Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 23

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hi there World Fitters!

Today was a good day praise god. It started with me stretching and saying my morning wish for the day. I walked in my hallway for about 30 mins after which I started to do some work in the morning before having to go out. On my way out I ran into my friend that lives upstairs and we talked on the phone for a bit it was a good distraction from my own lingering thoughts. Today I went out to see the doctor as I’ve been sick since thanksgiving. I’m thankful that everything is ok and my illness is beging to subside.

Sometimes life is whatever you make of it, make sure you make it good. World Fitters I’m positive proof that you become what you think about. Since I’ve been sick stress have been taking over, I have been thinking about what could have been making me sick. I thought about a million scenarios on what could have been making me sick (I’m not kidding). With all the stress I’ve made myself even more sick and susceptible to further infections. It turns out that my grandmother is sick and she got me sick as I was not careful when I was around her. World Fitters always remember to wash your hands and take care. I made my life whatever I wanted to make of it for the past two months now it’s time I live my dream and not just dream my life. As always I wish you all have a wonderful day.


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