

I used to think the flatter you are the better you are.

At least that is what they all said that’s beauty that’s perfection.

But I no longer desire to be perfect I’m perfectly imperfect and that is just fine.

For you see I like my stretch marks as they show that I lived my life as I saw fit not as you see fit.

Yes, I have flaps, dents, and I jiggle I thought a body in motion is the most beautiful thing.

Yes, your flappy belly is beautiful.

Yes, your Tigger strips are exotic don’t let anyone tell you different.

You are Beautiful.