2021 Happy Birthday Beautiful.

So today is my birthday. I’m truly madly deeply blessed to see another day and year. From my late twenties until now my birthday has always been associated with my perfectly imperfect weight gain. Moreover self-love also always plays a big part. It was my lack of self-love that made getting a gift a necessary part of celebrating my perfectly imperfect birthday. Now I truly madly deeply know that the true gift is living my very best life to my very own happily ever after.

The blue gift of love.

Lovelies life is truly madly deeply a gift. Every day we are able to open our beautiful blue eyes is always a wonderfully beautiful blessing. I remember I was looking at the news and learned about a 3-year-olds death three days before his birthday. Life is truly madly deeply short and very unfair to lose such a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel at such a young age. Furthermore, I learned about the woman who came in contact with the drunk driver and lost almost everything that really matters the most to her. Sweet Lovelies enjoy every perfectly imperfect breath that you take and create your very own happily ever after. Enjoy the most wonderfully beautiful gift of life.

My perfectly imperfect life begin on a beautiful wonderful Sunday of October 31 of 1982. Back when I was in my wonderful country of birth Haiti. My blue eyes were twinkly from pure natural happiness. I was an empty open eternal forevermore of many sweet dreams. Pretty soon life was being thrown at me every which way. I’ve learned to congratulate myself on the many wonderful experiences I was able to create and forgive myself for my many past transgressions. For I’m not perfect but only human. On my special day, let’s celebrate true love with each other. I know many of us come from all over the world. For example, England, Germany, Indonesia, and France. Lovelies we are all part of this self-love family. On my special day lets us come together and create wonderful beautiful peace. I love you all truly madly deeply. Please be well and take care. For your gift to me is truly madly deeply your very own happiness.

Happy Birthday Francesca A Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Franchy on your wonderfully beautifully special day I want to truly madly deeply wish you create the happily ever after that you truly deserve. You are beautiful and smart believe in yourself and then all become possible. Live your dream and stop dreaming your life now and forevermore. Francesca Etheart INC and Frans Online Business INC are patiently waiting for you in your very own happily ever after. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel you are much more then anther pretty face your beautiful blue eyes says it all. Say that you will stop dreaming and live.

I love you truly, je t’aime.

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