2022 Your Self-Love Is Absolutely Valid.

This journey of self-love has taken on a most uncomfortable ride on the merry-go-round of broken dreams. With shattered pieces of many broken dreams every which way you turn.

Nonetheless, this inevitable ride on the merry-go-round of broken dreams was truly madly deeply needed necessary; It is truly necessary to understand nothing worth having is going to come easy. You have to fight for the life you truly madly deeply deserve. In this roller coaster of love, you have to hang on tight before you disappear into the mist and never to be seen.

This journey of self-love is continuously playing on the merry-go-round of broken dreams. Waiting for the perfectly imperfect stop to our very own happily ever after. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, you are perfectly imperfect just as you are. Never change be blue, be you. Love yourself unconditionally and allow many room for an eternity of mistakes. Never apologize for being yourself. Love yourself always, and everything will fall into place. Don’t dream your life live your dreams ya.

2022 My Body Now

Hi there, Lovelies, and how are you? I’m doing great, thankful to be able to see another day. Of course, I hope you are doing great too. Lovelies, it is the month of August, and that means it is almost our perfectly imperfect birthday. Loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran .com will be seven years old on August 18, 2022. 

Happy Birthday To Our Very Own Happily Ever After.

Ya, World Fitters, on August 18, 2015, I was born love you queen. World Fitters, ourself love journey all begin on that perfectly imperfect day. At the time, I was very uncertain about my very own existence. I was truly madly, deeply unhappy with my appearance, and I knew something had to change. 

With love from Franchy.

Sweet Lovelies, the most beautiful, wonderful thing, happened when I begin thinking about how I’m not alone. I thought about all beauties going through the same body disturbance of love. At some point, I was feeling really low about myself. I truly madly didn’t love myself. To be honest, I was even thinking about committing suicide. Ya, it was that bad, Lovelies. This whole website was created as a safe place for all of us just to be ourselves. I will never tell you, you need to lose weight as that is none of my business. Your weight is your business, and none of mine truly.

Mine weight is my business.

Ya, quite literally, my Lovelies, my weight is my business. Yes, I have turned my bad experience into a business. I remembered how badly and alone I felt, and I truly madly deeply wanted to help others going through the same thing. People were just rude and were not concerding how I was feeling at all. It was like my true personal feelings didn’t matter. Like I didn’t matter. I remember one neighbor who kept bothering me about my big belly. For instance, he would keep asking me if I was pregnant, knowing I wasn’t. People have feelings, and yes, they are 100% valid.

How is your body now Franchy?

Right now my body is beautiful and I truly madly deeply love it. Yes, I do still want to work some more on my belly, but as for my weight, I’m just fine. I have changed some of my bad eating habits. For instance, I no longer eat at McDonald or Burger King. Additionally, I have cut a lot back on eating junk food. Overall what I have learned is that it has to be your choice. You have to want to do it for yourself.

My happily ever after.

Lovelies you are my happily ever after. Just knowing I can be helping you in any way truly madly deeply is a blessing. This weblog was created with you in mind. Never feel shy to leave a comment and let us help one another or feel free to contact me directly. I’m always here to help ya. In conclusion, don’t dream your life live your dream. Have a blessed day or night. I love you all.

2022 Searching Your Perfect Imperfection Of Sweet Love.

Hi Lovelies, Good morning. How are you all doing? I’m doing awesomely well hope you are doing well too. Today I was all over the internet searching this searching that. I’m always on the lookout for more ways to grow my perfectly imperfect business. Additionally, I have been working a lot on my new site. Which is an online magazine. This is my latest newest site and I must say I’m very proud of it. I will leave a link in the comment section and I would really appreciate it if you will have a looksie. Lovelies I have been online for a very long time. I remember when I was 18 or 19 years old when my house finally started using the internet. It was one computer that each of us must take turns using. During that time I was nowhere online. When I was chatting there was not even one picture for me to show how I look. Now search my name and you see many wonderful beautiful pictures of me all around the interweb. This is similar to how weight loss often begins with Lovelies.

