MY LIFE MY STORY (My Life, My Journey)

Upon getting new eyes I saw what I was not seeing. What I was not seeing was what a beautiful and capable women I have become!

My eyes the bluest I have ever seen. Sky is not the limit. Spread your wings World Fitters fly fly away. See your true beauty, your true self.

Open your eyes to all of the possibilities. This life is yours!

Your beautiful, stop your low self esteem now!

Smiling through life!


Quick Poll:

Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
a) Yes I do.
b) No I don’t.
c) I use to but not now.
d) Low self esteem is weak.
e) Yes a little.
f) I’m working on my self-esteem.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello World Fitters! It is now October I’m still at it, still going strong! This year I started at May I’ve been walking for 5 months. Doing about 5 or 6 laps a day. Yes I’ve worked hard. When people look at me and say I’m getting fat. I just shake my head because I know I work hard on my body. For instance I went walking outside yesterday even though it was cold. Now that’s a big deal for me. You guys know how much I hate the cold.

My advice this week World Fitters is believe in yourself. You’ll only succeed if you believe you will. Take what people say about your weight with a “grain of salt.” Yes sometimes people mean well and truly want to help. Contrastingly other people want to hurt you with their words. Don’t let them, be strong, don’t let their opinions define who you are. After all they are opinions not facts. No one have lived your life but you. No one have witness first hand how it is to be you, so therefore no one can judge you.

Since I’ve gain the weight. I’ve been told so many opinions about my weight. Some like it, some hate it. That shouldn’t have affected me to the point I hate my body. To go day in and day out not feeling beautiful and comfortable in my skin was devastating. “If you don’t love yourself no one will” may sound like a cliche, it holds true even today. World Fitters love yourself. You’re the one person that will never disappoint yourself. I hope you guys loved this blog posts. Please comment below and let me know what you think. Bye, bye now!

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My Life My Story

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One thought on “MY LIFE MY STORY (My Life, My Journey)”

  1. You are absolutely right about not letting others define who you are Fran! Thank you so much for that. Sometimes we need to read or hear a little words of encouragement to make our day better! I too struggle with weight and people judge/criticize me for it. I know its not easy or fun but when we take that negativity and use it to change (not hide and cry about it) we can create amazing miracles! You are absolutely right and I don’t think it is cliche to say that the only person that can truly love us is ourself. Thank you again for the pick-me-up and inspiration Fran!

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