2018 Franchys Apptastic Body

Hello World Fitters!

Franchy here, how are you doing in the world?  I’m ok just feeling a bit under the weather trying to fight this cold of mine. I hope you are healthy and are doing well. Even though my body is not able to perform at its peak Franchy performance I still managed to get some work out in.

Staying motivated and continually sticking to my exercise and watching what I eat is never easy it is a continual struggle. Like a drug addict trying to maintain his/ her sobriety. In fact, there still are many days that I don’t want to get up and exercise. I get lazy and just want to have a chill kind of day. As you guys may or may not know I work from home so it is easy to say I will exercise tomorrow and never do. After two years of being on my weight loss journey, things can get pretty dull, to say the least. So what exactly help Franchy stay motivated and keep the weight off? A great question right? World Fitters I thought you could use some motivation to help you stick to your own weight loss journey. In today’s post, I will write about the apps I use to help me stay on track of my perfectly imperfect body. I hope that helps you stay motivated and help you create your own perfectly imperfect body.

The first app that I wanted to discuss is Achievement. Achievement rewards you for being healthy and taking care of your perfectly imperfect body. When you get 10000 points you are able to cash out for a $10 PayPal reward. I find the points I get (though small) very motivating and also helps you to keep track of how much progress you are making. World Fitters I will be honest you won’t make a lot of money with this app but its extra cash that you can use doing things you may be already doing anyway. If you’re interested in creating an account change your life here.

These next apps I wanted to discuss are MyfittnessPal, and MapMyFittness. Although you don’t get cash rewards for using these apps you get rewarded by being able to create your perfectly imperfect body. Both apps allow you to log in your workouts so that you know exactly how you’re doing. They both also have their own sense of community that can help you stay motivated.  In addition, MyFittnessPal has a food diary and a regular diary that you can share with the public to get the help that you need.

There is one last app that I use to help me to stay focus, the app is called Higi. Higi used to pay their uses for their healthy lifestyles then decided providing a wellness tracker at selected stores near you is rewarding enough. I must admit I agree with that rewards come in many shapes and sizes just like our bodies. Now Higi has challenges in which people can compete to win sweepstakes. Two lucky people have a chance to win each challenge. Overall I feel Higi is a good way to stay motivated. I don’t feel money is the best motivation as it can lose it’s value quickly. However, the sense of community and acceptance these apps can bring are priceless and could last for a lifetime.

World Fitters though it felt like it took a lifetime to learn to love my perfectly imperfect body. I’m happy to have finally made my peace. To many of us hate our bodies, surgery has become too prevalent. I hope these apps give you the peace of mind that has eluded you for so many years. Get fit and rewarded! Nonetheless, I feel you are the one who can truly reward yourself. Be good to yourself, love yourself World Fitters. Bye, my lovelies have a wonderful day or night in the world.






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