When I was overweight my body changed and so did my perfectly imperfect view of myself. This of course was often helped with rude comments from people constantly reminding me how much better I looked when I was skinny. There was this guy who I thought was my friend who was constantly bothering me about my big belly and how I needed to lose it so I would look sexy again. It was truly madly deeply soul-breaking to constantly hear about others’ opinions about my body. This is my body moreover my business and none of yours I would say over teary eyes. Needless to say, ya I wanted to lose the weight fast. Nevertheless, that is not how weight loss naturally occurs. Like my perfectly imperfect internet Franchy Fame it would first start as nowhere in sight then it would slowly come off inch by inch. With the internet and social media, it is so easy to compare our perfectly imperfect bodies to other Beautiful Sweet Soul Angels. There are pictures upon pictures of weight loss all over the interweb. Nonetheless, Sweet Lovely, your weight loss can look absolutely different from your friends and family. It can take a lot longer than expected and that is perfectly ok. Don’t rush your perfect happily ever after. Be blue be you whatever that might be. Always love yourself and all your perfect imperfections. Sweet Lovelies I just wanted to share my sweet thoughts as I thought this is something many of us experience from time to time. How many times are we searching for this particular thing but end up on a beautiful model’s page on Instagram? World Fitters, I would say between all of us that would be many times. Like today I was just searching and it was truly madly deeply amazing all the wonderful things that I found. Inevitably I came across a beautiful girl that I wished I look like. Lovelies let me tell you, you are enough just as you are. While you are doing all these searches remember the most important things you can only find deep down in your beautiful sweet heart. Have a lovely day. Chabella, bye Beauties.

Self Love Is Your Happily Ever After.

Self-love. What is that?

Self-love is the love I truly madly deeply have for you my darling.

Once upon a midsummer nights stream, I just could not see the beauty that had always been there. A beauty so effortless with sweet hope.

Self-love. What is that?

Self-love is truly madly deeply accepting all your faults and all your perfect imperfections and loving yourself still till your very last breath.

Self-love. What is that?

Self-love is a journey to your very own happily ever after. An eternal love that is truly everlasting. Additionally, an inspiring heart that sweetly reminds you to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream.

Self-love. What is it?

Self-love is everywhere and anywhere. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, it is truly madly deeply up to you to open your beautiful heart. Moreover opening your beautiful blue eyes to all the wonderful possibilities. Sweet Lovely live the life you truly madly deeply always wanted. Carpe diem seize the wonderful day. Darling let’s dance to our very own happily ever after mmmmmmmm ya.

True love truly madly starts from within. Love yourself, Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, and always believe in your beautiful sweet dreams mmmmmmmmmm ya.

Today Is The Day Lovelies.

Today I start a brand new blue of me. Full of wonderful possibilities as far as my beautiful blue eyes can see.

Today I start my day with a beautiful smile. With a promise to make the most of my very own perfectly imperfect life. For tomorrow is truly madly deeply never promised. Tomorrow may never come.

Today I count my many blessings and decide to live my life exactly as I choose. No regrets just with a warm heart that is truly madly deeply ready to love.

Today I celebrate myself and all my perfect imperfections. No, I’m not perfect for I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. Nevertheless, I love me always. Realizing all my struggles and failures were really created to make me a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Today I live my life like it is the last day until my very own happily ever after. I dance like no one is watching. I sing like my lungs go on infinitely. I love like this can be my very last chance to tell you I love you. I always have.

Today I closed my beautiful blue eyes forevermore. I’m surrounded by loved ones here to say their goodbyes. Nevertheless, I’m truly madly deeply content. For I lived like each day could be my last and today is that very day. Suddenly all the ghosts of last year’s past begin surrounding me with great big smiles on their faces. For I truly lived life just as I should with no regrets. The sweet angels all begin helping me out. Helping me get to my very own happily ever after. I look back at my beautiful loved ones. They now all were smiling and waving at me. I smiled and said one last time don’t dream your life live your dream. While disappearing into the light.

Sweet Lovelies this too can be your story some day. You can live the life you truly madly deeply always wanted to live. I know things may not be as you like just always remember this too shall past. Sweet Lovelies dont dream your life live your dream. Create your very own happily ever after now and forevermore ya I love you so much.

2022 Franchys Self Love Writing.

Hi Lovelies, how do you do? Good morning, I truly madly deeply hope you are having a great day mmmmmmmm ya. Lovelies as some of you may know that I’m currently trying to resurrect all of my websites. Which is no easy task as I really have a lot. Nevertheless, I truly love them all with my sweet Franchy heart. Each blog represents special sweet pieces of me ya. World Fitters every article was truly madly deeply written straight from the heart wanting to help you all. As you all know there are no real shortages of problems in the world. We all are going through something and not all of us will truly make it where we really want to be. Lovelies for as long as I could remember where I want to be is on my bed with a pen in hand, writing my very own perfectly imperfect happily ever after.

