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Hi, Lovelies today I was just going through all my pictures on Facebook. You know it is truly madly deeply something watching yourself change throughout the perfectly imperfect years. Now That I’m almost 40 years old I’m heading to another Franchy love milestone lives. I read different comments and saw how many likes that I have. Ya Lovelies Facebook for me is truly madly deeply for business only. Sure inevitably when I’m working on my perfectly imperfect blue dreams guys come and try to date me. Of course, I would say I’m not looking for love but they will not listen. Needless to say, I don’t fall in love with them and just go back to working hard on my wonderfully beautiful blue dreams of hope.

Ya, that is just it Lovelies I have a lot of wonderful beautiful dreams. I have been this way for many years now. As I live each day I have always been really different from anyone else. For example, I see things that others can not see. Sometimes I have absolute horrid dreams where I’m many different races while I sleep. Ya, I’m really different and very sweet as well. This is what I share on my Facebook. I share on my Facebook whatever is on my Franchy heart. For instance, on Youtube, I have been recommended a lot of funeral services. My heart was truly madly deeply moved so I share it with all my friends and wonderful followers of hope. Facebook to me has become much more than just a social network it has truly madly deeply become a way of life for many.

To be continued

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