In Loving Memory Of Bradon Bernard.

Dear Sweet Lovely as we know two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Lovelies I wont you to open your wonderful beautiful heart to forgiveness? No need for anyone to end up strap on a gurney staring from blue eyes to blue eyes begging for forgiveness for last years past of broken dreams. We all make mistakes and all deserve a second chance to make what was once wrong into right. Rest in paradise Brandon Bernard you will never be forgotten.

I first came across Brandon Bernard when I was searching another criminal. I remember reading his profile and being struck how generally nice he seemed. I couldn’t believe he had done the crime that put him in a federal prison on death row. He had a nice smile and was a good writer. I just had to write to him and learn more about this man. Luckily for me the first letter was free along with one picture. The site I’m referring to is write a prisoner. So I wrote to him not really sure if he would respond or what he would say. After reading his first letter I saw that he was truly a nice guy. He was not at all bitter about his current situation and was surprisingly thankful and ever grateful. Made me think about my very own long standing depression. What was I truly ever complaining about. There was a man who was on lock down for 24 hours a day and still had a smile for me.

We kept writing to each other and exchanged more pictures. I really got a good sense of who Brandon Bernard was. I considered him as a real friend I don’t know if he felt the same. I know I was not his only Pen-pal and I was seriously happy he had others he could also confide in. I have never regretted my decision to write to him. I only regretted stopping. Again my low self-esteem holding me back from achieving my lovely blue dreams of hope. I felt so lost when I truly find out that he has been executed. I never got to say good bye. Luckily for me his funeral was live streamed and I was able to pay my respects then. Nevertheless the pain and sense of regret I feel in my Franchy heart is here to stay. I truly don’t think I will ever get over it.

Lovelies there is just so much I want to say and one blog post just does not suffice. Stay tune Lovelies and I love you all mmmmmmmmm ya.