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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 46

Sometimes the best presents are untouchable they’re felt deep within your heart where it really counts.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola World Fitters!

How are you? I myself am great and am currently eating some cereal while I write to you all. There is something I’ve been thinking about doing. Whats that Franchy you mate ask? I’ve been thinking about becoming a mentor to young children. I got a call from one of the companies this morning. They wanted to know about me and explain what their program is all about. What would happened if you’re chosen you would get a mentee and you would be responsible for that one child and there will be no financial gain it’s all volunteer work. The only person that would be paying would be you as you take the child to different events.

Sometimes the best presents are untouchable they’re felt deep within your heart where it really counts. World Fitters when I think about the majority of people they only do things when there is something in it for themselves. Not many people enjoy doing volunteer work especially when it involves some amount of cash given on a regular basis. I command anyone who is a mentor it is a truly selfless job which requires a beautiful heart. I want to become a mentor so I can help young hearts reach their full potential and live the life that he/she really wants. We all are not victims of our circumstances we don’t have to end where we begin! If I can help a young soul open up her baby blues that is the best present I could’ve ever received. How can you put a cash value to that? I really don’t think you could World Fitters. Are any of you mentors or were you a mentee? Lets us know below your beautiful thoughts in the comment section. 🙂 I’m going to go now I will see you all tomorrow. Have a wonderfully beautiful blessed day. 🙂


I <3 Care

Close To My Heart

Hello world fitters! It’s me Francesca your lovely fellow body loving friend. First of I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments I’ve been receiving. It really motivates me to publish more articles. As mention before you can tune in every Friday for a new blog post. If you have any suggestions on what you want me to write about. Please leave me a comment. I really want to here from you. As this web-site is for you. So please contact me anytime!




In regards to keeping in contact with me. My email is francescaswealth82@loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com which is also available in my “private policy” page. Additionally you can find more info on contacting me in my “find me” page. Furthermore I’ve noticed some people wanted to know about subscribing to my page. Currently I don’t have a subscribing option on this web-site. You see this is a new web-site. it is barely a month old. So as time go on expect to see a lot of changes. For instance I have added a new widget to my web-site. As time goes on my web-site will developed more and more. So keep an eye out for some awesome changes to this web-site!

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While this web-site is new and just beginning. As some might have guess. I’m not new to the whole blogging scene. I currently have two other blogs other then this web-site. They are franlife82online2.blogspot.com and franslife82online.blogspot.com. If you enjoy my articles on this web-site. The chances are you will also enjoy my other blogging web-sites. So feel free to check these web-sites out as well. I would really appreciate it my friend world fitters.

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World fitters! while this web-site is primarily about “losing weight and feeling great at your weight.” Occasionally I will publish articles about different aspects of my life. As I have a lot going on in my life. I feel if I share different issues I’m going through in my life. I can help you with your own life. You see I believe weight gain is a symptom of a larger problem. In order for you to lose the weight successfully. You have to solve all your problems. Hance why I’m sharing pieces of my life with you. If you like you can also share your life. Two ways to share your life is by keeping a blog of your weight lose journey. It can either be written or viewed via a video. Another way you can share your life is by visiting online forums. There you can communicate with like minded individuals. After all “Sharing is caring.” Below is a story I wanted to share with you world fitters.

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I have a story I’m working on to publish on kindle. Below is an excerpt of the story from my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

As I sit on the ledge my legs dangling.
My sandals desperately clanging to my feet.

I admire the beautiful view.

It is dark now the reflection of the moon on the water is breath taking.

The water is glistening. It looks so inviting.

As if it is beckoning me to jump in.

Then suddenly I feel something push me.

Ahhhhh I scream desperately trying to hold my balance.

But to my disappoint I fell in the water.

A big splash brake the calmness of the glistening water.

I submerge myself in it’s warm inviting arms.

Then finally I surface to be overwhelm by an engenius laughter.

That laughter I could recognize from miles away.

There stood this strawberry blond. With a big smile on her face.

Trying to hold back her laughter. Summer I yelled between gasping for air.

What she asked in her lovely southern belle voice?

What you mean what? Don’t act coy with me Missy.

I look at her I almost could see her halo above her head as she stare innocently in my eyes.

I broke our gaze and begin to climb the smaller ladder.

Well I asked are you going to just stand there looking pretty or are you going to help me up?

Oh okay she sigh loudly (She is not captain of her drama club for nothing).

I felt her soft hands in mines momentarily.

I glance at her red lips as they softly parted.

Come on Steven pull yourself up she said softly gasping.

She look so cute. I almost felt guilty for what I’m about to do.


Suddenly I crab around her elbow and let go of the ladder.

She let out a loud shrill as we both escaped inside the glistening beauty of the water.

I surfaced first. I look around I don’t see a single strand of her strawberry blond hair.

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Then suddenly I feel someone pull me under. I escape beyond the surface again.

One after the other we both surfaced.

Come on I said softly lets go home it’s getting late.

She softly nodded. I climbed up first then helped her up.

I glanced over to the side and noticed she bought her bag with her.

I went inside her bag and grabbed two towels.

That was fun she giggled. I smile yeah it was.

Then again I always had fun with her.

I went over to her and help dry her back.


A girls shallow whisper called out.

We both looked up from what we were doing.

We both jumped slightly and quickly separated.

Jessica? I blushed.

What are you doing She stammered?

Um we were just having a late night swim.

How come I wasn’t invited She asked? Placing her hands on her hips.

Well I said looking at Summer she shrugs.

I guessed I’m on my own I thought to myself.

Well it was kind of last minute.

You could have called she said accusatorily.

Yeah I could’ve I admitted.

I called your mom she said you was down here.

I thought you were alone she said glancing over at Summer.

Um Steven Summer said crabbing her things quickly.

I’ll talk to you later.

She quickly exited.

Quick Poll:

What do you think about my story?

a) I like it.

b) I love it.

c) I hate it.

d) I think it is okay.

e) It could of been better.

f) I can’t understand it.

g) No comment.

My Answer:

My answer is b.

My Weekly Shapely:

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Hello there world fitters! How are you? I’m fine as always. I’m still keeping track of my exercising. I’ve been exercising on average about 6 days a week. which is pretty good. However I will admit I did cut back a bit this week. I’ll be the first to admit it;s okay to cut back on your workouts sometimes. Just don’t make it a habit. The key to your success is consistency. If your not consistent the weight will slowly come back. I want you to succeed. So keep at it. No matter if you feel like you are failing. Don’t give up! Is the tip I have for you.

I know I may make weight loss seem more easy then it is actually. I know maintaining your weight loss is not easy. Many of us go up and down in our weight. I’m definitely guilty of that. But finally I have manage to keep my weight stable. I’m very proud of myself. I’ve been working out and eating my fruits and veggies. Which at times can seem like a chore. My previous tip can seem like a chore also. Another tip I have for you world fitters is that keep you workouts interesting. Otherwise you will get bored and stop exercising. If you are not seeing any changes. Don’t worry if you keep at it you will eventually see some results. Why not share your weight loss journey? Comment below and let me know how you are doing? All right world fitters I’m signing off. Until next time. Have a blessed weekend.

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