Ya Lovelies before I joined wealthy affiliate I have created the lovely beautiful blog my earning life. To be honest I have been writing since I was in junior high school. As a matter of fact, I still remember getting my first work published when I was 12 years of age. To be frank, my whole business was created because of my love of writing and wanting to share my Franchy ideas with the world. I know this weblog is about my self-love journey nonetheless, we can’t continue talking about self-love without discussing what is truly near and dear to my Franchy heart my lovely writing. Growing up being very shy and not too sure how to express myself writing was my escape. I can say exactly what was on my Franchy mind with no difficulty like I had with words. Which is truly madly deeply beautiful I think. Sweet Lovelies you all are beautiful because it is truly because you all that I’m living my wonderful beautiful dreams. Have a great day. I also wanted to say I love you and being you is the most beautiful thing ever truly. Stay blessed always ya.

2022 Franchys Water Challenge.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing? I’m doing alright I can’t complain ya. Ya Lovelies life can truly madly be difficult and it is not always easy to be happy. Nevertheless, life is always what you make of it. You can create your very own happily ever after when you please to bring the blue back in your eyes. Lovelies speaking of creating. I have been struggling with unwanted belly bloat. Yes, I lost weight but losing my belly is not easy, to say the least. Especially now that I’m going through my women’s issues. World Fitters, I literally look like I’m pregnant. I need to take some pictures for my modeling business but I cant because my belly is really big. As the majority of my outfits will not fit me. Do you guys go through the same ordeal with belly bloat? Do you have any suggestions to help me out? If you do please comment below and tell me all about it. Lovelies we are here to help each other to create our very own perfectly imperfect bodies. I will share my perfectly imperfect results in a later post mmmmmmm ya. So Lovelies I think that drinking water will help with my bloated belly.

If you Lovelies know me then you know I truly madly deeply have difficulty drinking water. I have tried a thousand of times to drink water more regularly and each time I have failed. I think it is because when I was in my home country Haiti I was always drinking water that turned me off forevermore. Now I just drink juices and tea. The good thing is I rarely drink soda. So World Fitters for the New Year I would like to give “Franchys Water Challenge” another go. I have tried to succeed previous years and had unfortunately given up each time. This year I truly madly deeply would like to change that. Actually I would like to succeed and permanently improve my Franchy water intake. Sweet Lovelies I would like to make it public on my blog so that I can also inspire you to live a healthier life for 2022. Lovelies what will happen is I will post a weekly short blog on how I’m doing . That way you too can keep up on how I’m doing and hold me accountable. Lets do it Lovelies!! I will see you all next Tuesady with my weekly update ya.

2022 Franchys Self Care Love Be Beautiful.

Hi Lovelies good morning, bonjour. How are you all doing this wonderful glorious morning in Tinsel town? I’m doing alright truly madly deeply can’t complain. Today I was having a good inner love conversation with my beautiful Franchy self. As you guys may know for a very long time I truly madly deeply didn’t love myself and all my perfect imperfections. I just felt really unattractive and felt I was really ugly. Which inevitably lead me to not really care for my beauty. I really became what I thought about and truly became unattractive. Lovelies when I say love yourself and all your perfect imperfections I really mean it from the bottom of my Franchy heart. As I saw what really not loving yourself could do.

Lovelies what it could do is take the wonderful blue off your eyes, therefore, closing your beautiful eyes to all the wonderful possibilities. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel the possibilities are endless if you truly madly deeply believe. Ya Lovelies I believe in second chances so I’m taking care of my beauty now and forevermore. Between my modeling and new relationship, it is becoming imperative to stay looking beautiful. Lovelies take care of your mental health as it can truly havoc on your very own perfectly imperfect self-care. If you don’t love yourself you simply won’t look your best it is truly as simple as that. World Fitters, I do realize depression can be really hard to get over. As sometimes you are not even able to get off the bed. I truly hope by me sharing my struggles you no longer feel alone World Fitters.

Lovelies never feel alone because you are not. There is someone else going through a difficult time who needs some love and understanding. Take care of the way you feel on the inside Sweet Lovelies. As the biggest pain comes from deep within. Look the very best you can possibly each and every day for yourself. Create your very own happily ever after. Don’t dream your life live your dream. Have a great day and stay beautiful.

