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How are you this beautiful day, night in the world? Me I’m fine thankfully, just penning this beautiful article just for you. Today I wanted to write about an under rated country, Haiti. In case it had slept your mind I’m Haitian, I talk all about  that in my about me page.


Yes I’m Haitian I know, I know I don’t look Haitian. What exactly does a Haitian looks like? Dark skin, and not well dress you may say.  The previous Inclinations are just a tip of the iceberg of the different presumption about my country. Today I wanted to take a brake from carving the perfect you instead I wanted to talk about something so dear and near to my heart, Haiti.


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti currently share the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. While the two Island are right next to each other they mate as well be a world apart. Why you mate ask? I say that because the Dominican Republic has more advantage than their neighbor.



Haiti disadvantages are known throughout the world. News of Haitians needing help are heard often. The countries most recent cry for humanitarian aide was executed during the Hurricane Matthew storm. Another disastrous weather was the earthquake of 2010, both deadly storms caused a lot of Haitians their life. Please pray for Haiti to rise again.


Yes I hope Haiti will rise again. Some many days have passed, so many hours have come to  pass and we still haven’t rise. The time is now, Ayiti Cheri let’s rise. In anticipation of Ayiti’s major accomplishments I will create a website in honor of Haiti the website will be called Fran’s Haiti Rise Again. Yes we will rise World Fitters. Thank you for joining me as I share this special part of me. Have a good week and stay bless.

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Hello World Fitters!


I’m just here at home on this lazy Friday. Fall has come to New York and the chilly air is keeping me hidden in my beautiful apartment. Have no fear I’ve come to bring you the latest post on loving your body. Below is a poem I have created for the days when it is chilly and you feel like using that as an excuse to hide the perfection that is your body.

My beautiful body.

I see you there, hidden underneath a bunch of clothes.

Starving for attention, starving for perfection.

Your perfection I can’t denied, you are in a class of your own.

Your mind you own, don’t know your true worth.

You own every shape magazine but you don’t love your shape.

#Your happiness shouldn’t be determined by the numbers you see on the scale.

True happiness comes from self acceptance.

True acceptance is knowing it’s going to rain and learning to dance in the rain.

Dance like you know you are watching

Whatching how every curve sway in a way to do justice to your true bueaty.

You are beautiful.

Love every curve that make up the beautiful perfection that is you.

Franchy note to you

World Fitters show the perfection that is your body no matter what the  season. Come here often for your daily dose of body positivity. Comment below and let me know what you are doing on this lazy Friday. Have a great weekend everyone from you neighborhood blogger.

Fall For Franchy

Hello World Fitters!

So It has happened, summer is over. I’m sure there is a question you are dying to ask me. What’s on your mind World Fitters? I was doing my workouts out doors what do I do now? I’m currently facing the same problem now. I’m about to switch my workouts from my lovely park to my even  lovelier apartment.  I recommend you do the same. There are plenty of workouts you can do from home.


Frantastic Home Workouts.

When it comes to your home getting in workouts can be tricky. For instance your favorite show can come on and you may feel its okay to ditch your daily workouts. With life somethings always comes up which is why it takes a lot of resolve to get up and exercise. So you need motivation.

Get Motivated With Franchy

There is nothing like a daily dose of motivation to get you going. As you guys know in order to keep you at your own perfect weight you need to be consistent. For you to remain consistent you need proper motivation hence this web-blog. That’s right, I’m here for you World Fitters. Each blog post is here to motivate you to be the best you that you can be. Additionally I have some more tips to help you stay motivated.


Fran Tips You

  1. My number one tip is that you gotta love yourself. With out self love whatever project you start your won’t succeed.
  2. My second tip is make technology your freind. Meaning there are a lot of fitness apps design to help you stay at your own special weight. For instance Pact, Pact is an app that pays you to be healthy. I’ve been using the app for a year now and they always pay me. To be honest you won’t become rich but you can make some extra cash for life daily expenses. Click here for more information.
  3. Another way technology can help to motivate you is by being your own personal coach. The product I’m referring to is Moov. Moov can help you push yourself to do your very best. I recently purchase the manufactured item from Amazon and it was a good experience. Stay tune for my blog post about my experience with Moov. If you also would like to purchase the electrical commodity click here.
  4. Lastly I suggest you use the best motivational tool that ever existed. Can you guess what that is World Fitters? You, you are your very own best motivational tool. It’s your body you have to live with it daily. Love your body take care of it, take pictures with each milestone and share it with social media. That will help you with your motivation as well as held you accountable for your body.


fall-weight-2me 2

In conclusion World Fitters it is your body, your life don’t let anyone body shame you. Shape your body the way you want. Have a great week. Thank you for joining me, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.