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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 6

Sometimes you can blink your eyes and miss an entire day.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being.

Good morning World Fitters!

Yesterday I slept almost for the entire day, did I miss anything special? I certainly hope not, I wanna live every second and make each second count. The reason for my Franchy sleeping beauty day was because of my recent illness I’ve been talking about. I took my medicine and was supposed to go see the doctor but I just could not get up. Additionally I missed another day at work which I could deffinately do without. Take care of your body World Fitters and have a very safe holiday season.

Is it just me or does it feel like we just blinked and the holidays were upon us again? After the passing of my 36 birthday next thing you know everyone was preparing for Christmas. How are your holidays thus far? Are you all almost done your shopping? Christmas is in three days are you ready? After which we will be welcoming 2019 and, starting all over sort of speak. I hope nothing but the best for you all for the upcoming year. Have a great day or night in the world, love ya!