Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 79

Sometime many promises are broken that you too become broken and lost in a mist of forgotten lost dreams.

Hiya World Fitters

How are you all? Me I’m not particularly great as I got scammed online by one of my customers. He promised me an Amazon gift card and then canceled it without my knowledge. The problem is he got the service so he needs to pay me. I contact Amazon and explained to them the situation so they say they are working on getting my money back. I was so livid today World Fitters. The truth of the matter is times are hard and I can’t afford to be scammed and lose any money. I’m going to see to it that I get paid. I just don’t understand people I always try to keep my promises.

Sometimes many promises are broken that you too become broken and lost in a mist of forgotten lost dreams. World Fitters throughout our lives many promises have been made. Some kept others forgotten with the mist of forgotten lost dreams. I try not to make promises I don’t intend to keep because what is the point? If you can’t do something don’t say you can be honest about your capabilities. In my business, I have to be very honest about what I can or can’t do. Which could mean the difference between getting an order or not. I like to be transparent with all my customers so that we are more like close friends. In order for customers to keep returning for more products or services, they have to have some sort of a relationship with you. I feel we have a good relationship World Fitters, don’t we? I truly love you all you are my online family. Have a great day and wish me luck in getting back my money. 🙂


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  1. Hello World Fitters!

    I contacted Amazon again and sadly they informed me there is nothing they can do about it. So I will have to deal with the fact that I was scammed. Needless to say that this suck but I will have to learn from this bad experience and never allow this to happen again. Yesterday I changed my profile because of the whole situation. I will try to emerge from this a better person.

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