Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 17

Sometimes it’s better to be late then sorry and miss something special.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Day World Fitters!

So I went to go see the doctor today as I have not been feeling well. Unfortunately, I came too late and missed my appointment now I have to wait to see what’s been going on with my body. I must admit I’m a bit worried as I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving. I’m trying to worry less for the new year as that doesn’t make matters any better. Too much stress can lower your immune system and make you get even sicker. I hope you have been well World Fitters and I hope your health continues to improve throughout 2019. As for me I will have to wait until next Tuesday to see how I’m doing won’t be late this time.

Sometimes it’s better to be late than sorry and miss something special. If you know me then you know that most of the time I’m pretty punctual. I hate being late hance my distress today of being late and missing my appointment. I know many of us do think that if we are going to be late we might as well not go at all. What’s wrong with that is you could be missing something special. For instance, maybe your soul mate will be on that late bus or train. You know I’m big on romance, meeting your soul mate because you catch the late bus that is fate working her magic. Which is also a great story to tell your grandkids on how you met. Whether you’re late or early to starting your day I hope you have a fantastic day World Fitter. I love you all muahahahahhaahahahah.