Forgive Someone And Create Your Happily Ever After In Loving Memory Of Victoria Ruvolo.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing this beautiful wonderful morning? I’m doing alright just sick from my perfectly imperfect women issues. Thank you for caring enough to ask how I was doing Lovelies ya. Today I wanted to talk about what has always been in my mind while I was growing up in New York. As you guys may know I came to the US at 8 years old. At about 10 years old I was teased mercilessly by kids about my crossed eyes. I was told that I was ugly and from that time on I always felt I was ugly. I would go home crying. Likewise, that insecurity followed me through my Franchy adulthood. Which inevitably lead me to get into a lot of unhealthy relationships. The guys didn’t love me and I didn’t truly feel that I deserve any better how sad is that? I think it is very sad actually. I remember my so-called friend setting me up with a guy that was absolutely horrid and I stayed. I was unhappy and I stayed. I just didn’t truly feel beautiful.

Lovelies I came across a story about an absolutely beautiful woman that made me change my Franchy thinking on what is beautiful? The story took place in Long Island New York at Ronkonkoma. This 40-year-old woman called Victoria Ruvolo was driving home from a family event during the Thanksgiving holidays. When this teenager throws a 20-pound frozen turkey through her windshield. The turkey and broken glasses struck the woman directly on her face. When the police finally realized what happened they did an investigation and found out it was a local teenager that was responsible for the tragic accident. The court was going to give the teenager 25 years for the pain he cost Victoria Ruvolo. But what was truly madly deeply beautiful was that Victoria asked the court to give the youngster the least minimum time which was just 6 months. After all this, she just wanted to move on with her perfectly imperfect life and didn’t see the point in making the kid be locked away for 25 years. That is really beautiful and I was truly madly deeply touched. She is really beautiful. She has a really beautiful soul. She may not be attractive on the outside but on the inside where it truly counts she is gorgeous. Sweet Lovelies be beautiful where it truly counts. We all are beautiful and don’t let the fact that you are not model beautiful depress you. You can make a difference in someone’s perfectly imperfect life and be the change you want to see. Hope this story inspires you as much as it inspired me. Have a wonderful day mmmmmmmm ya.

Forgive someone today in Victorias Ruvolo memory.” March 12, 1960 to March 25, 2019.

Franchys Update Promise Of Sweet Love.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing? I’m doing all right just feeling sick from my women’s issues. Nevertheless, my commitment to producing great content is always somewhere close to my heart. My promise of writing daily content is not always easy as I don’t always have something exciting happening to me personally. I’m just a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel trying to live my very best life ever. Nonetheless, I do try my best to publish as much as I can. Moreover, I know in the past my postings have not always been consistent. Yes, I do a lot and sometimes it is truly madly deeply difficult to turn my laptop on and begin writing sweet pieces of me. This is why in 2022 I have made the promise to my Franchy dreams to bring new blue life to all my websites and I will do it this year. Likewise, my commitment to self-love is truly madly deeply renewed each and every new year.

Ya Lovelies this website is all about my journey of self-love to help you with any difficulty you may also be experiencing as well. Life is hard and I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. I have made a lot of mistakes throughout my Franchy life and I’m sure I will continue doing some more mistakes. I never write under the pretense that I know everything. Rather than we are all learning together and truly giving guidance to each other. There will never be any judgment here. You are free to be your absolute true self. Whatever that mate be. Sweet Lovelies I remember when I was big. I was always feeling so uncomfortable. I truly felt great shame for becoming big. I felt so ugly and so unattractive. For so long I did not weigh myself. Until I visited the doctor because I was not feeling good. He weighs me after so long of me not doing so. I was so nervous Lovelies. Then I learned I was 5’5 and 173 pounds. From that day on November 1, 2016, I began my self-love journey. Lovelies love yourself don’t let the scale define you. Love yourself no matter what. I will continue being here for you all. I love you all ya.

Sweet Lovelies the moment you realize how beautiful you truly madly deeply are thats when you truly madly deeply realize that your happily ever after has been there now an forevermore. Carpe diem size the beautiful wonderful day. Live today like it is your last. Dont drem your life live your dreams. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like your vocal cords go on infinately. Love like your heart is everlasting and always sending sweet love. For this is your very own perfectly imerfect life make every breath count mmmmmmmmm ya.