Eraceing Your Weight

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Prelude: I hope you guys noticed that I picked a beautiful full figure women as my feature image. I wanted you guys to know it is okay to be you. Race, color, weight, and all you don’t have to explain how you got to be that size. Erace self hate! The only person you got to answer to is god and yourself. In this blog I will show the relationship between your race and your weight.

Hola (Hello) World Fitters! I’m here bringing you the latest information on how to love your body and make it your own. Create the perfect body with proper exercise and watching what you eat. Is it possible after exercising and doing the right things that you can still be fat?

Maybe, perhaps there are other factors that can cause weight gain. Does fat have a color? What I mean is are certain races predispose to weight gain? Well that is what we will found out today. As you guys know from looking at my different pictures and videos on this site I’m African American. Now African Americans are known for having a curvy body. Most of our bodies are very voluptuous. Contrastingly Asians are mostly known for their thinner flatter physiques.

Of course there are exceptions to the rules. For example, I’ve seen some very voluptuous Asians and, some very thin African Americans. The culprit being a lot of mixing of the races.

Lets mix and match our different perspective on weight gain and race. It is apparent weight gaining is more prevalent amongst the African American race then the white. Let me say this straight away I don’t think your race have any effect on your weight. However your culture and the foods that are part of your culture have a bigger effect.

I think in so much areas of our life we make related to our race. Lets not make our weight be one of them. Weight gain is not racist it builds up on any race at any time. My own weight gain was not shy about picking me. It wasn’t racist at all. It came all of a sudden all at once.

Racism doesn’t have a part in our life nor of our weight. However there are special colors you can use to flatter your curves. Below are my frantastic weight flattering colors. Also check out my Dress your weight article design to make you look and feel your best!

My Frantastic Wear any Damn Color You Want:

By DeviantArt
By DeviantArt

My special message to you: It is almost summer or swim suit season. As a voluptuous full figure woman you shouldn’t shy away and cover your body up. Instead wear a fun color swimsuit  like a purple bikini and have some fun. Don’t let your size bring you down.

color weight 5

My special message to you: This summer polka dots are in. Let the world poke into your amazing fashion sense. Thats right “Curvy is Beautiful!” You are beautiful! Live, love live like tomorrow is not promise.

color weight 4

color weight 3

My special message to you: Sexy is in! Look red hot in the latest fashion. Compliment your outfit with red kissable lips. Just because there is more of you doesn’t mean your not sexy. In fact there is more sexiness! “Bring your sexy back this spring.”

fat dressing

My special message to you:  Bring out the best you with horizontal lines. Accentuate your outfit with a beautiful smile. Smile because you know your beautiful and your worth it. Smile because your alive to see another day.

dress weight 2

dress weight 3

My special message to you: “Sky’s the limit” wear the latest blue fashion and see there is no limit to what you can do. You are capable of great things. You are much more then your weight. Love every inch of you.

dancing blog 4

dress weight 4

My special message to you: Bring a little of sunshine back in your life with yellow clothing. There is nothing like cheerful colors that can brighten your days. Life is hard I understand that you cant always smile. So let your clothes smile for you. Smile through your clothes.

My weightloss
My weightloss

The above article shows how color can help shape our life. We all need some meaning to our life.  Everything you do has a meaning including the clothes you wear. For instance wearing all black can signify a death in the family or depression. As I mention before I don’t think our race have an impact on our weight. Obesity doesn’t discriminate it embed itself right into our soul. “The eye is the window to our soul.” What do you see? See that you are a beautiful person inside out. Don’t let the number on a scale define who you are. “Be you always.”

Love your friend Francesca! Bye, Bye World Fitters!

Fran says check these out before we say our good byes:

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Your Mind Is Your Weight, Mind Your Body

Bonjour (Good Morning) World Fitters!  Good day to you! How is your day going? My day is going fine. Currently at my security job.  Looking outside as I pen this article. It’s going to be a lovely day today. The rest of the week is suppose to be nice too. I’m so excited spring is almost here. Next thing you know I will be back to my daily walking’s. Phew time does fly by! Summer is just around the corner gotta get my body ready.

Yes indeed! That’s why every chance I get I walk. I do use walking and other exercises to help build a body I’m comfortable with. It’s important to be proud of our body’s. It’s your temple that holds your soul. You must love and take good care of it, build the perfect body image.

