MY LIFE MY STORY (My Life, My Journey)

Upon getting new eyes I saw what I was not seeing. What I was not seeing was what a beautiful and capable women I have become!

My eyes the bluest I have ever seen. Sky is not the limit. Spread your wings World Fitters fly fly away. See your true beauty, your true self.

Open your eyes to all of the possibilities. This life is yours!

Your beautiful, stop your low self esteem now!

Smiling through life!


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Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
a) Yes I do.
b) No I don’t.
c) I use to but not now.
d) Low self esteem is weak.
e) Yes a little.
f) I’m working on my self-esteem.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello World Fitters! It is now October I’m still at it, still going strong! This year I started at May I’ve been walking for 5 months. Doing about 5 or 6 laps a day. Yes I’ve worked hard. When people look at me and say I’m getting fat. I just shake my head because I know I work hard on my body. For instance I went walking outside yesterday even though it was cold. Now that’s a big deal for me. You guys know how much I hate the cold.

My advice this week World Fitters is believe in yourself. You’ll only succeed if you believe you will. Take what people say about your weight with a “grain of salt.” Yes sometimes people mean well and truly want to help. Contrastingly other people want to hurt you with their words. Don’t let them, be strong, don’t let their opinions define who you are. After all they are opinions not facts. No one have lived your life but you. No one have witness first hand how it is to be you, so therefore no one can judge you.

Since I’ve gain the weight. I’ve been told so many opinions about my weight. Some like it, some hate it. That shouldn’t have affected me to the point I hate my body. To go day in and day out not feeling beautiful and comfortable in my skin was devastating. “If you don’t love yourself no one will” may sound like a cliche, it holds true even today. World Fitters love yourself. You’re the one person that will never disappoint yourself. I hope you guys loved this blog posts. Please comment below and let me know what you think. Bye, bye now!

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My Life My Story

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Dressing Your Weight (My Life, My Journey)

Life Can Be Truly Beautiful When You Truly Madly Deeply Love Yourself

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Hello World Fitters Fran here! We all know our weight loss goals fluctuate. Everyday is a different weight loss journey. Here’s my weight loss journey.

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Quick Poll

How does wearing your best clothes make you feel?

a) Sexy.

b) Like a million bucks.

c) Self conscious and unattractive.

d) Happy and fulfilled.

e) Sad and unhappy.

f) Like I look my best.

My Weekly Shapely

Hello there World Fitters! Gosh I just had a huge weight lifted of my chest. What am I talking about you may be wondering? Well again I revisited my weight issues. This time I went deeper into the problem. I finally truly see what peoples opinion about my weight have done to me.

I haven’t been my true happy self in a while. I wasted a lot of time not loving myself not loving my body. I speak from the heart when I say that you gotta love your body in order to succeed. I know I sound like a broken record but it is true.

I don’t know anyone who has succeed without loving themselves. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for reading my articles. Coming here and writing my thoughts down has really helped me. I hoped it have help you as well. As for my exercise I exercise six days this week. as I’m currently under the weather, so I’ve been taking it easy.

I highly recommend just because you are sick doesn’t mean not to workout at all. Still workout just take it easy. Working out will help you feel a little better. I hope next week I feel better. Until then World Fitters enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love your friend Francesca! Bye! Bye!

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Terry Schiavo Weight Less And Unfulfilled

Good afternoon World Fitters! Yesterday was the 11th year anniversary of Terry Schiavo death. You know her as the face of end of life care. On march 18, 2005 Terry’s feeding tube was removed. On march 31, 2005 she took her last breath and became weight less. “I kept my promise”  was what her husband said to her. On the last day of march it’s clear a lot of promises were broken. He lied she died! Lets revisit unfulfilled promises. This is Terry Schiavo story.

Theresa Marie Schindler was the name of an angel who was born on December 3, 1963. Today she would’ve been 52 years old. A life cut short indeed.  Terry Schiavo early life was marked by weight gaining issues. For instance by the time she was a teenager she weighed 200 pounds. Her parents wanted to raise her in a safe and loving home in a suburb of Philadelphia.  So when Terry mentioned to her parents about her desire to be at a more “normal weight” they took her to a doctor for help.

It turned out the doctor helped a lot because by the time Terry was in college she had lost 65 pounds. While she was in Bucks County Community College she met and fall in love with Michael Schiavo on 1982. The couple tied the knot on November 10, 1984.

Aahhhh nothing makes the world more beautiful then love. You know the feeling of endless days and nights that seem to go on infinitely. Aahhhhh that unmistakable feeling of love. Terry definitely loved Michael. From the moment she said I do she was his.

However there was a problem. Terry Schiavo was having problems with her weight again. She didn’t want to put back on the weight. So she self medicated herself by going on her own special diet. Terry’s special diet consisted of her drinking liquids such as Ice tea through out the day.

It’s this drinking of excessive liquid that led her to the events of that early Sunday morning. “In the early morning of February 25, 1990, Terry Schiavo collapsed in a hallway of her St. Petersburg, Florida, apartment.” It really is sad to hear that terry was starving herself. She no longer wanted to be the fat girl. Too bad it caused her her life.

World Fitters learn from Terry Schiavo mistakes.  “Love your body now.” Embrace your imperfections I know I do. Additionally I wanted to know what you thought of the right to die. Do you agree with her husbands and think Terry was already dead? Or do you have hope she would regain consciousness? Me myself I’m not against the fact that they kill Terry Schiavo. I’m just concern of the way they kill her. She starve to death. In my eyes they finished what she started. I’m curious to know what you think?

I’m thinking about you World Fitters! Love your friend Francesca. Bye! Bye!

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