Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 47

Sometimes all you have is your sanity and you don’t want to kill it with all the stress caused by your life.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hi there World Fitters

How are you? I myself am ok but to be honest there have been something going through my mind very recently. Whats that Franchy you asked? Well, it’s about google+ I just find out they are shutting down their social site on April the second. I was really surprised to find that out, I’ve been struggling with that fact ever since. I desperately need my Franchy sanity to come back its normal ASAP.

Sometimes all you have is your sanity and you don’t want to kill it with all the stress caused by your life. World Fitters sometimes I feel everything is against me at times just as you finally figure something out the rug gets pulled right from under you. I was just getting back to posting more regularly on google+ and other social media when this suddenly happened. I have several google+ accounts to help me market my business Frans Online Business INC now they all will be gone soon. Google+ shutting their doors is all bittersweet as I’m opening my doors to a successful business is all a bit ironic, isn’t it? World Fitters I’ve surprised myself by not going completely mad with stress. Normally I would’ve been so stressed that I would not be penning this daily journal for you all. My other blogs as well would’ve been affected. Furthermore, the stress would be hurting this beautiful woman I have come to know as me. I have come to realize all the harmful things I’m doing to my body by putting so much pressure on myself. Google+ closing have nothing to do with me personally but I would make it as such with the stories floating through my stressed out mind. I’m learning a new way of thinking. Just figure out the problem and find a way to quickly resolve it is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you can’t do anything about it just let it go! I have to give credit to “Calm” the meditating app which have been helping me to transform my thinking to create a better Franchy. In another post, I will talk more about calm and you will see if it too can turn your life around. I also want to give thanks to God without him I wouldn’t be here blogging my life. Additionally I would like to thank you World Fitters for listening to me and giving me support as I share my perfectly imperfect life with you all. Have a blessed day or night in the world.