It’s no secret obese people have a bad body image. For instance people staring and making them feel less then unworthy is no wonder they hate their bodies. This unrealistic body view can lead to more weight gain. In order for you to lose the weight permanently you have to have a realistic body image. For the record a size zero is not realistic. Moreover it is unhealthy to be a size zero.

If a size zero is not the perfect body then what is?  To me your perfect body is whatever size you “really” feel comfortable in. In case you didn’t notice I emphasize “really.” What I mean is that many of us don’t “really” know what is our comfortable weight. How so you may ask? Well we are too bombarded by magazines and TV views of beauty. Every where I look I see people that don’t look like me who are considered beautiful.


Am I beautiful i silently thought to my self? Which inevitably leads me to look  at my body next and my self-conscious rise by the second. Again the thought comes to my mind, how do I build the perfect body ? “Mind body and soul” that’s right it all starts with your mind.

Weight loss really begins in the brain. For you to lose weight you have to start with your thinking.  Your thinking is most likely responsible for the weight gain in the first place . So how do you build the perfect body? You build the perfect body by changing the way you think about your body. How do you do that?  I have just the thing. Below is my mind-blowing list to help keep of the pounds.

Fran’s Mind Blowing Weight Loss:

  • Your Thinking: I’m so fat and ugly.
  • Reality Hits: Your not fat just bloated from a big meal you just ate while watching Americas Next Top Model.
  • Your Thinking: I can’t do this look at those beautiful people who are so skinny.
  • Reality Hits: Your beautiful too! Fat does not equal ugly. You can do this you just have to try harder!
  • Your Thinking: My boyfriend broke up with me because I’m fat!
  • Reality Hits: Your boyfriend broke up with you because he was overwhelm with too much to love and probably had his own insecurities. It’s not your fault your too hot to handle.
  • Your Thinking: I’m fat because I eat.
  • Reality Hits: You are fat because you eat the wrong foods and don’t get enough exercise in.
  • Your Thinking: Oh My God I’m So Fat no one will ever love me.
  • Reality Hits: If you don’t think you are capable of being love the guys will agree. Trust me there is someone for everyone. You just have to find your someone be patient.
  • Your Thinking: I’ll just stop eating and watch the weight drop of.
  • Reality Hits: Actually starving yourself will only slow down your metabolism and also affect other body functions. You’ll lose your zest for life. The blue in your eyes will be gone!

So did I blow your mind? I hope so! The above list showed you what you mate be thinking and the truth about your thinking. Please understand I build the list base on my own life experiences. You have a different life then me. So I’m sure your list would be different. Please share your list or your thoughts on the list below. I would love to hear your point of view. Share your life with us. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. I will see you World Fitters Later. Have a great weekend.

Love your friend Francesca, bye bye World Fitters!

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How To Spring Up Your Weight Loss Forever Now!


Spring is in the air World Fitters. I can practically hear the birds singing and smell the flowers. Well almost! I can happily say that winter is almost over.

Yes! I can’t wait to kiss winter good bye along with last years extra pounds! If your like me when spring hits a signal go off in your mind and say alright sister time to spring down your weight.

What I mean is it’s time to get rid of that last stubborn fat! You know what I’m talking about that last extra pound you can’t seem to get rid off. For instance you can’t seem to get your stomach as flat as you deserve. I know how frustrating that can be working hard and still be unsuccessful. Don’t lose hope work harder that way spring and your weight will be a frantastic experience. Below are My Frantastic Spring Weight Loss Hacks:

