Happy New Years, Lose Weight Not Yourself 2017

Happy New Year World Fitters!

Franchy wishes you the most amazing 2017 

Good evening my lovelies, it’s three days  into the end of the year I truly hope 2017 will be the best year for you all!  Not that 2016 was such a bad year for me,  afterall it was this year I truly decided to love myself and accept myself.  In “Franchy’s weight loss lookbook” I showed you my progress  in my weight loss journey. Yes there were definitely ups and downs in my journey. Hey I’m not perfect, and I’m not going to pretend to be something that I’m not.

What I’m is fat, yes I’m fat. I put on weight after I decided to stop starving myself. Wow that wasn’t so bad, the word fat is not a disease or some sort of malfunction that we should avoid like the plaque.  I feel after my more curvier and sexier figure I had to defend my body. They all wanted to know how I put on the weight. The answer “I wanted to” was not the answer they were waiting for. This year World Fitters you don’t need to defend your rolls, your bloated belly, or the cellulite that has been making their way to your thighs because it is okay to be imperfectly you. There is no need to pretend you will diet when you really have no plans to. Love every inch of cellulite that is you, be your perfectly imperfect self.

At the end of the day no one is perfect. Celebrate your imperfections because that is what makes you, you. When I created loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com on june 2, 2015  I was fade up with people constantly telling me I’m too big I need to lose weight. I realize now that was the wrong reason to start my business (however that wasn’t the only reason) because you should never do something for someone else. For instance Back in september 2014 when I fall for this guy I lost weight for him because he doesn’t want me to be too big. Now he is gone he is no longer part of my life why did I lose myself for him?  Don’t do nothing for anyone because you don’t know how long the person will be there to see you change for them.

I love you World Fitters. I share blogs about personal things going on in my life to help you. I know I’m not alone, you are not alone either loseweightandfeelgreatwithwithfran.com is here for you. Remember I love you as you are never change for anyone, change for you. Have a frantastic New year World Fitters see you in 2017.

2016 A Franchy Greeting

Good Afternoon World Fitters!

Franchy here to wish you the most Merriest Christmas you ever had. Christmas is just three days away I hope you are almost done with your shopping and if you are already finish that is even better. I wanted to thank you World Fitters for spending another Christmas with loseeightandfeelgreatwithfran.com, may we have many more together. Below is my special greetings to you.

A Franchy Greetings Just For You:

To My World Fitters:

Merry Christmas, may all your wishes and dreams come true next year if they haven’t already this year. Furthermore may you finally be at peace with your weight. Remember your weight is nobody’s business but yours so this Christmas take all your worries, fears, and put them in a box give them back. You no longer want them and unwrap your happiness. Loseweightandfeelgtearwithfran.com will be here next year to remind you to be happy and love your body. I truly love you all, Merry Christmas.

World Fitters Im trully here for you. If you have any questions or comments please leave me your thoughts below I will respond as soon as possible. Additionally I wanted to take a moment to think about all the times you join me here and supported my endeavors, thank you so much. Have a very Merry Christmas World Fitters.

Part 1 Feederism Feed Your Mind

Hey World Fitters!

How are you doing? Me I’m fine, I’ve just been doing some research about feederism. In case you miss last week’s post “feederism is a sub-category of fat fetishism, where individuals harbour a strong or even exclusive sexual attraction to people who are overweight or obese.” As you know World Fitters I’m not one to judge. This blog post is not to judge a sub culture group but rather to seek to understand it. I always say don’t judge you never know why the person is doing whatever is that they do. Instead seek to understand and educate yourself.  Let’s get right to it shall we? Below i will discuss two very special women who are both into feederism.

Donna Simpson A Former Weight Gainer


I’m happy to say that Donna Simpson is no longer a gainer. She was able to open hers eyes to the dangers of feederism.  She wants to be more mobile so she can better care for her daughter and son. Furthermore she is no longer in an unhealthy relationship, one day when her boyfriend went to work she pack up her things and left with her two children. She knew she no longer wanted to live this forbidden lifestyle.

Before this mind blowing realization Simpson was earning $90,000 yearly from her undying  supporters.  Wow $90,000 yearly I can certainly understand the attraction to this job. Yep webcam modeling can be quite lucrative, during which time she was gorging on 15,000 calories worth of junk food a day.  The question is how much is your life worth? I honestly feel like those fat admirers are paying these women to kill themselves, sort of like a grim reaper collecting payment for a less desirable place in hell. On the contrary if they don’t die they end up living a life completely dependent on others for their day to day care. I myself have been independent for most of my life, and that’s the way I like it. I can not imagine being completely dependent on someone else because people can always disappoint you. I’m sure Donna has had her share of disappointments throughout her life. Similarly I’ve had many disappointments as well. Let’s go back to when the world was still magical and full of promise.

Donna Simpson was conceived on 1967 in mogadore, Ohio. She mentions that her mother used to cook big meals for her family that by the age of 9 she was already 184 pounds. Donnas struggle with weight loss seemed to end when she met husband Robert Simpson and fiance Phillippe Gouambia. They encourage her to keep gaining because she is beautiful like that. Additionally her fiance Phillippe encourage her to start a career with her plus size figure.  Donna did just that by becoming a very popular web model. In the end she came full circle and went back to where it all started Akron Ohio. I trully hope Donna Simpson succeeds at her weight loss. It’s going to be hard and it’s gonna take a lot of determination.

Want your weekly dose of determination come here more often? Loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com will be here for you to the end. I’m sorry World Fitters I was not able to finish this topic tune in next week for the finale part 2. As always thank you for joining me. Have a lovely week, bye till next time.


Hello World Fitters!

How are you? I myself am fine just recovering from last weeks Thanksgiving diner. The holidays have officially started, time to start spending right?  I’m just kidding I know the holidays are not all about spending, however it’s part of it. Holiday spending is Christmas time for many shops as well. What I mean is that many stores sales are expected to increase during the holidays, spend, spend, and more spend. So how does one afford all this spending?

I recently saw a way a women was making money to survive, she actually make a decent living doing that job. The women I’m referring to is Mz fluff,  she is a webcam model for morbidly obese women. World Fitters you know I want  you to love yourself at any shape and size, however if you have a job that is very unhealthy I ask you to rethink your career decisions.


That is just the case with Mz Fluff, her job is killing her. She is part of a fetish group called feederism.  “Feederism is a practice carried out by many fat admirers within the context of their sexual relationships and is where the individuals concerned obtain sexual gratification from the encouraging and gaining of body fat through excessive food eating.” For example, Donna Simpson was once part of the underground secret fetish fantasy group, but left after she saw that she could no longer move. My concern for these woman are their health. If you’re so big that you’re killing yourself is that self love? I don’t think that is self love, love yourself enough to add years to your life take care of yourself.

However that is just my opinion. As I said many times your weight is nobody’s business except yours. With that said next week I’m going to delve deeper into feederism stay tune for that. I would love to hear from you World Fitters, comment below and let us hear your thoughts on feederism. As always enjoy the rest of your week, bye see you next time.