Commit To Your Happiness (My life, My Journey)

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that counts the most. Don’t give up on your dream of the perfect body. Don’t be so hard on yourself every-time you don’t meet your expectations. Don’t compare yourself to other people, you are perfect in your imperfections. Don’t lose the weight because of people lose the weight despite of people. Don’t except failure as an option because in your mind it simply doesn’t exist. Finally create the life you want and your perfect body will be right around the corner. Keep moving like no one is watching except the future you who is smiling right back at you.

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My Weekly Shapely:

I hope my fellow world fitters enjoyed my review for Pact. I myself have been with them for two months. I believe Pact is safe to try. So go ahead and download the app. Pact is available on both android and iPhone. As for me I’ve been fine. Living my life! No regrets here! Nope! I’ve been working tirelessly on this site updating, tweaking, picking at it. Just for you! I hope you are enjoying your experience here. Exciting things are coming! Stay tune! In regards to my weight loss. It’s been going good! I now can finally fit into my size eight jeans. I’m so proud of myself as this is a big accomplishment. As it have been months since I could fit in my size eight jeans. I plan to experience more weight loss in the month of September. I hope you are experiencing some weight loss as well. That you are closer to your goal weight. I do have two tips for you to help you lose the weight.


  1. Always be consistent no matter what.
  2. Remember to stay away from negative people.

I hope these two tips helps you to shed the pounds. If you have any tips for me. Please leave it in the comment section below.

All right world fitters it’s time to say goodbye or rather see you later. Have a great weekend!



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