My Frantastic Spring Weight Loss Hacks

  1. A long romantic stroll- When it gets warmer you can begin to take your workouts outside. One great workout that I wanted to mention is walking. Walking is a good way to clear your mind. Why not have a spring romance with nature? I think nature is the most beautiful in spring which makes romance more attractive. So fresh and brand new. Makes you feel like you’re starting all over again. A brand new beginning.
  2. Put a price on your food- We all know there is a price to pay for certain foods. For instance if you eat at McDonald’s for a whole week the price to pay is that you will gain a couple of pounds. It only seems natural to put a price on your food right? At least I think so. What I mean is if you don’t eat your cupcakes give yourself some points for not eating the cupcake. Similarly if you eat a salad instead of a donut give yourself some points as well. The points can be redeem for cash.  Which you can buy whatever you want. Call it your weight loss haul!
  3. Spring up your goals- Write down all your hopes and aspirations for the spring. Remember there is no such thing as a dream being too big. Make your dreams a reality. After you finish writing down your goals, cut your goals into small pieces and put them in a medium size jar. Then next to that jar place an other jar this time it’s for money. You see each piece of paper have an amount. Each time you complete the goal you put the money amount in the jar. This reward system will really help you see you weight loss in a whole different perspective. I think it is important you reward yourself for the weight you have loss. After all we spend way too much time putting our self down and not enough time rewarding ourselves.
  4. Your weight loss furry friend-  If your overweight the chances are your furry companion is also fat. The reason for this is that we impose our weight on our pets. As a matter fact we literally feed them our fats. For instance you’re eating your hot dog and your dog is giving you the sweetest puppy eyes. I know you just couldn’t resist those eyes. So off the hot dog went to the floor. My suggestion is control you food intake, than you will be able to control what your pet eats. Similarly help your pet lose weight and get rewarded with your own weight loss. Your furry companion weight goes hand in hand with your weight. For example, your pet needs a walk. So take him or her for a walk and also get some exercise in. For more ways to  help your pets get in shape visit YOUR PETS AND YOU.
  5. Water is your life force- Remember your parents always annoying you by telling you to drink water? I know I remember. Did you know your parents were absolutely right? I know I didn’t think they were right. But it’s true drinking water does not just hydrate you it helps you feel full faster. That’s right eat less with water.  From my experience when I drink water with a meal I became full faster. Therefore I ate less which inevitably cause me to lose weight. Yes it really is that simple. Drink water with each meal to feel fuller faster. You know I try to show you losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. That you too can lose weight it’s not just a fantasy but rather a dream that wants to be fulfilled.

I hope you have enjoyed my spring weight loss hacks World Fitters. Summer is just around the corner I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. Feel sexy wearing the latest trends this summer. Love your body! I don’t want to see anyone of you in prison by the four walls of you bedroom. Thats not living. “Live your life to the fullest.” You never know how much time you have on this earth. Be safe World Fitters have a wonderful weekend!

Love Francesca your friend!

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Fulfill Your Love World Fitters

love fat 2

Hi World Fitters! How is life? My life right now is okay planning a big move in April. Which I will tell you about when it happens. As things would have it I have something to say. I wanted to say love your fat. If you don’t love your fat don’t expect other people to love your fat. I don’t mean if your fat you shouldn’t lose weight. What I mean is love your fat enough to be okay to lose it. What is love? To me love is unconditional acceptance for who and what you are.

Do you feel love World Fitters? Do you think love has a weight, that after a certain weight you are not capable of love? Well I’m here to tell you that is not so. There  are some fat lovers out there. No I’m not talking about the guys that have a fetish for big women. Some guys truly prefer their women with some meat on them. Frankly who can blame them fat women are every bit as sexy as skinny women.

So just what is it that man find desirable about extra love handles. Extra love handles means more to love and touch. Of course we are soft to the touch. Plus size women does just that add to your life.

Frantastic Plus Size Curves 

  1. Inspires creativity in all areas of life.
  2.  More soft spots to touch.
  3.  My own personal chief.
  4.  Plus size best for cuddle sessions.
  5.  More lay back during meals.
  6.  Never kiss and tell loyal till the end.
  7.  Plus size women are always good pillows to lay on, when you have had a long day.
  8.  Will keep your heart warmer.
  9.  Keeping you happy is my life.
  10.  You please me more.
  11.  I have curves that goes on infinitely.
  12.  I need you more.

World Fitters I hope the above list has shown you that love doesn’t have a weight. There are still a man out there for you. You just have to keep looking in the right places. Just because your body is more fulfilled doesn’t mean you don’t need love. We all need someone to love us unconditionally to hold and touch us. Here is what I have to say about you all:

Franchy Says

  • You are beautiful don’t worry.
  • You just have more to love about you.
  •  Your body is fatbulous don’t let anyone tell you differently.
  •  Perfection is no longer in style.
  •  Your body size makes it a wonderland.
  •  Love your body no matter what.
  •  Always remember you are love.
  • is always here for you.

That’s all I have to say for now World Fitters. However as time goes by I will add to both list. We are always growing and changing . Life is not the same today nor was it yesterday. understands that life is always changing and is also changing. Check here every Friday for new posts. If you have something you want me to add to the lists comment below and let me know. Also comment to say hi and let me know how you are doing. Love yourself World Fitters. I’ll see you next week. Have a wonderful weekend, love always Francesca! Bye! Bye!

PS: Check out my post “RELATIONSHIPS AND YOUR WEIGHT.” I feel my post will help send cupid your way. Love yourself and then you will find someone who feels the same way.

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