Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 13

Sometime you just have to head out and take a deep breath, life can get very stuffy.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola, my World Fitters!

Another day has come and gone now it is almost the begining of a new week and a new year. Time goes by way too fast! When I was younger I never remember thinking that time is moving too fast. Instead time seemed infinite and I took a lot of things for granted back then. Now that I’m in my late thirties I see time is very precious and we should use it wisely.

Talking about precious and making good use of time today is a beautiful day in New York and I’m going to run some errands and go for one of my walks. Since it’s been cold I have been doing my workouts indoors. Sometimes you just have to head out and take a deep breath life can get very stuffy. I’m going to enjoy my special day today. How about you any plans? Are you ready for the New Year? Lovelies I’m going to end this entry and wish you have the most beautiful day ever!


A lovely day, true beauty unknown.

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