A Frantastic Franchy Thought.

Did someone ever tell you life is whatever you make of it Lovelies?

Lovelies want it as bad as you want to breath.

Hi Lovelies, how are you doing this beautiful day? Well to be honest it is not truly madly deeply a beautiful day here in New York as I had to finish my walk earlier as there is a thunderstorm. Nevertheless I’m doing great and I truly wish you many blessings as well. Lovelies today I was just on my Laptop doing my usual daily browsing to see how I can earn every breath that I take. When I came across a YouTube video about the riches kid in America. World Fitters he is only 14 years old and sometimes make $20,000 per month from his YouTube channel Donald. He is truly living the life that he wants and I thought why can’t I not do the same?

Lovelies exactly why can’t I do the same? Am I not at the driver seat of my very own perfectly imperfect life? Lovelies the truth is for so many years I was not the driver of my own perfectly imperfect life. There are somethings I truly keep close to my Franchy heart. Now is the time I change that and take control. Seeing that rich 14 year old really open my blue eyes and drive me for success. Nonetheless not for the reason you think. It is not about the money so much as I truly want to succeed and live my dream. I really want to grow Frans Online Business INC and Francesca Etheart INC. I truly want to live the life that I want and I know I will have to work really hard.

Lovelies I have been working hard. So much so at times not getting much sleep at all. Additionally not being able to make it to my daily walk at the park. I know some sacrifices have to be made. I truly madly deeply want to succeed as bad a I need to breath and it is truly that simple. Lovelies I’m making a promise to you all but mostly to myself that I will succeed. Do it too Lovelies. Lets succeed together and create our very own happily ever after. I believe in you all and I believe in myself. Have a lovely day or night Lovelies. I love you mmmmmmmmmm ya.