2022 Franchys Happily Ever After Check List.

Hi, Lovelies good morning to you ya. How are you all doing this wonderfully beautiful morning? I’m doing alright actually praise God. I’m slowly but surely getting some work done as we speak. Lovelies I’m truly madly deeply trying to live my dream instead of dreaming my life. Ya one of my dreams is to work from home growing my two perfectly imperfect businesses. Thankfully I’m able to do just that. I wake up out of my bed and in less than two minutes really I’m at my Franchy home office. Which is right next to my bed. Lovelies I live in a basement apartment here in New York. I have limited space so I do the best I can. Hence this wonderfully beautiful office.

Lovelies is that not what everyone does? Doing their very best. Well, I think it is. With inflation increasing the prices of food and other things. Doing our very best is truly madly deeply all that we can do to remain sane. Talk about remaining sane. Lovelies I would wake up in the morning and start stressing about all that I have to do for the perfectly imperfect day. I have many business and life responsibilities that I have to care for daily. For instance, texting my babe in the morning and seeing how his day is going thus far. Likewise, you have many things to care for as well. Are you married with kids? Or maybe you are an only child that has to care for your ailing parents. Perhaps you also are a business owner struggling to make the most use of your very own perfectly imperfect time. Lovelies are you going through different difficulties that I did not mention? Comment them below and get the support that you truly need ya. Beauties I do pray daily for everyone to be creating their very own happily ever after. Additionally, to prayer, I have recently found “Microsoft To-Do.” Where you can make a list of all the things you need to do for the day. Ya Lovelies “Microsoft To-Do” really helps me stay on track of all the things I need to do. It’s only available with Microsoft. Look for the app and install it. I also recommend Calm meditation. That is great for relieving stress and helping you stay focused on what truly matters.

What truly matters is that you are happy and you are living your very best life ever mmmmmmmm ya. I love sharing with you all so that you can learn from my past mistakes and make better decisions. This website is always here to support you no matter what. Feel to try out my sweet suggestions and let me know if they worked for you. I never ask for donations (except for go fund me) my only reward is that I have made a difference in your perfectly imperfect life. Take care and be well mmmmmmmm ya.

From Francesca Etheart INC 😘🤩😍😍🥰🥰💖💖💕💕