2022 Franchys Thank-You Note.

Good morning Lovelies. How are you doing? I’m feeling a bit anxious today trying to do the best that I can ya. I must say I’m really feeling the wonderful effects of meditating each and every day ya. I have been more calm and happy truly madly deeply. I absolutely recommend the Calm App. Yes, it costs money but it is affordable. It is truly madly deeply great to be able to invest in your very own mental health. Today I was listening to the “Daily Jay” at Calm. Which is a daily inspirational exercise to help you live your very best life ever. Today he suggests we all write a thank you note to our past selves. Here is mine!

My frantastic thank you note.

Dear my wonderful past self. I must say thank you to you for truly madly deeply all that you do. You work so hard with little reward. While continually trying to stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream. Moreover, you are so caring and nonjudgmental that it is truly madly deeply so amazing. No matter what horrible thing someone has done you never make any assumptions about them. Truly madly deeply choosing to see the good perhaps that they themselves are unable to see ya. Additionally, I wanted to say thank you for being yourself always. You are a true natural beauty. You are as real as anybody can be. Honest about all your perfect imperfections. I love you so darling thank you a million times over may all your sweet dreams truly madly deeply come true ya.

Me at sweet 27 💕💕💖💖🧡🧡

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