Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 50

Sometimes you become what you think about, so think in love and grow in graditude.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters!

Today was another beautiful day in New York. The weather felt excellent outside a rarity for a winter in New York. I am well aware of the fact that I’m a pessimistic person World Fitters. Things could be going great in my life while I’m just thinking how long will my good fortune last? For example, I have a date tomorrow, you remember when I was talking about the whats your price dating site I joined? I’m just now going on my first date the other guy totally bailed on me and I haven’t heard from him since. luckily this date came through and tomorrow will be my first date on this site after like maybe two years on the site. In my defense, I didn’t take the site seriously as I know it can be dangerous going on a date with a guy you never mate. So I would go on the website check out who offered me a date and never really follow through until now. World Fitters I’ve been thinking about my past relationships and what I have been through. There was this one guy that my heart belongs to but perhaps I didn’t feel like I deserve him so I let him go. Till this day he has no idea how I feel for him. Sometimes we get so caught up in going from one bad relationship after another that our hearts are unwilling to make space for a new love affair. Likewise, today’s daily calm was talking about how sometimes we get so used to bad things happening to us that we are unwilling to accept the good.

Sometimes you become what you think about, so think in love and grow in gratitude. Many people go through their day to day lives without showing any gratitude for just making it to the day. When so many others were unable to wake up the next day we all should be thankful that our blue eyes are able to see another sunshine of hopes and dreams. I have so many hopes and dreams I think about each and every day. I think often, I think too much. I’m constantly thinking how things are going to go wrong and I encourage my failure by my own inactions. Indeed it is true we become what we think about. You think you are an unattractive girl who is undeserving of love so you keep going through a host of bad relationships. I was that girl! Now I know I deserve an everlasting love that will last for eternity someone who really gets me and accept me for me. You think you don’t deserve happiness so you go through life without any enthusiasm. You put a mask of happiness to fool us all and buy countless material possessions to fill that empty part of your soul. Like a leaking well without love to block the darkness, your soul can go on infinitely. So think the best possible life for yourself World Fitters and become the person you truly wish to become. Grow in love and gratitude and the rest will soon follow. Have a blessed day and night in the world, World Fitters.


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