2022 Weigh-In Of Self Love

Good morning World Fitters, how are you? I’m doing good now earlier I was a bit despondent. I was just going over all the things that truly madly deeply went wrong in my very own perfectly imperfect life. I don’t know just not believing in myself. It brought me back to an old relationship that I was part of, unfortunately. It was a very bad relationship that I decided to be in. I truly madly deeply believe my low self-esteem and lack of self-love allowed me to remain in this very unhealthy relationship. During this time I was very much overweight. My next-door neighbor was continuously bothering me about my belly and how I would look better If I lose my belly. During this time I was very uncomfortable stepping on the scale. Until going to the doctor didn’t give me much of a choice. I had to get weigh-in then.

Lovelies far too many of us are uncomfortable with getting on the scale. We forget it is just a tool and for us not to take it too seriously. Sweet Lovelies so much of our self-esteem is closely intertwined with the number on the scale. So much so we could be having a great day and that quickly changes to a horrible day ya. Lovelies we are truly madly deeply beautiful no matter what the scale says. The scale is just another tool that’s it. It does not measure what a beautiful person you truly madly deeply are. With that said I wanted to introduce you to a new page I’m currently working on. On this page, I will be recording all my daily weigh-ins. That’s right Lovelies I will be sharing very private sweet pieces of me. What do you think Lovelies? Let me know your wonderful beautiful thoughts below ya. See you all tomorrow and have a great day ya.

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