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Franchys Weekly Water Challenge.

Hi, Lovelies welcome to my weekly water challenge in which I update you on how I’m doing in terms of my water intake. I will primarily update you guys on Tuesdays. Nonetheless, if life happens as it likely does I will do it on another day more convenient to my Franchy life. I hope to inspire you all to also drink more water for better health.

Franchy Whats The News?

Well, this week I consider being a success. As I think I just missed one or two water days. Moreover, my constipation was not as bad this week. I was able to easily go to the bathroom which is awesome. I’m still waiting for my women’s issues to go away completely for my belly will go down. Overall I give this week a solid 4 stars out of 5. Not bad for my first week. What do you think Lovelies? I hope you are proud of me. Mmmmmmmm ya.