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Hi, Lovelies I just wanted to write something different from my usual self-love inspirational blog posts. So this post is a bit of a rant on romance and relationships as a whole.

As some of you guys may know from my other lovely entries I’m a hopeless romantic. When I truly love I give my all and do what it takes to make my man happy. As of late, I was in a really bad relationship. He hurt me really bad and now I’m just having a really difficult time trusting any man. For instance, I have not been intimate when any man for 3 years. No serious relationships either. I guess part of me has given up on sweet love. Nevertheless, I still hope someday I will find the one to set my soul on fire. Here is a poem for him.

Darling as I lay next to you, you are holding me oh so tightly never wanting to let me go. Last night we became one so many times an eternal flame of sweet desire refusing to be burned out. Darling my love for you is truly madly deeply eternal. For sickness and for health till death will we part. Lets make love again to reasure you that my love for you will never die or end.

My sweet heart Francesca Darling.

Lovelies I’m trying to be in a new relationship but how does one know he is the one? Yes, my heart is beating for him and I care a lot about him truly. I just don’t want to get hurt again.

Every so often you have to take chances and hope it leads you to your very own happily ever after. Darling you are my happiness. You are my everything. I love you so.

Just my Franchy Rant 😘😘💕💕😍😍

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