Sometimes if you wait to get ready for life’s many different trials and tribulations you will be waiting forevermore. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel life is what ever you make of it. Don’t ever let last years past of broken dream dim your beautiful blue eyes eternally. Even though you have intently gotten on the merry go round of broken dreams. You can choose to leave to your perfectly imperfect happily ever after when ever you please. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel you never had to be perfect. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel you just had to be your perfectly imperfect self. Likewise your life never had to be perfect you just must live your very best life for eternity. Sweet Lovely don’t worry be happy I’m sure it will all work out. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel life smiles back when you smile.

Bonjour (Good morning) World Fitters

Hi Lovelies! Another early morning here in Long Island and I’m currently penning another article for you all to enjoy. I’m ecstatic that today is my last day getting up so early to try to get to long Island by 6am. Needless to say it has been very difficult as no trains and buses are running. Nonetheless I’m a determined individual and I always try my best and work my hardest. Like I always say World Fitters you truly madly deeply should never get too comfortable in your perfectly imperfect life. When you are getting comfortable that means it is time to change something up. Keeping that in mind you can never fully prepare yourself for life tribulations. Life is truly madly deeply vast and unpredictable. Lovelies you can be fine and smiling one moment and be gone in the next.

Ya Lovelies since the moment that I took my very first perfectly imperfect breath I have been going through many different trials and tribulations. Which is to be expected as life was never intended to be easy nor fair. For instance a special Franchy tribulation I’m currently going through is growing my perfectly imperfect businesses while working with other businesses. Ya Lovelies I help other businesses grow by doing work for them for pay. I currently do so with Wonolo and Instawork additionally with different gig apps ya. Lovelies I’m very busy and tired from working on all my business endeavors ya. Moreover every so often I find myself sitting on the merry go round of broken dreams waiting for my perfectly imperfect trials and tribulations to be over forevermore. Needless to say things are rarely quite that simple. Lovelies you never know what will happen to you day by day. Furthermore you can never be quite prepared either. All you can do is do your very best. Change your thinking and how you view life. After all you become what you think about. Lovelies I won’t lie to you and say that it will be easy because you know it wont. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Lovelies decide what is truly madly deeply what you want to do and remember you are truly madly deeply definitely worth the effort. Lovelies having true love for oneself makes everything possible. Don’t dream your life live your dream. Mmmmmmmmm ya.


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