Be The Change, World Fitters!

Hello World Fitters!

Change is beautiful <3

How are you? How is the new year treating you?  For me the  New Year is treating me just fine. To me the New Year is exactly the same if you don’t do nothing different. What I mean is that there are no external observations going on to say oh it is 2017 and not 2016.

For instance on Wednesday when I came back from Fine Fare I was looking around searching for any different artifacts to show that it is a New Year but I find nothing. The truth is for a good amount of years there were nothing to indicate that the years have changed beside some physical changes. I believe we have to be the change that we want so badly.

For instance for me every year was the same self loathing year. I would look and try to find what was wrong with me, and then when I put on some weight people were helping me find things wrong with me. Then one day I decided to change I stopped looking and created For once it was a New Year with many possibilities.  If you want it to really be a New Year you have to change things up. You can’t expect new things to happen if everything stays the same. Why not change your perception of the perfect body, and love all of you?

My weightloss

I love you World Fitters. May you all find the peace with your perfectly imperfect body that I found. Remember we are all perfectly imperfect and that is just fine. Don’t let the size of your body determine your happiness, be beautiful at any size. Have a great week everyone, bye World Fitters.


Franchy’s Body Perfection Planner

Good Evening World Fitters!

How are you all doing this beautiful but cold evening? It is currently 32 degree here in New York. Everytime it gets this cold I always say I’m moving to Florida. Right now it is currently 71 degrees in miami florida. Nonetheless as you know I never move to Florida, I only say that to try to vent my frustration at the cold weather New York faces year after year. If New York didn’t get so cold It would be the greatest place in the world.

There is something about the cold that makes us want to change our plans. For instance I was schedule to do a job at a medical office but I had to reschedule and change my plans because of the cold and snow. Exercising during the winter is no different, many people constantly try to find reasons not to head to the gym. Which is why many people gain weight during the winter. I’ve find a solution to winters imperfectly weight gaining, I’ll like to introduce you to my franchy body perfection planner.

This is a planner that is near and dear to my heart. Seriously it is a dream. As owner of Frans Online Business Inc I definitely need help organizing not just my fitness but my business life in general. In the technology world we live in many of us have many things going on in our busy life. For example, I’ve been thinking about getting pregnant for a bit now however I just don’t got the time. We have 24 hours in each day, somehow that doesn’t seems like it is enough. Then  suddenly it darns on me you will never find the right time to get pregnant. My freind Rodney Jean Charles always tell me there is no right time to get pregnant, he of course was right. perhaps we shouldn’t try to control time, we should plan out and build our life instead.

Franchy’s Body Perfection Planner

Like I said this planner is awesome, from the start it grabs your attention with “always believe in yourself.”  When you open it to the first page it writes “This planner belongs to….” Where you will put your name respectively. I think that is great it really gives you a feel of ownership and responsibility. Like if your dreams doesn’t come true it is your fault. Which is true the only time your dreams doesn’t come true is when you give up on your dreams. Then the planner ledger goes on and gives you tips on setting your goals and getting the best results. Additionally you are able to write your goals down and how you plan to execute them. This planner is not just a simple book to write your to dos, it’s your life at a glance. In my opinion it’s more like a self help book. In my early twenties I read a lot of self help books. I find them helpful in helping me with  my times of difficulties.  With this planner you are able to write your own self help book which I think is pretty cool. So what is my honest opinion about this self help book/planner?

Franchy Promises

World Fitters I always promise you my honest opinion about a product. I will never recommend something to you that I’ve never tried or did extended research on. To be honest I was send this planner by Tools4Wisdom to write an honest review of their product. The product was almost free I mostly paid for the shipping and handling. To be quite frank I really love the planner. It’s for anyone, absolutely anyone can find use for this frantastic life organizer. For instance if you really want to reach your goal weight you can use this planner to create your perfectly imperfect body. If you’re interested in this cool awesomeness of a planner please click here!

Thank you so much World Fitters for joining me here again. is nothing and everyting without or with you. I hope you have an amazing weekend, sky’s the limit. Bye World Fitters, see you next time.